Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Q & A in the 2015 Miss Bohol Pageant

The interview portion almost always becomes the most- awaited segment in a pageant and can be a test for poise under stress and grace under pressure. Ask any candidate and she would agree. Can you imagine being asked personal questions & sometimes for intimate details about your life and you have to answer those questions in front of so many people?

 Miss Corella  # 8
Compounding the fear is the thought of answering the question in English which is not exactly our native language not to mention the sheer fright of speaking in public. Combine all those factors and you have a potential disaster bound to happen

 Miss Bilar  # 22

Sometimes, it's really a head scratcher when it comes to how the judges score the interviews. There are certain candidates with seemingly perfect English and yet score very low during the interviews. Conversely, there are candidates who bomb at the interviews and there are some who couldn't quite make heads nor tails about subject & verb agreement and yet they get great scores. 

A candidate has to have that combination of charm & candor and of course, a hint of that vulnerability to win over the judges & audiences alike

 Miss Loon # 14 
The Onstage Personality Interviews in Miss Bohol 2015 accounted for 30% of the preliminary scores in the race for the Top Ten spots in the final round. Questions were very casual and it was just a simple chit chat between the girls & Your Blogger. Judges looked for spontaneity & for direct & unrehearsed answers

Here are the video highlights of the Casual Interviews during Miss Bohol 2015 courtesy of  Nestor Daarol's DYRD 1161 AM radio program "Silab sa Udtong Tutok" every 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

For the complete videos, visit Nestor Daarol FB Page

Now, who do you think aced this crucial segment of the pageant?

Video Credits: Nestor Daarol

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