Friday, July 15, 2016

Miss Garcia- Hernandez & Miss Pitogo Island for Miss Bohol 2016

Our next two candidates in Miss Bohol 2016 share three distinct common denominators. Both are of mixed lineage that can be traced to Europe. Both have graduated from college and are already working. Let’s get to know them a little better.

Candidate # 7 Miss Gracia- Hernandez Tanya Bianca Schreurs, 22 years, is a BS Nursing graduate from Holy Name University and is already a registered nurse.  Her doll- like features and sweet demeanor are what endears her the most to friends and family.
She is presently a TARSIER 117 Emergency Medical Responder who is trained in emergency primary care and responds to medical emergencies within her team’s area of responsibility. 
Short for Telephone and Radio System Integrated Emergency Response 117, TaRSIER 117 facilitates for police and fire assistance, medical emergencies, and even weather monitoring.  
She is also a member of RMAB (Ramp Models Association of Bohol) and aside from sketching & painting, she also loves outdoor activities like hiking & scuba diving
 MISS GARCIA- HERNANDEZ Tanya Bianca Schreurs

Candidate # 8 Miss Pitogo Island   April Mahier, 24 years old, is a BS Hospitality Management graduate from Cebu Technological University with Cum Laude honors.
With her responsibilities as treasurer of the Hospitality Trades Society Organization during her college days, she considers herself very conscientious and responsible when it comes to money matters, a quality that comes in handy in her present job in the entertainment industry. 
The guitar plucking island beauty who loves to visit fashion, travel & fitness blogs hopes to work in a luxury cruise liner in the near future.

Catch the excitement and the drama of the most glamorous highlight of Bohol Sandugo Festival 2016 as Miss Bohol marks the 90th year since its debut in 1926!

PAGEANT DATE: July 17, Sunday, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom Gymnasium, Tagbilaran City.

Photo Credits: Miss Bohol FB Page & TJ Medrana Photography

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