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10 Fun Facts About Glyssa Perez, Bohol’s Bet For Miss World Philippines 2019

Glyssa Leiann Bingas Perez, Candidate # 4, was clearly one of the standouts during the 2019 Miss World Philippines Press Presentation held at Novotel Manila Araneta Center a couple of days ago. 
Glyssa Leiann Bingas Perez during the Miss World Philippines 2019 Press Presentation

There was the unmistakeable hint of confidence, quiet & reserved elegance and self- assuredness when the Miss Bohol 2016 and Miss Philippines- Australia 2014 titleholder took her turn at the catwalk. Her flawless pirouette and graceful stance at the catwalk were met with oohs and ahhs from the media covering the event.

The lovely Boholana was named First Princess at the Miss World Philippines finals two years ago which means that she was just a breath away from clinching the honor to represent our nation in the world’s oldest and longest running beauty competition.

As she competes with 39 other exquisitely empowered Filipinas for the Miss World Philippines 2019 crown, she is more than ready to tackle the challenge beautifully. 
Glyssa performing the Pangalay or fingernail dance during the Miss Talent prelims

Let’s check out how well you know this impeccably- dressed and well- mannered lady who will represent the province of Bohol in Miss World Philippines 2019.

Here are 10 fun facts about Glyssa:

1.   BREAST CANCER AWARENESS & BREAST CARE ADVOCATE. She is a spokesperson & the youngest trustee of Kasuso Foundation (a non- profit organization dedicated to serving indigent patients with breast cancer) She is so passionate about  breast cancer that she even  organized a well- attended fund- raising activity for her advocacy a couple of months back in Australia

2.   VIDEO CREATOR & EDITOR. If there is one thing that she is most interested in, it has to be creating & editing videos. For Glyssa, there’s something so special and magical about capturing moments and creating a story that can be treasured and relived over and over again. With her very tight schedule, Glyssa has to put her video editing on hold but hopes to get back to it as soon as her schedule eases up.

3.   PASSIONATE ABOUT SELF- CARE & MINDFULNESS. Her passion right now is the practice on self- care & mindfulness which ultimately helps her serve others more effectively

4.   GOAL- ORIENTED. She believes that people should have goals in life so that they could find more focus and more meaning in their lives. Glyssa says that goals are there to motivate and to spur one to action. Her goals range from being happy & content, to be healthy and strong, to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and to live a purposeful life where she can give back and empower people. Her two biggest goals right now is to continue her foundation’s project program and to be a spokesperson who is heard worldwide.

5.  THE ONLY GIRL IN THE FAMILY. Did you know that Glyssa is the only girl in the family? She has three protective brothers namely; Gez ,35, Gabriel, 27, and Goody, 19.

6.  GLYSSA IS A SUPER ATHLETIC GIRL. Her slender frame belies her athletic & competitive nature. She was a sprinter during her early schooling days and played competitively in Netball. She even won the Sports Fast Track Challenge during her first attempt at the MWP crown back in 2017.

7.   INTERESTING INFO YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT GLYSSA. She has a small scar on her forehead from a bicyclist accident when she was only about four years old. She thought she could bike on her own without training wheels and she was wrong.

8.  GLYSSA & MAXINE MEDINA ARE FIRST COUSINS. Glyssa comes from a clan of beauties. In fact, she and reigning 2016 Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Perez Medina are first cousins. Maxine’s mom, Marife Perez Medina,  is the youngest sister of Godofredo Perez, the father of Glyssa. The Boholano connection of Glyssa is care of mom Yolie Bingas who is from Danao, Bohol.
CHARMING COUSINS. 2016 Miss Universe Top 6 Finalist Maxine Perez Medina &
2016 Miss Bohol Glyssa Bingas Perez are first degree cousins
9.   SHE WAS CROWNED ON THE 90TH ANNIVERSARY OF MISS BOHOL. Glyssa was crowned Miss Bohol 90 years after Ascension Gaviola was crowned as the first Miss Bohol and represented the province in the 1926 Miss Philippines pageant, the first ever nationwide pageant  organized in the country. 

10.  DANAO’S FIRST MISS BOHOL CROWN. Glyssa made her mom Yolie’s wish for her to win Danao’s first Miss Bohol crown came true. 
Glyssa Perez obliges Your Roving Eye with a photo memento
Watch the 9th edition of Miss World Philippines on Sunday, September 15 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Four other titles are at stake, namely; Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas, Miss Eco Philippines, Miss Multinational Philippines and Miss Tourism Philippines. 
Bohol’s bet answers questions from the media during the press presentation


It is a beauty pageant in the Philippines that selects the country's representative to the Miss World contest, the oldest & longest running international beauty competition.  The pageant is inspired by the Miss World Ltd.'s slogan "Beauty with a Purpose" and henceforth adopted the theme "Beauty in Giving."

From a bathing suit spectacle in 1951, Miss World has evolved into a search for a beautiful spokesperson who travels around the world, brings a voice for the underprivileged and raises money for charities.   
Reigning Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce from Mexico

Miss World Philippines and her court work with charities that benefit children in need and also join movements of supporting women and children's rights and other advocacy. Also known as MWP, the pageant also selects three other representatives to participate in minor international pageants such as Reina Hispanoamericana, Miss Eco International, and Miss Multinational.
EARLY CROWN FAVES: L-R: Day, Perez, Thorlund & Dee  
EARLY FAVES Along with Glyssa Perez, the other early MWP favorites are Kelly Day, Michelle Thorlund & Michelle Dee, the daughter of 1979 Miss International Melanie Marquez

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Bohol International “The Tarsier Run” Marathon 2019 on August 25

It’s all systems go for the 2019 Bohol International Marathon slated on August 25.
More than a thousand runners from more than 10 countries that include Kenya, USA, Nicaragua, Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, Italy and the Philippines have registered for the eight edition of  the annual sporting event that has the renowned historical and tourism landmarks of Tagbilaran City, Corella, Sikatuna and Loboc as the backdrop for the most anticipated international sporting spectacle in Bohol. 

L-R: Janin Tan, Ruby Guinto, JP Maslog & JPark Island Resort rep Alex Aquino are joined by event partners

“We are very ecstatic with the turnout of participants” From Janin Yap- Tan, Treasurer of the Bohol Runners Club, organizer of the Bohol International Marathon during the press conference at Shang Palace where she was joined by Race Director Ruby Guinto & Chairman of the BIM, JP Maslog & Alex Aquino- Promotions and Marketing Officer JPark, Presentor  of BIM 2019 
 event organizers are joined by reps from the LGU's of Sikatuna, Corella & Loboc

Race participants who will be competing in four race categories, namely; 42K, 21K, 10K and 5K will converge at the Island City Mall for the 2 AM gun start. 

PRESENTOR : JPARK Island Resort And Water Park Panglao, MAJOR SPONSORS: Bluewater Resorts, Amorita Resort, North Zen Villas & Kew Hotel MINOR SPONSORS: Pocari Sweat,. D’BOX, MAITA REYNALDO Thomas,  Shang Palace, Island City Mall, City of Tagbilaran, Municipality of Corella, Municipality of Sikatuna & the Municipality of Loboc

Also Brought to you by:Smart Communications ,Inc., Nature’s Spring, Arabelle Suites, Lola Lilias, Blue Grass Project, Rc Lucky Graphics, Payag Chicken, Park n Go, DJ Jacky, Ferome, McCoy, DRC Disco Record Center, DYRD and Bohol Chronicle

Borjas Got Talent

One of the highlights from the two- day Borja Grand Family Reunion was the inter- clan talent competition that saw the Carlosa Branch reigning supreme over the seven other family branches with their fast- paced medley of dance hits that showed off their  terpsichorean talent & stamina. 

Second place went to the Benito Branch who showcased their vocal stylings, showmanship and the amazing talent of JP Borja with the drum set. In third place was the Macario Branch with their medley of Boholano ditties & interpretative dance.

Getting special mention was the Gualberto Branch with their Beatles medley that had everyone clapping their hands & stomping their feet.

Judging the talent contest were LJ Lumayag, Bohol’s top eventologist and Ms. Marjoe Yamada, the stylesetter who operates Persona Mesa Restaurant .

Here are photos from the event:
1st Place. A Display of Youth & Grace 
2nd Place. Musicality & Showmanship

3rd Place. Tradition & Sentimentality
SPECIAL MENTION: Gualberto Branch for their spirited & adrenalin- pumping Beatles medley
The jampacked venue of reunion attendees
 CONTEST JUDGES. LJ Lumayag & Marjoe Yamada
Six of the Dream Team organizing team pose for posterity. L-R: Jorge Cacho, May Limbaga,
Sylvia Dagami, Rosario Corales, Bullecer siblings Joy & Noel. 
 May Limbaga,with the prizes
 Overall Head Jun Borja & Program Chair Kit Oppus

Eleuteria Borja Clan representatives wait for their turn
Photo Credits:

Monyth Lustre
Raymond Buslon

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NYCE FINDS Whitening Shop Testimonials

As NYCE FINDS Whitening Shop marks its fabulous fourth anniversary, two of the shop’s very loyal & satisfied clients gave their respective testimonials.

A beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. That is why I am thankful to Nyce Finds Whitening Shop for providing an extensive line of affordable & effective whitening products.

I always go for their Neutro Skin IV Drip because it always gives me not only that glowing & vibrant skin but also a more youthful & healthier look. 

I always look forward to my pampering sessions & beauty treatments because of the warm & friendly staff and the relaxing ambience. 

Now you know what my beauty secret is”

Miss Philippines Earth Runner Up 2017 

Fashion Designer/ Stylist  
The dark uneven spots on my skin caused by allergies have been a source of my insecurity for years and years. An appointment at Nyce Finds Whitening Shop turned out to be the best decision ever. The results were amazing.  The dark spots soon vanished. A greatly improved and fairer skin tone became more noticeable. My self- esteem came back. Of course, the staff’s genuine smiles & efficient services make every appointment worth your while.

What I have enjoyed and have become at present is because of them. I am no longer a mere fashion designer, but with Bohol's leading gluta shop, I have metamorphosed into a person with high self-esteem and great motivation. And that is my gluta story.

For appointments and inquiries, visit their shop along Lesage St., Tagbilaran City. (in front of Disco Record Center)

Monday- Friday 10 AM- 6 PM
Saturday, 10 AM- 5 PM

Nyce Finds Whitening Shop, Bohol’s Leading Gluta Shop, Marks Its Fabulous Fourth Anniversary!

Nyce Finds Whitening Shop marks its fourth year in the beauty & wellness industry with an ongoing discount promo for its whitening & wellness products & services and pampering services. 

In a place where lighter & fairer skin tones are considered by many as the standard of beauty, Bohol’s leading gluta shop has become the go- to and must- visit place when one needs either glutathione IV, oral form or soap, lotion & serum. 
Bohol's leading gluta shop
What really is glutathione? Also known as the Master Antioxidant & Detoxifier, glutathione is naturally produced by our own bodies and helps prevent cellular damage. Immediate benefits include a stronger immune system & improved energy levels. 

It has become a popular skin lightening treatment and became an overnight sensation when early studies suggested that it could slow down and even prevent skin cells from producing melanin. It has helped solved problems on uneven skin tone, dark spots, and freckles caused by too much melanin production and aging.
Beauty inside & out

In a chit chat with Nyce Alaba, the amiable lady behind Nyce Finds Whitening Shop, she shares that the secret to her shop’s popularity is not only on the proven skin whitening effect of her product line but also with the personalized & professional services of her well- trained staff of nurses. Furthermore, on the practical side, why go to Cebu or Manila when one can have the same treatment at a more convenient manner?

Her headturning fair skin makes her the perfect poster child for glutathione and her easygoing ways & charming demeanour has made it possible for her to forge a close friendship with her steadily growing list of satisfied clientele which includes some of Bohol’s most stylish set.

Before we parted ways, Nyce offered the following advice: 
"Patients should consider the reason & the motivation for wanting to whiten their skin. Is it to make them look more beautiful or to give them more confidence?
Whatever the reasons, the most important thing to remember is you’re doing it for yourself and not for anybody. So if it makes you happier and feel better, then go for it.”
For appointments and for inquiries on their anniversary discount promo, visit Nyce Finds Whitening Shop along Lesage St., Tagbilaran City (in front of Disco Record Center) 

Monday- Friday 10 AM- 6 PM
Saturday, 10 AM- 5 PM

EJ Relampagos & Vanessa Aumentado: Creative Collaboration

Sensational Boholano designer EJ Relampagos has always dreamt of something big for fellow Boholano designers.
CREATIVE COLLABORATION: EJ Relampagos& Vanessa Aumentado 2nd 
Acknowledged as one of the pillars of Bohol’s burgeoning fashion industry and one of the founders of the Bohol Designers Circle, he envisions a more professional approach & world- class standards that would ultimately benefit the Boholano community. 
Bohol 2nd  District's 1st Couple with  Sen. Miguel Zubiri & wife Audrey
The University of San Carlos graduate who has attended fashion week celebrations in New York, Paris, Milan, London and Tokyo recently merited positive reviews for the Filipinana gown he created for Vanessa Aumentado. 

The Filipiniana gown boosted by the innate elegance of Ms. Vanessa Aumentado landed her in the list of GMA 7’s list of SONA’s most stylish women.
with Cong. Len Alonte, Atty. Jiselle Rae Villamor & socialite Lirio Cadorna- Arbilon

at the red carpet 
When asked how Ms.Aumentado inspired him, he said “
She radiates simplicity, beauty, elegance and class... Truly she has a sense of personal style which is beyond being fashionable”

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Borjas of Bohol Grand Family Reunion 2019

The recently- concluded Borja Clan Grand Reunion 2019 was certainly one of the biggest family reunions to be organized in Bohol. With less than six months to organize the family reunion that was to be timed for the Sandugo Festival, it was amazing how the organizing team affectionately called the Dream Team was able to pull it off.
Huge turnout is an understatement
And so I doff my hat to Nong Ondoy Borja and to the team for staging the event with only a few hitches and with only some minor quibbles at that.

The familiar scene during the opening day
From the moment the call was sounded off to all parts of the globe, there was no turning back. Prior to the event launch, there was also the daunting albeit interesting & exhausting task of tracing one’s roots in the Borja Family Tree. There has always been something endearing and melancholic when one talks of family. 
Rekindling relationships. Warm welcome
A bit of nostalgia and lots of surprises
AINT NO GENERATION GAP. The young ones and the young once
Borja descendants from near & far responded to the call

As Ate Rosario “Nang Inday” Borja Corales explained during the opening program of the reunion held at the Bohol Cultural Center, everything was an offshoot from the long & unceasing work of a dear cousin, the late Engr Emilio (Miling) Borja.

In a book, Miling painstakingly created a list of names for seven generations. The book was lost for some time and was recovered only after his untimely passing.  To quote the last paragraph of Miling's Introduction: 

"It is hoped that this tree does not die a natural death.  Families are encouraged to keep this tree alive - adding small branches and letting it grow without limit.  If someday a descendant will have the satisfaction of being able to trace his roots 15, 20 generations down, then I shall have been compensated generously for the efforts spent in building this family tree."

Close to a thousand responded to the call and there were pledges of support. The first day of the reunion was like no other. There was unbridled joy and excitement in the air as attendees started to arrive.  Food and drinks were aplenty. Prizes and surprises were beyond everyone’s expectations.
A momentous occasion to renew, to recall & to reminisce
Prizes & surprises awaited attendees
 Past, present & future Bohol leaders all in one place

 Tracing one’s lineage seemed to be the number one preoccupation that day
Long after the lights had dimmed, after the confetti had been swept away and the laughter & music had faded, memories of that unforgettable evening would be etched in everyone’s collective memory and linger for quite a time. 
Borja relatives will always remember the moment
 Happy faces all captured in photographs
 The spirit of solidarity and the common bond of family

Thanks everyone and here’s to the next reunion! Cheers!
Photo Credits: Monyth Lustre & Raymond Buslon

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Miss Bohol Triumph: The Secret behind The Success

Have you ever wondered why Tagbilaran City is reemerging as the beauty powerhouse of Bohol? 

Back in the 90’s, it was Jagna that dominated the Miss Bohol Pageant. In fact, the town of calamay is the first & only town to achieve a threepeat victory in the province’s most prestigious beauty competition with three crowns three years in a row. 
Miss Bohol 2019 Celina Villoceno with Tagbilaran City’s First Family

 Presently, Tagbilaran looks like it will be achieving the next threepeat. And the answer lies with the very dynamic support system of Tagbilaran City Mayor Baba Yap. 

First Lady Jane Yap has always been there not only to support the city mayor in his governance of the city but also to add the much- needed woman’s touch especially with her hands- on supervision and handling of the Mutya sa Tagbilaran Pageant. 
First Lady Jane Yap is joined by her back to back beauties


With her team of dedicated experts, her support for the city’s representative to Miss Bohol has been astounding and winning three crowns in five years  speaks volumes about her support. 

Newly- crowned Miss Bohol 2019 Celina Villoceno, revealed that the city’s all- out support plus the guidance of Mrs. Jane Yap spelled the difference in her now successful bid for the Miss Bohol crown. 

Mrs. Jane Yap with the recipients of the Mutya sa Tagbilaran Foundation program

Mrs. Yap’s commitment to the city and support for Mayor Yap doesn’t end with Miss Bohol but extends to enhancing the city’s culture & arts programs, addressing the needs of women and children, being an instrument for woman empowerment and being a dedicated wife & loving mother to her kids and the city residents.

Keep it up and more power Mrs. Yap! Cheers!

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