Thursday, June 4, 2015

And the Winners in Mr & Ms Teen Loay 2015 Are...

LOAY’S LOVELY LASSES & LIKABLE LADS. It was definitely the summer of their lives. Eight pairs of teens pitted pulchritude, poise & personality in the 2015 Mr. & Ms. Teen Loay Search, the glam event that highlighted Loay’s town fiesta in honor of Santisima Trinidad. 
Philip & Katherine react after being named the big winners
Crowned as the big winners after competing in swimwear, formal wear & casual interviews & hurdling the final Q & A were Male #5 Philip Tuyod, 17 years old and Female # 5 Katherine Gayle Duco, 16. 

RUNNERS UP. The male runners up were Jonre Baliwis 1st RU and CeeJay Pabatao 2nd RU. For the females, Reina Angelene Bacol 1st RU and Stephanie Gayle Caga-anan 2nd RU

 Hon. RB Imboy Mayor May Imboy & PB Member Boy Imboy with the winners
 with Geralee Supanga & show director Johrandel 
Ms Intercontinental 2014 2nd RU Kris Tiffany Janson asks
while ABS CBN'sJonathan Cimafranca
BOARD OF JUDGES. Adding star power to the event was the board of judges chaired by Kris Tiffany Maslog Janson, 2014 Bb Piipinas- InterContinental & the 2nd RU in Miss InterContinental 2014 where she was selected as Miss Photogenic and Asia & Pacific Queen of Beauty. Another glamorous judge was Wynonah Van Joy Buot, the reigning Miss Cebu 215. 
 Mr & Ms Teen Loay 2015 Judges w/ Mayor Imboy & Kag. RB Imboy
The hunky & boyishly appealing ABS CBN Mag TV na host Jonathan Cimafranca was there too and and finally, Atty. Dominique Lim, Lite Shipping Corp. legal counsel completed the line- up.
 Your Blogger w/ Kag. RB Imboy

The Project Chair, the very youthful & pretty Hon. 1st Councilor RB Imboy was very ecstatic with how the pageant had become an avenue to develop & showcase the potentials of the youth of Loay. 
 # 3 Erica Bayron is Best in Swimsuit
 Loay Mayor Rosemarie  Imboy
SHOWCASE OF LOAY’S BEAUTY. As a parting shot, Loay’s very first lady mayor, Hon. Rosemarie L. Imboy, congratulated & thanked all the candidates for their support & participation in the community event. 

The radiantly beautiful mayor who was aglow during pageant night, likened the candidates’ transformation from raw teens into more confident individuals to that of Loay’s progress & how the town has kept apace with the march to development.

Vicariously, through the candidates, Loaynons have shown everyone the best there is about the town and why there was much to be thankful and to celebrate during its fiesta. 

As they say in the place where the Blood Compact was forged between Datu Sikatuna & Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legaspi “Abante Loay”

 Your Blogger w / beautiful co- host Kayla Bungabong

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