Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Bohol Chronicle’s Roving Eye Is Five Years Old!

Time does whiz by when you’re having so much fun! This lifestyle column marked its fifth anniversary in last Sunday's issue of the Bohol Chronicle ! 

Aptly named with the double entendre "Bohol's Roving Eye", the whole- page column debuted at the lifestylebohol section of the Bohol Chronicle on July 27, 2014 during the climactic finale of the 2014 Bohol Sandugo Festival! 

This blog however marks its 7th anniversary on September 13! 
Chronicling the latest in Bohol’s entertainment, arts & culture, lifestyle & events scene

Since then, The Roving Eye has been there to chronicle Bohol’s biggest happenings during the week. 

It has taken its readers to the most captivating places in town and updated you with the goings on in the entertainment, events, arts & culture scene in the province. 

In between, readers got ringside tickets to the hottest society events & milestones.      
with lifestylebohol section editor Sonieta Labasan & writer DJ Arro
with contributing photographer  Ghen Lumayag Tabat & Ms. Labasan

celebrating at The Buzz some years back

A big thank you not only to the Bohol Chronicle for the chance to be part of a 65 year old institution but also to Bohol Chronicle’s dear readers for the trust, the positive feedback & the patronage!

To the next five and beyond! Cheers

Monday, July 29, 2019

Persona Mesa Is Now Five Years Old!

Just a week ago, Persona Mesa, one of Tagbilaran City’s upscale casual dining restaurant that serves modern Asian Filipino cuisine turned five years old.  

Persona Mesa, consistently voted by TripAdvisors as one of Bohol’s ten best restaurants marked its 5th anniversary with a Five-in-One Buffet Special complete with a live acoustic band for one memorable and enjoyable dining experience.
the Five in One Dining Special
the queen reigns supreme
Here are some of the photos from that exhilarating evening:
The live acoustic band spiced things up

Congratulations to Marjoe Yamada and the staff!

Happy Birthday Patti Bullecer- Borja!

Be it a quiet and intimate reunion for two, a raucous & rambunctious school homecoming or a grand family gathering, reunions would always be on the top of the agenda especially for Boholanos. 
With Patti Bullecer- Borja, one of my BFF's from grade school & high school
our DWCT Grade School Yearbook Photos 
Photo Credits: Ramasola Original Studio
Just a fortnight ago, the more outgoing of the Darunday cousins who are here in Tagbilaran for a family reunion squeezed in an advance birthday bash for California- based Patti Bullecer- Borja at D Box, the fun fun chill out nightspot of Meg Raynaldo that is tucked in a corner right beside KEW Hotel.
COUSINS ALL: with Marjoe Yamada, Toie Ramos & Cyril Bullecer, AUSSIE Net-net Abadiano & Tim Hill,
 US- based Ian Aquino, Jojo Borja & wife Patti Borja celebrate the July 29 birthday of Patti at D Box

Rey Uy, Roger Gatal, Jerry Inting, Meg Raynaldo, Ricky Inting & Anthony Borja
Jojo Borja , Ricky Inting, Raul Gatal & birthday girl Patti Bullecer- Borja
I have known Patti all my life. We were classmates from Day Care Nursery and then we went to the then DWCT now HNU where we were classmates from Grade 1 all the way to 4th Year High School! After high school, we went our separate ways and its a joy to know that the friendship and the bond is still there after all these years!

Happy happy birthday Patti!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Party, Chill & Hang Out at D Box, One of Tagbilaran's Best Nightspots

Welcome to D Box, one of Tagbilaran’s latest additions to its bustling nightlife & entertainment scene. 
Situated beside the KEW Hotel, you wouldn’t miss it with its sleek and minimalist look. A choice of either the cozy air-conditioned lounge or the al fresco area with its ground and upper level areas. 
the well- stocked bar

the view from the second level
Aside from its wide array of drinks and appetizers, another come- on is its piped- in music using state-of- the art audio technology. Live musical entertainment is also offered on a regular basis. 
 special Sisig from D Box

from the second level

Maita, Grace & Meg
Partying with the owner, Meg Raynaldo & 
partyphiles Marjoe Yamada & Jerber Mercado

The place is indeed perfect for patrons of all ages who want to relax and chill out. So what are you waiting for? See you at D Box!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Umaya Japanese Restaurant Is Now Open in Tagbilaran City!

It was a modern yet cozy and comfy ambience that greeted Your Roving Eye at the opening of Umaya Japanese Restaurant. Its name is aptly taken from the Japanese word Umay which means nice or beautiful and Umaya literally means a place of great things including food of course. 
Modern yet quaint & cozy Japanese ambience
Doris Dinorog is entertained by the friendly staff
 Mr. Yamada, wife Jing, Divina & Jane Doren
Maam Ardie Batoy & Doris Dinorog
After partaking of the generous servings of Japanese cuisine like Sashimi Santenmori, Tonkutso Ramen & Beef Tepanyaki, I must say I was so impressed and I’m even looking forward to giving Tagbilaran City’s latest upscale dining haven a second visit.   
Beef Tepanyaki

Delightful Japanese favorites
Located at the Ground Floor of Lite Port Center along Gallares St., the restaurant that can seat around 40 diners even has four cubicles for utmost privacy. Ms. Jane Doren, the friendly & accommodating restaurant manager said that they are open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

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