Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Part 3: Miss Bohol 2015 Evening Gowns

The Evening Gown Competition was the high point of the Miss Bohol 2015 Pageant with all 23 ladies garbed in stylish and elegant sartorial interpretations as created by Bohol & non- Boholano designers.   

Judging the Best in Evening Gown was based on class & elegance, fashion flair, poise & charm and the overall impression. 

The judges were reminded that the winner of the Best in Gown award should be chosen based on how well she carried the gown and not the other way around although the choice of gown can also make or break a candidate's chances in the pageant.

In fairness, this year’s gowns have generally improved. There were no fashion disasters but minutes before the pageant started, a candidate was in tenterhooks and her handlers were on the verge of a massive coronary after the girl’s Cebu- made gown was delivered at the last- minute. It was a rip- off according to those who saw the gown. Good thing there were angels among the staff who helped fix the gown.

 Aftermath: The girl’s height, elegant stance & pretty face couldn’t save the monstrosity that passed off for a gown. She may not have advanced to the final round but she did earn everyone’s respect for the way she handled the crisis with poise & composure

Here’s the third & final set of gowns from Miss Bohol 2015

 # 17 Miss Tubigon
 # 18 Miss Sierra- Bullones
 # 19 Miss Batuan
 # 20 Miss Talibon
 # 21 Miss Baclayon
# 22 Miss Bilar 
 # 23 Miss Bohol Island State University

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