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President Carlos Polistico Garcia: Bohol's Favorite Son

Part One
He is considered as the Most Illustrious Son of Bohol whose long and brilliant political career was punctuated with his ascendancy to the presidency of the country, a position that was later affirmed and validated with his election months after assuming it

Find out more about the circumstances that made it possible for a Boholano named Carlos Polistico Garcia  of Talibon to assume and later on be elected as President of the Republic of the Philippines

Part Two
Read the text of Pres. Garcia's Inaugural Address  after he assumed the presidency
 Part Three
Who is Pres. Garcia when he is far from the glare of the spotlight and from the scrutiny of media and critics? Here are some of his grandson's reminiscences on Lolo Caloy's Private Persona   who happened to be the country's  president.

Part Four
Finally, let's take a glimpse of how it is to honor a visiting head of state, in this case, U.S. President Eisenhower & party with a State Dinner  tendered by Pres. Garcia and First Lady in Malacanan Palace on behalf of the Filipino people

Eva Gulle de los Santos: World- Class Boholana Diva
After winning 3rd place in an international songwriting competition in Lahti, Finland, Eva was predicted to be the next big thing in the Philippine music industry.

Just when the spotlight was all set to focus on her, she had a change of heart and decided to prioritize her family and to stay put in Cebu where she had been based for almost half of her entire life.

Right now, she has been given a second lease when she qualified for ABS CBN's The Voice of the Philippines music tilt.

At 50 years old, she has proven that age is just a number. The key is to let one's passion lead the way.

Please  click for The Eva Santos Story  

He would always be one of  Bohol's greatest leaders

Direk Maryo J de los Reyes: Award- Winning Filmmaker from Bohol

Direk Maryo J de los Reyes made his movie directorial debut during the Second Golden Age of Philippine Cinema

He is best known for his groundbreaking movies that ranged from the iconic youth- oriented film "Bagets" to the provocative "Kaya Kong Abutin Ang Langit" to the musical "Annie Batungbakal"

Among his most recent box office and critical hits were "A Love Story" and "Magnifico"

Click on the link for more on one of Philippine cinema's most respected fimmakers and TV directors

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