Thursday, July 30, 2015

1991 Mutya sa Tagbilaran Memories

The 1991 edition of Mutya sa Tagbilaran Pageant would rate as one of my favorites for two reasons;  First, it was a thrilling down- the- wire race for the crown between favorites Joanna Cheryl Matuod Evardone and Haidee Casiguran Ingking and secondly, it was where an unknown beauty with the unforgettable name of  Liwliwah Bolotaolo was discovered.

   Chewee & Haidee
FIRST ENCOUNTER The Chewee & Haidee pageant rivalry provided one of the most exciting chapters in Bohol pageantry back in the 90's. Both girls were pretty academic achievers & campus personalities from Bohol National High School who were more or less, evenly matched  in three pageant outings. Ms. Evardone & Ms. Ingking had previously competed in the 1989 Campus Girl Search won by Bohol Wisdom School’s bet Tiffany Yap. 

In that first encounter, Haidee was 3rd Runner Up & Best in Evening Gown while Chewee was 4th Runner Up and Best in Casual Wear. 

  L-R: 4th RU, 2nd RU,  Mutya 1991 Chewee, 1st RU, 3rd RU

ROUND TWO Fast forward to the 1991 Mutya sa Tagbilaran Pageant Night. Up to the dying seconds of the pageant when only the two girls were left standing & holding hands on centerstage, no one, save for the emcees, judges & tabulators, had any idea on whose pretty head the crown of Mutya 1991 would end up on. It was that close. In the end, it was Chewee who got crowned as the queen and earned the right to represent the city in the 1991 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant. Haidee settled for 1st Runner Up. 

OTHER RUNNERS UP Second Runner Up was Liwah Bolotaolo who also won as Best in Evening Gown for her classy and elegant style & overall presentation. 3rd RU was Margaret Alturas and also adjudged Best in Swimsuit. 4th RU was Jocelyn Almiranez.

 Haidee & Liwah
SWEET VICTORY FOR LIWAH Liwah, a pageant newbie with no prior pageant experience was a late entrant. The other girls with special mention to Amy Bonje helped Liwah with her catwalk and posing techniques. 

The UP Los Banos student took everything seriously and before the night ended, she surprised everyone including herself when she placed in the Top Five and topped the gown competition. 

Later that year, she even qualified as a finalist in the national Faces modeling search.

 2nd RU Liwah, 1995 Miss Bohol Noemi 1st RU Shiela
Four years later, Liwah competed in the very competitive 1995 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant where she emerged 2nd RU. 

Presently, Liwah crisscrosses the blue skies as an international flight attendant and has been promoted as Cabin Senior  with Etihad Airways.Chewee is in the US while Haidee is in Singapore. 

 Liwah as Senior Cabin Crew with Etihad Airways 
THERE IS LIFE AFTER PAGEANTRY Indeed, there is life after pageantry. Joining pageants are just stepping stones to whatever fields you foray on later in life. May these ladies be an inspiration for the present crop of beauties who are interested in joining beauty pageants.

Thank you ladies for the wonderful memories!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TBTK 2015 Reveals TOBAW Awardees

One of the TBTK 2015 highlights is the conferment of The Outstanding Boholanos Around the World (TOBAW) award to eight outstanding Boholanos who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields, namely:

TOBAW awardees proudly show off their trophies

Dr. Maria Juliet Cañete-Ceniza for Agriculture
Prof. Leo Antonio Calceta Abaya for Arts- Film and Visual Arts
Luciano Telmo Pamaong Jr. for Arts-Fashion and Design
Dr. Jose Antonio Abueva for Education
NBI Director Atty. Virgilio Loquellano Mendez for Law
Dr. Nicanor Kamantigue Lopez for Medicine
PDir. Edgardo Casiguran Ingking for Military and Protective Services
and Archbishop Bernardito Cleopas Auza for Public Service

 City Mayor Baba Yap speaks before the guests & awardees 
 Gov. Edgar Chatto lauds the awardees
The prestigious TOBAW Awards is organized by the TBTK and the FCB in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Bohol, the Diocese of Tagbilaran, the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The Bohol Chronicle and Station DYRD.

Credits: Leah Marchil

Life Goes On After Miss Bohol 2015

Rigged. Cooking Show. Biased. I am sick of all the innuendos and conspiracy theories. To all the bitter gourds out there, why can’t you accept the fact that the judges have picked the winners based on a set criteria. Yes, the girls were all qualified to be Miss Bohol that’s why they were accepted as official candidates but there can only be one winner.

Do not base your conclusions on what you saw and heard during the final selection. For the final round, judging was based on final Q & A with equal weight given to charm, stage presence & the overall impression.

Just like last year, the judges had a chance to meet the girls prior to the pageant finals. For the second straight year, the girls had a meet & greet with the judges the morning of the pageant date. It was where the judges got to know the girls better. Scores were not given but first impressions were formed during this crucial pre- pageant activity.  

 Miss Bohol 2015 girls during Grand Sandugo Parade

As in any pageant, judging is subjective and based on personal taste & opinion. In other words, what may be beautiful for me may not be for another person. Conversely, what may be pretty for others may not be for me. This is the reason why a panel of judges who are not from Bohol get invited to handle the difficult job of choosing the winners. So can we not respect the decision of the judging panel?

Why would organizers be in cahoots with the judges? Do you really think our organizers can actually influence the judges or dictate the results? No way.

But I believe the bottomline is how we accept the results whether good or bad. The bashers & the bitter gourds cannot accept the fact that their bets did not make it. I’m sure they would have been singing a different tune had their bets made it. They would have been generous with their praises & compliments like “ The judges got it right.” “The right girl has been chosen” “Cheers to the organizrs for a job well done”

Let us move on and support the winners as they fulfill their roles as ambassadors of goodwill & become spokespersons for their chosen advocacy projects.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Masculados in Bohol Sandugo Festival 2015

With the blood compact between Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi and Bohol chieftain Datu Sikatuna as backdrop for the annual Bohol Sandugo Festival,  the country’s longest-running all-male sing-and-dance group named The Masculados are performing during the month-long celebration from July 19 to 26, 2015.

Masculados, the 13-year-old group of six hunks and among the main attractions of the historical event that occurs every July, is composed of Enrico Mofar, Robin Robel, Ozu Ong, Orlando Sol, Nico Cordova, and the latest Filipino-Austrian—David Karell. 
 L-R: Nico, David, Ozu, Orlando, Enrico & Robin 
Together, they popularized novelty songs, ‘Lagot Ka’, ‘Sana Mama’, and ‘Macho Papa’ in 2003. They had popular hit songs in 2004 via sensational ‘Jumbo Hotdog’.

In 2010, they released songs ‘Ganda, Ganda! Seksi, Seksi!’ and a tribute Christmas song for the late Bella Tan, the mother of ‘Masculados’ titled ‘La Bella Pascua’. In 2012, they also released hit songs: ‘Di Ko Mapigil’, ‘Hawakan Mo Na’, and the ‘Masculados Mashup’.

Manila-based film and television celebrities Ash Ortega, Divine Tetay, Janna Trias, teen idol Ruru Madrid and voted as FHM Philippines’ sexiest woman for 2006 and 2007 – Katrina Halili will provide additional star power.

  Relaxing by the Alona Tropical Beach Resort poolside

Aside from the July 22 TBTK Welcome Dinner Party, Bohol Cultural Center , the muscled men will be performing also o the following dates:

·         Friday, July 24 in Alicia, Direk Maryo J Delos Reyes’ hometown, as town fiesta highlight   
·         Saturday, July 25 at the Baclayon Cockpit Theater with special guests Katrina Halili and RuruMadrid, respectively.

Tickets will soon be on sale at Cockpit Theater in Baclayon. Reservations may be made at numbers +639159109015; +639166430848; +639173668906 and look for Gerry Lugod. You may also visit its official site and social media accounts – facebook, twitter, and Instagram - @themasculados.

 Jude Cartalaba, Publicist, Productions56

Jhan Leizth Lagumbay @ 18

What you see is what you get. More or less. Meet our lovely debutante who goes by the name of  Jhan Leizth Lagumbay. She actually turned 18 last July 14 but she is marking it with style and youthful exuberance on July 25 at the MetroCentre Hotel courtesy of Mama Leizl who has been based in Singapore since 2002.

 Of colors and charm
Leizth, as she is called by family & friends, is a sophomore BS Tourism student of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City. When asked why she chose the course, she replied” because Bohol is fast gaining a reputation as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Philippines and I want to be ready when tourism achieves its boom”

 lovely Leizth captivates the camera

The most interesting thing about the debutante is her passion for anything Korean especially K-pop and her hobby which is reading.

Event coordination & wardrobe styling by Budz & Bagz 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Q & A in the 2015 Miss Bohol Pageant

The interview portion almost always becomes the most- awaited segment in a pageant and can be a test for poise under stress and grace under pressure. Ask any candidate and she would agree. Can you imagine being asked personal questions & sometimes for intimate details about your life and you have to answer those questions in front of so many people?

 Miss Corella  # 8
Compounding the fear is the thought of answering the question in English which is not exactly our native language not to mention the sheer fright of speaking in public. Combine all those factors and you have a potential disaster bound to happen

 Miss Bilar  # 22

Sometimes, it's really a head scratcher when it comes to how the judges score the interviews. There are certain candidates with seemingly perfect English and yet score very low during the interviews. Conversely, there are candidates who bomb at the interviews and there are some who couldn't quite make heads nor tails about subject & verb agreement and yet they get great scores. 

A candidate has to have that combination of charm & candor and of course, a hint of that vulnerability to win over the judges & audiences alike

 Miss Loon # 14 
The Onstage Personality Interviews in Miss Bohol 2015 accounted for 30% of the preliminary scores in the race for the Top Ten spots in the final round. Questions were very casual and it was just a simple chit chat between the girls & Your Blogger. Judges looked for spontaneity & for direct & unrehearsed answers

Here are the video highlights of the Casual Interviews during Miss Bohol 2015 courtesy of  Nestor Daarol's DYRD 1161 AM radio program "Silab sa Udtong Tutok" every 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

For the complete videos, visit Nestor Daarol FB Page

Now, who do you think aced this crucial segment of the pageant?

Video Credits: Nestor Daarol

Part 3: Miss Bohol 2015 Evening Gowns

The Evening Gown Competition was the high point of the Miss Bohol 2015 Pageant with all 23 ladies garbed in stylish and elegant sartorial interpretations as created by Bohol & non- Boholano designers.   

Judging the Best in Evening Gown was based on class & elegance, fashion flair, poise & charm and the overall impression. 

The judges were reminded that the winner of the Best in Gown award should be chosen based on how well she carried the gown and not the other way around although the choice of gown can also make or break a candidate's chances in the pageant.

In fairness, this year’s gowns have generally improved. There were no fashion disasters but minutes before the pageant started, a candidate was in tenterhooks and her handlers were on the verge of a massive coronary after the girl’s Cebu- made gown was delivered at the last- minute. It was a rip- off according to those who saw the gown. Good thing there were angels among the staff who helped fix the gown.

 Aftermath: The girl’s height, elegant stance & pretty face couldn’t save the monstrosity that passed off for a gown. She may not have advanced to the final round but she did earn everyone’s respect for the way she handled the crisis with poise & composure

Here’s the third & final set of gowns from Miss Bohol 2015

 # 17 Miss Tubigon
 # 18 Miss Sierra- Bullones
 # 19 Miss Batuan
 # 20 Miss Talibon
 # 21 Miss Baclayon
# 22 Miss Bilar 
 # 23 Miss Bohol Island State University

Mutya sa Bohol 1986: Gemma Manding

 1986 Mutya sa Bohol Gemma Manding

 It was 1986 and the Yellow Fever had swept the entire Philippines. The unassuming widow of martyr Ninoy Aquino named Corazon “Cory” Cojuangco Aquino and who had just been installed as Philippine President had taken the country by storm. 

Never before had a private citizen captured the imagination of a country and this happened after the historic EDSA People Power Revolution ended peacefully with the Marcoses fleeing to Hawaii.

It was under this scenario that Gemma R. Manding won the Mutya sa Bohol 1986 crown. The year before, Gemma made it to the winners’circle in the Search for Tagbilaran’s Five Prettiest. Her co- winners in the 1985 search were Liza Laway, Leah Castano, Helena Monton & Josephine Manigque.

 Gemma with her parents & sister

Born to Teofilo Oppus Manding & Prudencia Ingking Reyes, Gemma was a BS Civil Engineering student at the University of San Carlos, Talamban Campus, Cebu. After her reign as Mutya sa Bohol, she fulfilled her dream of becoming a licensed engineer but the free- spirited & adventurous Emay took a different career path. 

She applied and got accepted as a Philippine Airlines flight attendant. She eventually got into the international flight assignment and presently, she is a PAL Flight Purser.

She married her long- time boyfriend Bebiano “Beben” Mutia Inting who is now in his last term as Tagbilaran City Councilor with whom she  has three kids, namely; Gabrielle Beatrice “Gaille”, Gianfranco Bien “Gian” & Genina Bianca “Gena”

  Your Blogger with Gemma

This year’s Miss Bohol candidates & organizers got a pleasant surprise when the still fabulous Gemma dropped by during their public speaking workshop to give them a pep talk on being a beauty queen & answer questions on being a flight attendant.

 with some of the 2015 Miss Bohol girls
Gemma was supposed to attend the Miss Bohol 2015 tribute for past winners but her 35th DWCT HS Reunion got in the way.
with  HS Class 1980 Berdeth, Gemma, Madelyn & Oua 
Hoping to see you next year Gemma! Long may you reign!

Miss Bohol 2015 4th Runner Up: Jaira Redulla

Every time Guindulman sends a candidate to the Miss Bohol Pageant, the town never disappoints. In fact, the town’s candidate is always awaited by pageant fans for they always send some of the most beautiful Boholanas. 

This year, the "Queen Town of the East" as Guindulman is known did not disappoint when topnotch beauty Ma. Jaira Pelegrino Redulla represented the town after winning the Miss Guindulman 2015 Pageant.
 Miss Bohol 2015 4th RU Jaira Redulla of Guindulman

With perfect symmetrical features, almond eyes, Angelina Jolie lips & the most beguiling smile ever, Ma. Jaira was pegged as one of the frontrunners.

She did everything right including the final Q & A. After the battle dust settled, she emerged 4th Runner Up or in fifth place from among 23 girls.

I expect more successes from this girl who is fast shaping up as one of Your Blogger’s favorite Boholana pageant queens.  Will Jaira rejoin Miss Silka Bohol in next year's  edition? She almost got the chance to represent the province in the national finals when she placed 1st RU in 2013
Jaira's Evening Gown Presentation
Jaira's Swimsuit Presentation
Jaira's  Casual Q & A
I believe she has what it takes to be the next Miss Silka girl. By the way, two Guindulman beauties Geraldine Topsnik and Alexa  Jandayan were declared 2015 Miss Silka Bohol and 3rd Runner Up respectively thus confirming the reputation of the town as home to some of Bohol's most beautiful women.

Cheers Jaira!

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