Sunday, June 28, 2015

Miss Bohol 2015 Visits KISS 102.3 FM

Here are some highlights from the 2015 Miss Bohol girls visit to DYRD 1161 AM for a tete a tete with City Mayor Baba Yap & then getting interviewed by KISS 102.3 FM’s DJ Sean by the Way.

 Miss Bohol 2015 girls with Tagbilaran City Mayor Baba Yap

Joining the girls were  the organizing committee from JCI Bohol Chocolate Hills Pres. Yelle Jubac, incoming Pres. Marmie Dinorog Robante, Joane Alagcan, Scarlet Perpetua, JCI Sen. Darlene Bustrillos, Ms. Bohol 2014 Queenie Melody Fullante herself a JCI also & her 1st RU Mary Rose Butalid.  
Miss Bohol 2015 girls wait for their turn

Miss Bohol 2015 Project Chair & Bohol First Lady Pureza V. Chatto & JCI Bohol Chocolate Hills say thank you to the Provincial Govt Of Bohol, City Of Tagbilaran, Bohol Sandugo Foundation,  DENR, Hyundai Tagbilaran, Bellevue Bohol, Wilsons Grill, The Bohol Sunset Villa, Rotary Club Of Tagbilaran,The Bohol Chronicle& DYRD 1161 AM, KISS 102.3 FM & Cuisina ni Tisay in CHAP Complex, Carmen, Bohol 

Important Dates to Remember: July 18, Grand Coronation Night, Bohol Wisdom School Gym, July 10 Motorcade, July 12 Talent Night, Bohol Cultural Center & July 13, Fashion Show Gala with Mikee Andrei Creations

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Road to Miss Bohol 2015 #2: Meet Miss Alicia

The Municipality of Alicia won its first- ever Miss Bohol crown just two years ago courtesy of Brigette Burato who dominated the field with a very polished and consistent performance.

This year, the municipality is fielding 16 year old Erin Kate Corre Javellana who was crowned Miss Alicia 2015 last January 17

During the same pageant, she also scooped the Best in Interview & Best in Evening Gown awards.

The pageant served as the highlight of the town’s foundation day which is celebrated every 18th of January.

Crowned by outgoing Miss Alicia 2014

The Chairman of the Board of Judges was award- winning moviemaker Direk Maryo Jorolan De Los Reyes whose mom hails from Alicia. Other members of the board included Cyrus Cruz - GMA Actor, Ms. Stepahnie Galia, Miss Duero 2011, Mr. Fred Tutor Ariola - Candijay Tourism Officer & Ms. Tarcela Titus, an LA, California- based Registered Nurse.

The very demure Kate may seem to be one tiny wisp of a girl but don’t let that fool you for she has wracked up quite an impressive resume in pageant experience. The freshman BA Communication Arts student of HNU was 2nd RU during the 2014 Miss Silka Bohol Pageant.

Kate’s  strongest asset aside from her charming beauty would have to be her good command of the English language. She credits her well- grounded personality & high scholastic achievement from VDT ALC.   

Good luck Erin Kate & to the rest of the girls 

IMPORTANT DATES for Miss Bohol 2015

Miss Bohol 2015 is brought to you by the Bohol Provincal Government, Tagbilaran City Government, Bohol Tourism Council & JCI Bohol Chocolate Hills

Watch Miss Bohol 2015 Grand Coronation on Saturday, July 18, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium

Other Pre- Pageant Events: Talent Night, Sunday, July 12, 8 pm, Bohol Cultural Center. Fashion Show with Mikee Andrei, Monday, July 13

Miss Bohol 2015 Attends KF Pageant Workshop

Prior to the start of the journey towards the 2015 Miss Bohol crown, the 23 candidates underwent an intense crash course & workshop in pageantry. 

What normally is spread in a year- long training was crammed in a two- day activity that basically focused on health & fitness, pasarela or pageant walk & other basic tips on how to stand out in a pageant.
 Miss Bohol 2015 girls get ready for intense pageant workshop
Location: Sunset Villa, Taloto, Tagbilaran City 
It was no ordinary workshop for no less than pageant mentor Rodgil Flores of Kagandahang Flores flew to Bohol to personally supervise & mentor the girls.

Kagandahang Flores beauty camp has produced two Miss International winners (2005 Precious Lara Quigaman & 2013 Bea Rose Santiago) two Miss Earth winners (2008 Karla Henry & 2014 Jaime Herrel) and countless Bb Pilipinas, Mutya ng Pilipinas & Miss Philippines Earth titleholders  
Beauty queen maker & mentor Rodgil Flores

It was also an opportunity for the girls to size up the competition and to start bonding. After all, what makes the pageant experience less stressful and more enjoyable is having friends and sisters from among themselves
 Kudos to the JCI Bohol Chocolate Hills for facilitating the activity


Miss Bohol 2015 is brought to you by the Bohol Provincal Government, Tagbilaran City Government, Bohol Tourism Council & JCI Bohol Chocolate Hills

Watch Miss Bohol 2015 Grand Coronation on Saturday, July 18, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium

Other Pre- Pageant Events: Talent Night, Sunday, July 12, 8 pm, Bohol Cultural Center. Fashion Show with Mikee Andrei, Monday, July 13

Friday, June 26, 2015

Road to Miss Bohol 2015: Meet Miss Jagna

Between now and the days leading to the 2015 Miss Bohol Pageant, we will be featuring the candidates so you will get to know them a little better.

Jagna’s bet for Miss Bohol 2015

Jagna, the town with the most number of Miss Bohol wins with five crowns, three 1st Runners Up and two 2nd Runners Up, is fielding another crown contender. She is Rebecca Rocha, 24 years old, a BS Nursing degree holder from Cebu Velez College.

Rebecca, a registered nurse & working as a Nurse Associate at Accenture in Cebu IT Park, was crowned just this summer as Miss Jagna Festival 2015
 Miss Jagna started emceeing when she was only 14 years old
She took a one month leave from work so she can concentrate in her Miss Bohol 2015 journey.
 Team behind Jagna’s bet for Miss Bohol 2015
Good luck Miss Jagna and the rest of the girls!


Miss Bohol 2015 is brought to you by the Bohol Provincal Government, Tagbilaran City Government, Bohol Tourism Council & JCI Bohol Chocolate Hills

Watch Miss Bohol 2015 Grand Coronation on Saturday, July 18, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium

Other Pre- Pageant Events: Talent Night, Sunday, July 12, 8 pm, Bohol Cultural Center. Fashion Show with Mikee Andrei, Monday, July 13

TBTK 1999: A Blast from the Past

It was meant to be one of the glamorous side events of the 1st TBTK that was held in Bohol back in July 1999 but instead  turned out to be one of the most attended not only for the captivating girls onstage but off the stage as well. It was so successful that there were so many patrons who were not able to enter the jampacked standing room- only event. 

Your Blogger is posting this blog feature after he came across this memento that he filed for safekeeping some 16 years ago. This group shot was captured through the lenses of Nilo Sapong.  
 Twas the summer of these girls' lives

 Your Blogger even kept a copy of the invitation!
Named the 1999 Miss Bohol International was Chan Retutas Cajegas, a tall and svelte Physical Therapy student from the University of Bohol and representing the Boholanos of Eastern USA. Chan was crowned in July 1999 by no less than Miriam Quiambao fresh from her victory as 1999 Miss Universe 1st Runner Up and then Bohol Governor, Rene Lopez Relampagos.

Her Runners Up were Paulette Bolofer, Miss Michigan, 1st Runner Up, Theresa Cumba, Miss Illinois, 2nd Runner Up, Bambi Evardone, Miss Bohol, 3rd Runner Up & Louella Pantoja, Miss Loon, 4th Runner Up.
TBTK 2015

Join the throngs of Boholanos from around the world who are turning up for the TBTK 2015 celebration from July 22 to July 27 just on time for the Sandugo Festival right here in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

For more of the activity schedules and updates, here’s the Facebook Page of TBTK 2015

See You All!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

2002 Miss Bohol Sandugo Cherry May Bacarro During Bb Pilipinas 2003

Remember Cherry May Bacarro? She was Dimiao's bet in the 2002 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant which she won. Cherry Mae who traces her roots in Dimiao, Bohol was already a resident of Cagayan de Oro City when she competed in Miss Bohol.

Cherry May's Bb Pilipinas 2003 gown presentation

  Ms Bohol 01 Vanessa Cadorna & Gov. Erico Aumentado &
First Lady Greenie Aumentado 
2002 Miss Bohol Sandugo Is...

Cherry Mae Bacarro of Dimiao was named Miss Bohol Sandugo 2002. 1st RU was Tagbilaran City’s Twinkle Besas. 2nd RU was Fil- Aussie Elouise Gonzales who represented Sagbayan


Here's the performance of Cherry Mae during the Bb Pilipinas 2003 Pageant

2003 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant Intro of Candidates

2003 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant Swimsuit Competition

2003 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant  Evening Gown Competition  

After the pageant, not much was heard from Ms Bacarro for she went back quietly to Cagayan de Oro City. The following year, halfway through her year- long reign as Miss Bohol Sandugo 2002, news came out that Ms Bacarro had been selected as an official candidate in the Ruby Edition of Bb Pilipinas 2003 Beauty Pageant.

 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant Parade of Beauties
On nationwide TV during the pageant’s grand coronation night, Boholanos were in for a shock when Cherry Mae (she was Candidate # 3) introduced herself as the candidate representing the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City! 

Although Cherry May was one of the girls who was predicted to make a splash in the 40th year edition of the country's most prestigious beauty pageant, she did not make the first cut.

So many speculations & innuendoes came out after her Bb. Pilipinas journey. She has her own reasons for what she did and what she had to do that time. 

Guess what? During the 2003 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant, there was no mention of Ms Bacarro as outgoing queen. Since it was her 1st RU Twinkle Besas who assumed her duties & responsibilities, it was only proper that she would also be the one to do her farewell walk and crown the new queen.

Photo Credits: Tony Paat
Video Credits: GMA7

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to Ace the Pageant Q & A

Contrary to popular notions, the Pageant Q & A is and would never be used to measure intelligence. How can one possibly judge a person’s IQ in 30 seconds? Gone are the days when a pageant contestant earns points for quoting Mother Theresa, for spouting motherhood statements and advocating for world peace.

 Your Blogger with Miss Bohol 2011 winner Farah Mian

Modern- day pageants are more into casual onstage interviews where the pageant host and candidate seem to be chatting about anything. Today’s pageant interviews are more into getting a glimpse into one’s character, personality projection, show a girl’s charm & likability.

Lest we forget, pageants are not public speaking contests. They are about pulchritude, poise & personality. And please drop the infamous lines “That would be all. I Thank you”

Look at Miss Tubigon’s relaxed stance. No hands on the waist 

Always project warmth, sincerity & charm to win over the judges & audiences
Here’s one of the most memorable interviews I have done on the Miss Bohol stage as captured in photographs. The subject here is the unforgettable Farah Faye Mian of Tubigon who went on to win the 2011 Miss Bohol Sandugo crown.

Develop a connection or rapport with the emcee  

After the interviews, acknowledge the judges 
& audiences before making your exit
Catch the 2015 Miss Bohol Pageant happening  on July 18, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium. Talent Night on July 11, 8 pm, Bohol Cultural Center

Monday, June 22, 2015

Miss Candijay Is Not Joining Miss Bohol 2015

It saddened & frustrated many pageant enthusiasts when it was confirmed that the reigning Miss Candijay Najwa Bordbar who is of Filipino & Iranian lineage is not joining the pageant for still unknown reasons.  
 Miss Candijay 2014 Najwa Bordbar is flanked by 
Candijay Mayor Chris Tutor & First Lady Lex Tutor

The Miss Candijay 2014 Pageant was specifically mounted last year to select the municipality’s candidate for Miss Bohol 2015 and just when the town had selected a very strong representative, the news comes out that the winner is not competing.

Despite this setback, Candijay's First Lady Ms. Lex Tutor who organized the pageant last year with the full support of her hubby Mayor Chris Tutor  is not disheartened with the turn of events.  

She is in fact more determined to hold another search which she believes is an avenue for the local girls to develop themselves and an opportunity to represent & showcase the town of Candijay in the Miss Bohol Pageant which is one of the most awaited highlights of the Sandugo Festival.

Meet Some of the 2015 Miss Bohol Candidates

After the Candidate Briefing, Orientation & Registration last Saturday at the People’s Mansion, the girls had their Glamshot & Official Headshot Photo Shoot at the Ramasola Original Studio yesterday. From 18 girls last year, the number of candidates for the 2015 Miss Bohol Pageant has increased to 23. The successful & spectacular staging of the pageant last year has contributed immensely to the higher number of local government units in the province that responded positively to the organizers’ invitation.


Your Blogger with Queenie Melody Fullante,reigning Miss Bohol 2014 
With no less than the Madame Pureza V. Chatto, Bohol’s First Lady, as Project Chair and backed up by the Bohol Prov’l Gov’t, the City Gov’t, Bohol Tourism Circle & the JCI Bohol Chocolate Hills, the girls whose ages range from 16 to 23 and representing Bohol’s capital city, municipalities, two business establishments & the lone educational institution, Bohol Island State University are in good hands, so to speak.

While some of the girls have been handpicked for the province’s most prestigious & longest- running beauty competition, most of the girls are either titleholders or runners up in earlier pageants held in their respective localities.  It is safe to aver then that we have an exciting edition of Miss Bohol this year.


Grand Coronation Night is on July 18, Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium. The Talent Competition will be staged a week earlier, July 11, Bohol Cultural Center.Due to popular clamor, Your Blogger is presenting photos of some of the girls who are competing this year.


In alphabetical order, here they are:

Miss Alicia                                            Miss Baclayon
Miss Balilihan

Miss Batuan
Miss Bilar
Miss Corella
Miss Guindulman

Miss Panglao

Miss Tagbilaran City

Miss Tubigon

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