Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2006 Miss Bohol International Final Results

From 14 lovely beauty delegates, the field was cut to the Final Five. 

It was a nail- biting and heart- stopping moment for as soon as a candidate was called as finalist and stepped forward, she had to pick at random the name of the judge who would ask her the final question.

Truly a test of one's grace under pressure and poise under stress, 

After all the finalists had been called and had answered the questions, the judges then cast their votes as they ranked the finalists based on how they answered their final questions and their overall performance during the entire pageant night.

Going into the final round, Candidate # 8 Cathy Remperas was leading the race. 

She topped all three beauty segments of the pageant by winning Best in National Costume, Best in Swimwear and Best in Evening Gown. 

She was also Miss Photogenic as well as Miss Talent 2nd RU.

After the farewell walk of Maya Galvan, the results were then announced:

4th RU was Judith Marie Chatto, the bubbly 15 year old who represented the Boholanos of Southern Illinois. 

3rd RU was Erica Joy Pastoriza Galeon, 16 yrs old from California, USA 

2nd RU Ivn Ryzl Sarno, 21 yrs old, a cum laude graduate of Silliman University and a registered nurse. 

And then there were two ladies left on centerstage

The final announcement was then made. 

Catherine Enojo Remperas was named 1st RU but she would later make it on national TV when she made it as housemate of ABS CBN's Pinoy Big Brother show 

The tall and svelte Loida Tiza Salve Lagonoy, 18 yrs old, reigning Miss University of Bohol was crowned the 2006 Miss Bohol International in a glittering ceremony at the Holy Name University. 

Pageant experience, stage presence and gift of gab won for Loida the title. So what was her winning answer to the deceptively simple question from Mayor Atienza? 

MAYOR ATIENZA: "If you get married in the future, how many children would you like to have?" 

"If I were to get married and have children of my own someday, I would like to have four children; two girls to whom I would bequeath the loving, caring & beautiful side of me 
I also want to have two boys who would embody the qualities of an ideal man such as masculinity, determination and courage. 
Together with my husband, we would raise our children to be disciplined and virtuous individuals under the trinity of love, faith and honesty" 

Miss Bohol International 2006 & Court with the Chocolate Hills Lady Jaycees

Photo credits: Mr. Irving Spivey & Mr. Roger Vicente

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2006 Miss Bohol International Talent Night


The showcase of talents is definitely one of the most- awaited segments of most beauty pageants. 

Aside from its entertainment value, it is also a veritable treasure trove for many talent agents/ scouts who are in the lookout for raw potentials in the performing arts. 

Not many might have been blessed with the grace & fluidity of Terpsichore or trained under the tutelage of Thespis but the deafening applause, the admiration from adoring fans and the chance to share with the audience one's art are all worth the endless rehearsals and the pressure to deliver.

Bohol Tropics Resort is the Talent show venue
The talent segment has become an event in itself and is usually held on a separate date and venue. 

As judge and pageant coach, I notice that most candidates usually showcase everything in the very limited time that they have to present their talents.

Good if the candidate is actually versatile but my advice for the girls would be to showcase ONLY what she really excels in. 

Guests await the start of the show
If she croaks like a frog, never ever dare to sing live! If you realize that the backup dancers are way way better and can actually eclipse your moment onstage, then don't!

Judges for the Talent Competition are selected mostly for their backgound and experiences in the performing arts and some are also invited as judges for their exposure to the world of refinement & culture


1. Jean Joan Ibba, she was Miss Tagbilaran in the 2003 Miss Bohol International Quest where she was a runner up as well as voted as Miss Talent for the eloquent & elegant delivery of a monologue which she herself penned

2. Irena Heberer, German socialite who is a fixture in the society as well as the culture & arts scene in Bohol

3. Eva Santos, famous Boholana diva who represented the Philippines in the 1992 Midnight Sun International Song Festival where she won 3rd place after singing her own composition 

4. Irving Spivey, the Chief of Respiratory Therapy at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. As a former colleague and friend of Betty Garcia, Chairperson of TBTK, he was invited as TBTK 2006 guest

5. Cebu City Councilor & Jaycee luminary Hon. Augustus Joy Young, 

L-R: Jean Joan Ibba, Irena Heberer & Hon. Joy Young
Ms. Eva Santos & Mr. Irving Spivey


The judges were to evaluate each candidate's performance and give her a score ranging from 1 to 20 with 20 as the perfect score. 

They were to grade each girl based on quality of performance, mastery & virtuosity, stage presence, star quality & entertainment value

Candidates and coaches have to be reminded that the talent segment is judged mainly and most of the times, solely on the basis of the girl's performance. 

Having the most expensive  costumes & accessories and being provided with the most impressive props would just be an exercise in futility. 

The judges are focused on the sterling aspect of the performance, how the girl  connects with the audience and of course, the star quality. 

Does she catch & hold the attention of judges & audiences alike? 

If you can outsing Leah Salonga, then showcase your vocal stylings with a solo not an entire repertoire. 

The judges and the audience don't have to eat the whole cake to know it's delicious, right?


The show started with the Pesentation & Introduction of Candidates


Loida Lagonoy shows why she was a Dimiao Children's Rondalla member

Erica Galeon presents a scintillating belly dance

Catherine Biliran lipsyncs her way to the audiences' hearts with a Miss Saigon piece

Oohs and aahs from Cristine de la Cruz who smolders onstage

Richelle Angalot acts and models at the same time
Judith Galang shows them what hip hop is all about
Jordan Nicole Sumodobila starts with a little acting
Jordan with her showstopping Broadway number
Cathy sizzles and draws whistles with her Latin dance number

Cathy does her splits and turns with elan & flair
Judith Chatto impresses with her modern jazz & interpretative dance
Kathy Lynn gyrates with her belly dance
Kathy Lynn dazzles with her hip swinging

Gladys Sumaylo adds a patriotic flavor to her interpretative dance
Gayle Marielle Ramirez shares her music with a song & piano accompaniment
Ivn Ryzl Sarno was a revelation in her talent showcase
The candidates huddle after their presentations
Reigning queen Maya Galvan is acknowledged

Guest performer & judge Eva Santos shows everyone what world- class talent is all about
The girls whoop it up as they dance to the music of Eva Santos

Loida Lagonoy is named one of the Top Three in the Talent Show

The Top Three are Jordan Nicole, Cathy & Loida
The candidates with the Chocolate Hills Lady Jaycees, pageant organizers
Eva Santos is flanked by Betty Veloso- Garcia and other TBTK guests

At far right is Madame Pureza Veloso- Chatto, the Pageant Chair

Event host is Ms. Baby Gulle- Bantol

Photo Credits: Mr. Irving Spivey

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