Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life Goes On After Miss Bohol 2015

Rigged. Cooking Show. Biased. I am sick of all the innuendos and conspiracy theories. To all the bitter gourds out there, why can’t you accept the fact that the judges have picked the winners based on a set criteria. Yes, the girls were all qualified to be Miss Bohol that’s why they were accepted as official candidates but there can only be one winner.

Do not base your conclusions on what you saw and heard during the final selection. For the final round, judging was based on final Q & A with equal weight given to charm, stage presence & the overall impression.

Just like last year, the judges had a chance to meet the girls prior to the pageant finals. For the second straight year, the girls had a meet & greet with the judges the morning of the pageant date. It was where the judges got to know the girls better. Scores were not given but first impressions were formed during this crucial pre- pageant activity.  

 Miss Bohol 2015 girls during Grand Sandugo Parade

As in any pageant, judging is subjective and based on personal taste & opinion. In other words, what may be beautiful for me may not be for another person. Conversely, what may be pretty for others may not be for me. This is the reason why a panel of judges who are not from Bohol get invited to handle the difficult job of choosing the winners. So can we not respect the decision of the judging panel?

Why would organizers be in cahoots with the judges? Do you really think our organizers can actually influence the judges or dictate the results? No way.

But I believe the bottomline is how we accept the results whether good or bad. The bashers & the bitter gourds cannot accept the fact that their bets did not make it. I’m sure they would have been singing a different tune had their bets made it. They would have been generous with their praises & compliments like “ The judges got it right.” “The right girl has been chosen” “Cheers to the organizrs for a job well done”

Let us move on and support the winners as they fulfill their roles as ambassadors of goodwill & become spokespersons for their chosen advocacy projects.

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