Friday, July 3, 2015

Bohol Sandugo Festival 2015 Schedule of Activities

July is the most anticipated month in Bohol! It is the time of the year when Boholanos celebrate the Sandugo Festival, which is celebrated with street dancing, parades, agri-trade fairs, nightly cultural shows, sports competitions and a beauty pageant. Sandugo derived its name from the combination of two Visayan words “usa” and “dugo” which means “one blood”. It commemorates the blood compact  Rajah Sikatuna and the Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legaspi in 1565. This was then known and was called the first International Treaty of Friendship.


1 July 2015- 49th Charter Day of Tagbilaran City
3 July 2015- UB Night at the Bohol Cultural Center
10 July 2015- Presentation of Miss Bohol 2015 Candidates
10 July 2015- BISU Night at the CPG Sports Complex
11 July 2015- HNU Night at the CPG Sports Complex
12 July 2015- Miss Bohol 2015: Talent Night at the Bohol Cultural Center

 Miss Bohol 2015 girls whoop it up!

13 July 2015- Miss Bohol 2015: Gala Night: Mikee Andrei at Bellevue Resort, Panglao
13-17 July 2015- Sandugo Agri Fair at Plaza Rizal
17 July 2015- Bohol and City DepEd Night at CPG Sports Complex
18 July 2015- Mr. Sandugo Muscle Showdown at ICM
18 July 2015- Miss Bohol 2015 Coronation Night at Bohol Wisdom Gymnasium
19 July 2015- Whitetanktopsparty by Dream Big Productions at CPG Sports Complex
20 July 2015- BNHS-DCPNHS 110th Anniversary Celebration
21 July 2015- AGC Night: Sandugo Festival King 2015 at Bohol Cultural Center
22 July 2015- Bohol Foundation Day Commemorative Program
22 July 2015- TBTK Welcome Night: A Red Carpet Affair
22-26 July 2015- International Fusion Night at Plaza Rizal
22-27 July 2015- Trade Expo DTI at The Block of ICM
23 July 2015- BIT-IC Night at the CPG Sports Complex
24 July 2015- Mrs. International 2015 and Little Mr and Miss TBTK 2015
25 July 2015- Bohol Pop Music Festival
26 July 2015- Sandugo Street Dancing Competition at CPG Sports Complex

27 July 2015- TOBAW Night at the Bohol Tropics Resort

27 July 2015- El Gama Penumbra at Bohol Wisdom Gymnasium

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