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Random Thoughts on Beauty Pageants

During the 2011 Miss Batuan Beauty Pageant
Miss Tagbilaran 2009
L-R: Your blogger, Paulaine Magallanes 2nd RU, Daisy Quilicot Miss Tagbilaran 09, Mescellane Cajels 1st RU and my co- host 2006 Miss HNU & 2009 Miss Bohol International Carleen Angelica P. Yap

Hello everyone!

Glad to be back after a self- imposed hiatus from the blogging scene. Aside from numerous emceeing engagements and endless holiday parties, I was downed by an acute intestinal infection thus the need to slow down and recuperate.

Anyway, my opening salvo for the New Year is focused on my thoughts on the pageant girl. She can be your determined sister, gorgeous girlfriend, starry- eyed neighbor or hopeful classmate who dreams of being the next Janine Tugonon.

My 2nd time to emcee Miss Earth in Bohol circa 2005
After 20 years of being involved in the different aspects of beauty pageants whether in hosting, organizing, promoting and judging beauty pageants in Bohol from the barangay level to the ultimate when I had the opportunity to organize and emcee the pre- pageant events of the 2002 and 2005 editions of Miss Earth, considered one of the three most prestigious international beauty competitions that were held here in our beautiful province, I have developed the highest respect for beauty queens and scores of hopefuls

During my early days in pageant emceeing, I couldn’t help but bite my lips and try to maintain my composure.

I admit that I would be the first to guffaw especially when the girls commit some gaffes especially during the interview segments of the pageants.

But the years have a way of making us see things in a different light. 

Time indeed mellows our brash and snooty ways and in their stead is a more sympathetic and a more understanding stance towards these beauty aspirants

Can you imagine what these girls have to undergo just to have a shot at the elusive crown only to see it slip from their grasp because Fate and Destiny simply didn’t cooperate? How heartbreaking indeed.

All those long and sleepless nights of rehearsals and having to polish their pasarela and rehearsing their talents and going through the answers to the possible questions that might be asked during the interviews. All their efforts gone for naught!

Paulaine Magallanes sizzles in her bikini

The mere thought of parading in front of thousands of critical and self- righteous pairs of eyes is enough to drive one crazy.

Secondly, the jeers, sneers, and snide remarks from people would smash one's self- esteem to smithereens.

Finally, everyone awaits with bated breath if a poor contestant will fall on her face or tumble down from the slippery steps from the stage which I strongly suspect have been designed by a sadist and meant to make the poor girls fall.

With regards to the humiliating question & answer portion, I believe some of the tongue -tied candidates are not really stupid nor were they absent from their grammar classes in high school and college. It boils down to tension, sheer nervousness, and mental block. 

with Olivia Culpo's look-a-like from Bohol, Cathy Remperas
By the way, why do we equate fluency in English with being smart?

Interviews should be based on the candidate's personal data to check on her warmth, sincerity and personality projection.

Let us stop asking questions about global warming, the economic crisis that is besetting the world, political views, and even world peace.

For one, this is not a quiz bowl, this is a contest on pulchritude, poise, and personality. As long as a candidate can express herself in passable English, then it should be enough.

Meschellane Cajels reacts after being named Miss Panglao 2012
 For every victorious and ecstatic smile from the newly- crowned beauty queen are the dashed hopes and crushed dreams of also- rans.

Girls, remember, beauty queens are not born, they are made so find the best mentor and equip yourselves with determination, perseverance and discipline so you will arrive at the pageant arena ready to rumble as you battle it out for the crown.

Enjoy the pageant experience, make new friends and learn from the journey

Before I go, here are some food for thought: 
with good friend Mae Collyer- Virtucio who has the 
beauty of Venus & the eloquence of Demosthenes
 A girl is crowned as the queen not because she is the most beautiful nor the smartest. It's a matter of destiny, luck, and timing.

I want to hear from you guys...

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