Sunday, July 19, 2015

In Defense of Eda

It started as a hush. A random murmur until it began to rise to a deafening crescendo. It was the most blatant booing to ever hit the Miss Bohol Pageant.

It was not Eda Cimafranca’s fault that she was chosen by the esteemed panel of judges to reign as Miss Bohol 2015. The booing was an offshoot of the awarding of corporate awards & special titles where Eda scooped 10 of the awards a stake.
Miss Bohol or any pageant for that matter is not a charitable institution. Special awards are given because a girl deserves it. Corporate awards are given by sponsors to girls who they think best represent the ideals or image of their companies.

Don’t get me started on the issue of a cooking show. If there were any shenanigans, Miss Balilihan should have at least made the Top Ten considering that the project chair is from the same town but no it never happened because Miss Bohol is a showcase of fair play & integrity

We have taken pride on how we Boholanos put a premium on our respect for our women. Our women have always been envied because of our collective reverence for them. 

Last Saturday's crowning finale showed our ugly side when what was supposed to be good- natured rivalry and competition turned into a display of rude, disrespectful and uncivilized  manners unbecoming of a Boholano. 

How can we make up for our booing to an innocent 16 year old whose fault is to give her best to a city that is hungry for its Miss Bohol crown which has eluded its representatives for the last six years? 

Every  pageant would always have victors and also- rans (another term for those don't make it).  I wonder if the bashers & bitter gourds would be singing a different tune had their bets made it. 

Let us be happy for the winners. Eda may not be the prettiest nor the smartest but the stars were all aligned in her favor that night. Simply put, she was destined to win the crown.

Here are the video highlights of the 1st Set of Awards during Miss Bohol 2015 courtesy of  Nestor Daarol's DYRD 1161 AM radio program "Silab sa Udtong Tutok" every 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

L-R: 4th RU Guindulman, 3rd RU Jagna, Miss Bohol 2015, 1st RU Talibon 2nd RU Tubigon

Eda reacts after her name is called 
photo: Edsel Roseus Villas
When Eda Cimafranca gets to board her float this Sunday, let’s give her the applause that she so deserves otherwise this blogger would say:
Shame on us Boholanos for disrespecting & mocking our symbol of the quintessential Boholana

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