Monday, August 29, 2016

Hudyaka sa Panglao 2016 Unravels Today

Your Roving Eye, together with Panglaoanons, tourists, visitors & revelers will be in Panglao today to join in the festive and colorful Hudyaka Festival, the penultimate highlight of its annual town fiesta.
 Hudyaka sa Panglao 2016
Now on its 29th year, the festival was organized as an opportunity not only to celebrate the feast of the town’s patron saint San Agustin but also to manifest the religiosity of Panglaoanons through an established cultural identity and to express the townsfolk’s expression of thanksgiving to Señor San Agustin.

Teeners excitedly wait for the parade to start

The late Loy Palapos aptly coined the festival’s name as “Hudyaka” which in the Cebuano dialect, literally means merrymaking, happiness or gaiety.   


with Mr. Roque Cubar, Municipal Accountant
& Hudyaka Festival Chair
Mr. Roque Cubar, Panglao Municipal Accountant & Hudyaka Festival Project Chair, shared that the festivities starts at 1pm with a grand parade & the streetdancing competition followed by the ritual performances at 4 pm at the Panglao Town Plaza.

 one of the Hudyaka Festival Queen hopefuls

 Hudyaka 2015 file photo

 Hudyaka 2015 file photo
The selection of the 2016 Hudyaka Festival Queen will cap the whole activity. Just like the last two years of the festival, Panglao talents from choreographers to performers will be highlighted as all ten participating barangays compete for prizes, trophies and bragging rights in two categories; streetdancing and ritual performances.

 Hudyaka 2015 file photo


Aside from a spectacular fireworks display, the biggest come on is the very first Mardi Gras style of celebration & the street party to be staged at the event venue after the contest winners have been declared.


Nissan Motors: one of the sponsors

 what's a town fiesta without the carnival? 
For the Street Dancing Category where three top winning contingents will be chosen, there will be special awards for Most Punctual Contingent, Most Disciplined Contingent, Most Colorful Contingent & the Best in Hudyaka Ambiance Contingent.

 Your Roving Eye with Bernadette Tabaniag
Aside from three top winners in the Ritual Dance Category, special awards will be given for Best in Costume, Best in Musicality & Best in Choreography.

 Pentagon Drum & Bugle Corps
photo: Floramae Dangoy


The panel of judges composed of Ms. Marichu G. Tellano - Exec. Dir. NCCA, Ms. Shirley Halili-Cruz - Founder, Halili-Cruz School of Ballet, Former Head NCCA Committee on Dance, Ms. Lady Cely Chiongbian and Ms. Fiel Angelie A. Gabin - City Information Officer will be chaired by Mr. Ricardo R. Ballesteros Jr., Exec. Dir. Sinulog Foundation         
 Panglao Mayor Nila Montero & Vice Mayor Pedro Fuertes
Panglao Mayor Nila Montero & Vice Mayor Pedro Fuertes, along with the rest of the LGU officials, will be there to lead the municipality and revelers in the kaleidoscope & explosion of colors & rhythmic beat in today’s grand finale! 
Hon. Aya Montero: Panglao SB 
Tourism Committee Chair
Photo Credit: Ghen Lumayag
See you there!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bohol’s Homage for the Grand Dame of the Visual Arts

 Nang Nene as painted by her son Gene Lungay
Hours before  Boholana artist Hermogena “Nang Nene” Borja Lungay, Grand Dame of the Visual Arts, was sent off to the Great Beyond where there is eternal sunshine and where pain is unheard of, friends, family & Bohol's cultural & literary arts circle were at the Bohol Cultural Center for her tribute. 

The Province of Bohol & the City of Tagbilaran honored her with a tribute that recognized her outstanding talent in painting and her immense contribution in uplifting the image of Bohol through her treasure trove of artwork. 

Her priceless watercolor & oil pieces captured the rustic charm & pastoral idyll of rural Bohol, its people, its traditions and culture.

Mitzi Lungay, Rose Rara, Corazon Logarta, Rosario Corales,
 Cindy Logarta & Equit Butalid
Born on September 2 1929, Nang Nene had her formal training at the School of Fine Arts at UP Diliman where she was the only lady in the class and whose classmates included fellow Boholano Billy Abueva and painter Jose Joya who both rose to become National Artists.  

Paul Vistal, R Prudente Monreal, Prof. Butch de Juan

 Castelar Fortich, Sylvia Dagami- Fortich, Gie Gallares, Carmen Gatal
Although she skipped the last semester of her senior year and thus had to graduate a year later, she graduated Cum Laude and was awarded “Art Student of the Year” by the Arts Association of the Philippines. 

  with Maleth Zafra of After Five Weddings & Events who
facilitated the funeral arrangements
During the tribute held at the Bohol Cultural Center, commissioned Nene Lungay paintings were on display thanks to proud owners like Atty. Lucas “Doy” Nunag, Enriqueta Butalid, Norris Oculam and the Magaro Family. 
 Tatay Billy Tongko with CCAD’s Bernadette Manigque & Vida Tirol De Juan
Overseeing the funeral arrangements was events planner Maleth Zafra
 Ric Ramasola, Paul Vistal & Marianito Luspo
 UB CAFA’S Archt. German Torero & Prof. Lourd Pocon  
 Doming Manigque, Rosario Corales & Liux Corales
Well- known Boholano artists like Ric Ramasola, Corazon Logarta, Madame Enriqueta Butalid & adopted Boholano son Joshibiah de Juan were on hand to give their respects through their testimonies and their art form.

Even Gardy Labad and the Loboc Children’s Choir were on hand all the way from Taiwan.
 Art patron stops to admire Nene Lungay artworks

Lungay grandkids Maude Recemilla & Roan Badillo with Nadia Lagura
Her younger sister Rosario “Inday” Corales shared some poignant reminiscences about her Ate Nene about her artistic temperaments, her aspirations and how her introverted nature which made her turn down a scholarship grant to study in an art school in Spain.

Two of Nang Nene’s children Gene Lungay and Nellie Lungay expressed their wholehearted gratitude for the outpouring of love and admiration for their Mama. 

But more than the accolades and honors she has given to Bohol, the greatest legacy that she has bequeathed to Bohol is the Udlot Summer Art Workshop that she organized in 1985.

The longest- running art workshop in the province has discovered and nurtured the talents of many promising young artists who have pursued their artistic inclinations.
Gene Lungay, Maam Corazon Logarta, Cindy Logarta & Mitzi Lungay 

Among these former Udlot students were Kerwin Bumaat, Lilian Nalupa- Divinagracia,Chris Ramasola, Dr. Jay Vergara- Bongcac & Mr. Keneth Bongcac.

As we bade Nang Nene a final adieu that bright sunny afternoon at the Victoria Memorial Park, there was nary a tear of sadness nor grief.

 Dr Stella Maris Amora- Escobia & Mrs. Sylvia Dagami- Fortich
 Naomi Lungay- Fabiosa, Ric Ramasola, Inday Corales & Mitzi Lungay
Instead, there were smiles and utterances of gratitude as those present realized that friends, family and contemporaries have gathered to celebrate the life of a well- respected Boholana artist whose passion and interest in the arts has influenced and touched the lives of many a Boholano.

Special thanks: Sir Romy Tagaan & the CCAD staff, the Bohol Provl Govt, the Tagbilaran City Govt, & After Five Weddings & Events Planner Maleth Zafra & staff

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jemar & Maria Luz: Loving Thy Neighbor

They followed God’s commandment “Love Thy Neighbor” literally. After all, they were neighbors who fell in love when they were both in high school.

 Jemar & Luz: First & Last
Many skeptics thought it was just puppy love and would just peter out. But no way Jose!  Jemar Paga and Maria Luz Manito who became sweethearts in July 21, 2005 or exactly 11 years ago decided to tie the knot on the day of their 11th anniversary. Jemar proposed to Luz on July 21, 2015 ten years after they became an item.

 A scene straight from a romance drama film

Both Jemar & Luz came home from Singapore for the most romantic day of their lives. Fr. Vengie Laguros was the officiating priest when the lovers became one at the IHMS and entertained their guests at the Bohol Tropics Resort.
Lovebirds kiss before entering the reception area
Reception Venue: Bohol Tropics Resort

MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN: Rey Ihalas & April Descallar
were an unforgettable pair in the Garter Ceremony 
 with officiating priest Fr. Venjie Laguros
Coordination services provided by Budz & Bagz Boutique & Bridal Coordination Services

Monday, August 15, 2016

Boholana Wins Miss CNU- TC 2016

It’s true. When a door closes, a window opens. Such is the case of Bretziel Llanzaderas Laurel, the towering 5’ 9” beauty who represented Loon in the 2016 edition of Miss Bohol where she was unplaced despite an outstanding performance.

Bretziel is beautiful with or sans make up

Egged on by classmates, teachers and peers to join the Miss Teacher’s College Quest in Cebu Normal University, Bretziel almost backed out when she was informed of the sad news that her dear lola Cita Comajig Laurel had passed away hours before the pageant finals.

with the big winners in Mr. & Ms. CNU- TC 2016

Love for her lola, duty & responsibility prevailed when she realized that it was her lola who wanted her to become a beauty queen.
Your Roving Eye with Miss Laurel

 Miss Laurel during Miss Bohol 2016
Before the night was over, she was proclaimed as the new queen who will represent her college in the campus- wide search for Miss Cebu Normal University this September. 

With her lola to guide her in the upcoming pageant that selects CNU's bets for the regional and national competitions, Bretziel is in good hands.

Coincidentally, the Miss CNU title is currently held by Jessanie Mangaron who also represented Loon in the Miss Bohol 2014 Pageant.

Photo Credits:

CNU Herald
Vic Nielen Renegado

Monday, August 8, 2016

German Mestiza is Miss Silka Bohol 2016

Miss Silka Bohol 2016 

As early as 2014, during the Miss Panglao Pageant that year where I sat as a member of the panel of judges, I already saw Cecile Mae Grupp as a potential winner for Miss Silka Philippines. 

And why not? 

Well, the skin whitening beauty product’s penchant for mestiza beauties and Cecile’s alluring combination of coquettish charm and saccharine sweetness were the factors going in her favor. 

Although Cecile eventually wound up as 2nd RU, I knew she was destined for something bigger. 
Cecile during Miss Panglao 2014
And I was proven right! But that's getting ahead of the story.

 L-R: 2nd RU, Miss Silka Bohol 2016, 1st RU & 3rd RU

Last year, during the recruitment period for Miss Silka Bohol 2015, I remembered her again and went to Panglao to know her whereabouts. 

I found out that she was an OJT trainee at the Alona Tropical Beach Resort, I gave her my card and then asked if she was interested to join the pageant and she coyly declined saying that she was focusing on her studies at the Cristal E College in Panglao.
Cecile Mae Grupp stands out in her gown & swimwear

I got the surprise of my life today when I came across the news that Cecile Mae Grupp has just been selected as Miss Silka Bohol 2016 during the pageant finals held at the Island City Mall Activity Center and will be representing the province in the national finals later this year!
 During the Q & A with talented emcee Carlo Roy Roslinda

Aside from the crown, the newly- crowned Miss Silka Bohol 2016 also won Miss Photogenic and Best in Gown special awards. 
 Miss Silka Bohol 2016 with last year's queen & pageant organizers 
Cecile will surely have big shoes to fill as last year's bet Geraldine Topsnik emerged 1st RU in the national finals but I'm confident she will do well . 

Cecile is the latest product from the Miss Panglao Pageant to have done well in other pageants. It's no surprise actually with the training & support from Mayor Nila Montero, Councilor Aya Montero & pageant mentor Deo Guden

Good luck Cecile Mae!

Here are the complete results:

Miss Silka Bohol 2016 - #5 Cecile Mae Grupp
1st Runner Up - #14 Angela Rose Afable
2nd Runner Up - #7 Vanessa Stump
3rd Runner- up - #3 Nicholline Dano

Special Award Winners:

Miss Congeniality - #15 Mary Krislien Escabarte
Miss Photogenic - #5 Cecile Mae Grupp

Special Titles:

 Miss Juicy Cologne - #10 Josephine Rheingans
Best Designer Gown - #13 Cindy Lopez
Highest Silka Votes - #13 Cindy Lopez
Best in Talent- #1 Alexandra Guivencan
Best in Swimwear - #7 Vanessa Stump
Best in Gown - #5 Cecile Mae Grupp

Congratulations to all the winners!

Photo credit: TJ Medrana Photography

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