Monday, October 8, 2012

Remembering My College Writing Students


As I make one last attempt to crack open my noggin with the hope that I can think of a topic to blog and share with everyone, it suddenly dawned on me that I used to egg my English writing classes to express themselves through writing. 

It is now that I remember with fondness and pride how lucky I was to meet such amazing and talented students who CAN write effortlessly. 

Every time classes ended, I usually rushed to a quiet nook to pore over my students' scribblings. 

Penmanship matters a lot to me. Some of my students argue and opine that the outputs should be rated solely on content. I reason out "How can you convey your message to the readers if they can't read it? 

Remember: The medium is the message

Anyway, Holy Name University of Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines where I taught for six wonderful years came full circle in 2007 as it marked its Diamond Jubilee as Bohol's leading Catholic learning institution.

To honor the school's milestone and to give it more meaning, I decided to come up with an inter- section writing contest among my English 2 and English 6 classes

Here now is my tribute to the writing genius of some of my former students:

212 Entries. 60 Years.10 Winners. 1 Theme: 



Holy Name University has proven its academic excellence through its longevity making it the top choice of students to the sure accomplishment of achieving their goals. 

HNU has consistently proven its competence through its rich and golden harvest of graduates who have made their mark in their chosen fields of endeavors.

HNU’s curriculum is integrated with Christ- centered values and thus effectively strengthening and developing the students not only mentally, physically, morally, and emotionally, but also spiritually.

It is a very big honor and pride for the school to come this far in serving the community and leading the youth to realize their dreams. 

As HNU enters and celebrates its 60th year, let us take time to reflect and to be proud that we are a part of the family and that we should serve the school with loyalty and give it more honor.


For 60 years, many individual aspirations in life have been achieved in Holy Name University. Catering to various needs and wants of people, this educational institution has defined excellence. 

With its competent faculty members, it has produced several professionals in different fields who have flourished in our province, in other parts of the country and even in other countries.

It has also been responding to changes and advances in society by updating its facilities, expanding and giving room for more eager students. It never failed to emphasize that the students is its priority. Furthermore, it has remained faithful to its mission of strengthening the Christian faith and of putting this into loving and caring deeds. 

Truly, HNU has defined excellence not only as statistics of examination passers, but also as a dynamic molding of good citizens of our land.


When we speak of university quality education, then one name would rise above all the others; HOLY NAME UNIVERSITY. This legacy has been leading young Boholanos towards reaching their dreams and ambitions for the past 60 years.

During these years of incomparable excellence, the big names that we know in Bohol are proud sons and daughters of the first Catholic university in the province. 

They are the very convincing evidences of the school’s pride as the best when it comes to EDUCATION, in a holistic way.

That is the main power and legacy of HNU, not only mere teaching by words but with well- rounded personality development and integrated with the teachings of Christian faith. No wonder, the future of Bohol and its people will be bright and fruitful as Holy Name University continues to mold young minds and hearts into better citizens with the guidance of the Almighty Father…. Let’s hail the Trailblazer!


It has been 60 years and the tradition of excellence lives on. This legacy of academic excellence inculcated with Catholic quality education has made Holy Name University known nationwide. 

In fact, this prestigious institution has produced many topnotchers and outstanding alumni who are pillars in their respective fields of endeavor.

Today, Holy Name University continues to mold young minds to become successful professionals. Indeed, this institution has served as a training ground for those who want to learn and be educated in the process. 

But what I’m really proud is the fact that HNU integrates moral values through Catholic education, teaching us the value of religion and making us spiritually closer to God. There is no greater mission than this. 

Personally, I couldn’t ask for more. That’s why I enrolled here because I want become what I want to be and in the process, realize all my hopes and dreams.


For 60 fruitful and glorious years, Holy Name University has been consistently trailblazing in excellence. In fact, Holy Name University is one of the most respected learning institutions not only in Bohol but also in other provinces as well.

It is evident too that HNU consistently produces successful and globally competitive individuals in terms of academic excellence, talents, leadership, professionalism, and religiosity.

We, the students, must be proud that we are enrolled in a school that realizes our dreams. 

Together with the help of our competent and dedicated teachers, the capable administration and all the people behind HNU, we will continue striving and working to maintain the standards that the school is known for and we will continue to give honor, glory, and pride to the Almighty through Holy Name University.


Building an institution that is grounded on Christian values and faith was just a dream for the Boholano people until the then Holy Name College was founded.

 And that was 60 years ago.

From Holy Name College to Divine Word College and finally to metamorphose into the
Holy Name University and acknowledged by Boholanos for the EXCELLENCE it offers.

Quality education has been HNU's well- deserved and hard- earned recognition in the community because its administration, faculty, and the staff inculcate in the students with education that is anchored on Christian values thus effectively establishing a PAASCU- accredited education that builds a stronger and closer relationship with the ALMIGHTY.

As Holy Name University enters its 60 years of dedicated and glorious service to the community, it continues to uphold its tradition of excellence that dwells in the hearts of the Boholano people and giving hope especially to the marginalized that they can reach the pedestal and realize their dreams.



The older you get, the wiser you become. 

This adage has so much meaning for Holy Name University for it has been continuously and consistently moulding minds the past 60 years. This is more than enough to hail HNU as wise in the way that it uniquely molds the students in mind and in deeds.

Yesterday’s students of HNU are the pride of Bohol today. They are the epitome of HNU’s trailblazing excellence; that of being humble and grateful servant leaders.

HNU has been harvesting national board exam topnotchers. Their success has also contributed to HNU’s glory and fame in a way that people from Bohol and beyond would come to know that in the simple province of Bohol stands a great university. Those people have made us believe that dreams do come true at Holy Name University.

Hopefully, we could contribute to our Alma Mater’s glory by simply being good and persevering students and dedicate everything to the Almighty. Let’s grow old with HNU and become wise. Cheers to Holy Name University on its 60th year!


Once again, HolyNamians wave the banner of excellence. As we enter February, Holy Name University commemorates a milestone, its Diamond Jubilee. On its sixth decade of holistic educational excellence, HNU will rejoice during its University days.

The school has proven its competence since its humble beginnings. HNU has and will always be synonymous with academic brilliance and it has continued to yield a crop of learned graduates who are Christ- centered and are associated with selfless service inspired by the Trinitarian virtues.

The strong pillars of our society are mostly products of Holy Name University and they will surely continue to bring forth Holy Name University and Bohol’s names to greater heights and embed seeds of inspiration into history for future generations to emulate and to follow.

Never do we feel regret or remorse for being a part of this life- changing phenomenon called HNU for we are all given a chance at glory. It is an assurance and guarantee that HNU’s flames of excellence shall blaze on for the next 60 years.


There’s no other place in Bohol where you can have both your mind and spirit molded into excellence than in Holy Name University- the first and only Catholic university in the province. HNU, now on its sixtieth year of serving not only Boholanos but also people from all over the Philippines and some parts of the globe, traces back its sixty years of trailblazing excellence.

All these years, Holy Name University has served as a fortress for the future bearers of success. As a member of the HNU family, I have seen for myself the roots of its commendable service.

The groundwork is its burning desire to shape and mold young minds and let souls be witnesses of Christian values; After all, of what use is a brilliant mind if the soul is lost? 

Holy Name University is indeed a trailblazer, a beacon of hope, a provider of light and guidance so that others’ light may shine and illumine brighter.

And I won’t be surprised if years from now, Bohol will be placed in greater glory. Indeed sixty glorious and dedicated years of trailblazing excellence and counting!


It was not so long ago when a parochial school was erected right in the heart of the then sleepy town of Tagbilaran. A small building made of simple materials that had sheltered a few young students was only a parcel of its humble and colorful beginnings.

Through the decades, its structure became sturdier, its area became wider, and its learning population grew bigger. Time was a witness of its modest past to its glorious present. This renowned academic institution has blossomed into a premier university, earning its name both in the regional and national level.

A home to productive graduates, award- winning individuals, and board topnotchers, it has never ceased to nurture and guide young ambitious minds through God- centered values and quality education. All of these elements embodied the identity of what is now Holy Name University. 


Seven years have passed since these outputs were passed. Some of them couldn't believe that they made the Top Ten. These students have graduated already from college and have taken different routes in their pursuit for success and fulfillment. 

No matter where they are now, I still want to thank all of them for giving me a glimpse of their real selves, for trusting me that much that they could unabashedly unravel themselves through their angst- filled journals and bittersweet memoirs. 

I just hope and pray that they were able to pick up some nuggets of wisdom during our endless writing exercises. 

They would surely make me proud by applying what they've learned in school and by living their lives to the hilt

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