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Linaw Beach Resort: One of Bohol's Best- Kept Secrets

Linaw Beach Resort, a relatively new chi chi resort located in Daorong, Danao, Panglao Island, Bohol is one of the best- kept secrets of the island paradise. Linaw, a Bisayan word is an adjective that literally means peaceful, serene, tranquil. 

As a Bisayan noun, Linaw becomes Kalinawan which in English of course refers to peace, serenity and tranquility

It is ensconced amidst a verdant landscape that opens up to a private white beach

It boasts of a fine dining restaurant that serves an array of international cuisine

The accommodations are impeccable and affordably- priced

The staff are amiable, accommodating  & attentive without being obtrusive 

Next time you hie off to Bohol to get away from it all, Linaw Beach Resort is the place to be. 

Truly, an oasis of peace and relaxation

Here's the link to Linaw Beach Resort:

1991 Miss Cagayan de Oro: Cecille Auxtero

Girl from Ipanema: Tall and tan and young and lovely
Back in 1991,a Boholana made history in beauty pageantry in Cagayan de Oro City, the Gateway to Northern Mindanao, when she was crowned the fairest lady of the capital city of Misamis Oriental.

With no connections and relying only on her winsome charm, vavavoom figure, wit and personality, she defied all odds and won the crown.

Of course with her pageant experience, it was an easy breeze already for her. 

Two years earlier, she was Miss Nursing and placed 1st RU in the 1989 Miss DWCT Pageant. Later that year as Miss Talibon, she placed 1st RU to Winnie Moreno Lim in the 1989 Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands Beauty Pageant

International socialite and lawmaker Tingting Cojuangco chaired that year's Panel of Judges

Who is this young lady?

She is the former Cecilia "Cecille" Auxtero now Mrs. Jonathan Requierme

 during 1991 Miss Cagayan de Oro  City Press Presentation
 with fellow candidates
Best in Swimsuit  

Tingting Cojuangco crowns our very own Cecille 
 Miss Cagayan dwe Oro & her Court of Honor
Here's a recollection of Cecille's 1991 Miss Cagayan de Oro Pageant triumph through an interview she granted me:

How many girls joined the pageant?  
There were 20 candidates. Most of them were students from Ateneo de Cagayan and were prettier and taller than me. 
Did you expect to win?  
I never expected to win but I was very confident. I expected the worst but I also hoped for the best. I left everything to God already
What made you win the crown?
I think I entered the pageant at the right time. It's all about timing and destiny. I guess my morena beauty made me stand out from the mestizas who joined the pageant and I did okay also in the Interview Portion. Most importantly, I was just being myself and just enjoyed the whole experience
You're from Bohol. How did you qualify for the pageant? 
I was qualified because I was born in CDO and prior to the contest, I had stayed there for more than six months so when I was invited to join, I had met the minimum requirements to be a candidate. 
Anything to say about your Miss Cagayan de Oro Pageant experience?
I have nothing but good memories. I made friends with almost all of the girls. Cagayan de Oro City is indeed the City of Golden Friendship"

Did you know that Cecille has very good- looking kids with hubby Jonathan Requierme? 

Her daughter Crizelle Jade is a certified beauty and her son JC is also a campus heartthrob

 during Crizelle's very recent 18th birthday
during Miss Bohol International 2012 where Crizelle was a runner up
that's daughter Cassandra who is a budding beauty as well
 Back when we were in college, she as a BS Nursing student and me as an English major, Cecille was one of the certified campus head turners who was very simple in her ways and manners

Thank You Cecille for bringing pride and honor to Bohol!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My FM Radio Deejay Memories

the iconic pic  that lured me into becoming a radio deejay
There is something magical about radio broadcasting. I first fell in love with radio when the eldest in our family Marcel Gatal now Mrs. Tony Diego became Lady Love of KISS 102.3 FM.

I remember how I used to chaperon her especially during her evening shifts at the radio station during those halcyon days of the early 80's.

Going radio gaga was the rage then in sleepy Tagbilaran at a time when RPN 9 was the only television channel that the entire city watched. Lovelorn teeners loved to tune in to radio to listen to the Top 40 songs, to make requests and to greet their friends and crushes on air.


I was a transferee at the University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR, Cebu City) where I took up Mass Communications degree when my professor in Intro to Mass Communications, the late  Jess Vestil, the prominent broadcast and print journalist in Cebu, encouraged me to audition for a radio disc jockey's job in 93.1 Smash FM.

Of course, my initial reaction was "Oh not not me, I don't think I'm cut out to be a deejay" But Sir Jess Vestil persisted and God bless him for singling me out along with a few others to audition. I still remember how jittery I was that time. We were told to go inside the deejay's booth (one at a time of course) and what I can recall was being asked a few standard questions about myself and introduce a song.
After what seemed like eternity, two of us were asked to stay behind. Archie Modequillo, then the station manager informed us that we had been chosen and we were to start our training the following week.

Offhand, we were told that we were chosen on the basis of potential and not on performance (Ouch!) Sir Archie furthered that if the basis for choosing the disc jockey trainees was performance, then everybody would have failed the muster. That statement made perfect sense and really had a great impact on me so much so that it had always been my guide when holding auditions

Uncle Reynald Gatal then the station manager of DYXT AM gave me a chance to spin records and be a deejay that summer in 1990.Of course being the stickler for rules and regulations, Uncle Rey had to let me take the accreditation exam for broadcasters from KBP (Kapisananan ng Mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas) which I took and passed.

How I loved playing all those songs and greeting my friends on air. It was like living my childhood dream but of course I wasn't really that into the whole deejay thing.

After a few months, I made the transfer to KISS 102.3 FM. Who would have known that 19 years later, I would be co- hosting the legendary radio station's Golden Anniversary Show?


After making a side trip to Iloilo City from a Boracay jaunt, I made a decision to audition at Ramon Jacinto's RJ 98.3 FM radio station. That decision was a turning point for me. I got the job, stayed in Iloilo City for a year and fell in love with the beauty and charm of the place

From radio disc jockey, I was promoted to Production Head whose job was to conceptualize and produce the station's radio commercials and stingers and related stuff.

On weekends, I spun records at the turn tables of The Base Disco of Sarabia Manor Hotel and that was broadcast live on the air

That Iloilo episode of my life would always be treasured! I so miss the quaint Ilonggo accent and La Paz batchoy too!

who would have thought that I would 
end up as a Mass Comm teacher ?
More of this on next blog    

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Bb Pilipinas Top Bet Resigns

Ma. Theresa Fenger, a Fil- Canadian and one of the frontrunners for the Miss Universe Philippines crown has earned the notoriety of being the first to be disqualified from this year's Bb. Pilipinas Pageant The Golden Edition. 

Actually, she didn't wait for her walking papers as she voluntarily withdrew from the competition and to avoid the prying press

It all stemmed from her FHM pictorials when she was still known by her monicker Lana Roi of the singing group Eurasia

What a pity considering that she has participated in all the major pre- pageant activities like the Talent Competition, The Press Presentation and had rehearsed for the April 14 Grand Coronation Night

Theresa, you would always be a winner for me!

What is your opinion on this very revealing 2013 Bb Pilipinas swimsuit? 
Notice the shaved pubes?

My take on this? Why be squeamish about those FHM swimwear which are actually more conservative than those worn by the candidates? 

In addition, what is more disturbing and more exploitative? 

Being in a men's magazine and executing artistic poses OR being paraded in broad daylight by BPCI around Araneta Center and subjected to leers from lecherous bystanders during its Parade of Beauties wearing nothing except heavy make up and swimsuits?

I hope the mastermind and/ or instigator of this hatchet job against Ms. Fenger is happy now. 

But the question is " Can you sleep well knowing how you just killed a girl's dream?"

Remember, Karma is a Bitch!
2009 Mr & Ms Century Tuna SuperBods winners
Theresa Fenger was Ms Century Tuna SuperBods 2009
So how did this disqualification brouhaha started?

Of course, the usual demolition job from other pageant camps who must have been threatened by the beauty and allure of Ms. Fenger

A few days earlier, major pageant websites received this anonymous poison letter that was disguised as a letter of concern. 
So how did this disqualification brouhaha started?

Of course, the usual demolition job from other pageant camps who must have been threatened by the beauty and allure of Ms. Fenger

Please read on and be the judge: 
Teresa Fenger a.k.a Lana Roi is one of the few showbiz personalities accepted as an official candidate in the pageant's golden celebration.  
Though her chances of placing in the top 5 may not be not as strong as that of Seifert's, her name can also be found in some hotpicks.  
Unbeknownst to the public, she had also graced the pages of FHM, posing with the other members of the girl group Eurasia and a solo picture.  
FHM is the same magazine that published the sexy pictures of Seifert 3 years back. 
However, photos showing a scantily clad Fenger are not just the ones in the archives of FHM because there are also some pictures of her in very provocative poses.  
Does the organization (BPCI) already know the existence of these photos? 
Shouldn't a decision be made the earliest possible time since the pageant is just a few days away?
Eurasia with Theresa Fenger in the center


This painful episode brings back the case of Sandra Seifert who was disqualified the day before the 2009 Bb. Pilipinas Coronation Night due to her sexy pictorial for FHM.

Though she was a frontrunner for the Miss Universe Philippines title, her journey towards the crown abruptly ended when BPCI disqualified her because they found the photographs to be malicious and provocative. 

This is but one of the several decisions made by BPCI that stirred debate among pageant fans. 

Seifert vindicated herself when she jumped over the fence and straight into the Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Pageant which she won handily and eventually placed second in the Miss Earth Pageant.

Sandra Seifert in the FHM October 2007 edition
Below is the morality clause found in the Bb. Pilipinas Application Form.

This is subject to your interpretation:


2. I further certify that: 

e. I have never participated in any bold/burlesque shows, plays, movies, publications or activities, or such show, play, movie, publication or activity, which, in the sole opinion and discretion of BPCI, is inconsistent with my application with the 2013 Pageant, run counter against the social and moral principles upon which the Pageant is founded upon, and/or bring disrepute or embarrassment to BPCI or any of its sponsors;

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bohol's Jazz Duo: Gigi & Jun

Geraldine, the lead vocalist of Jazz Duo is an alluring chanteuse, a talented warbler and an explosive dynamite whose amazing vocal range and strong stage presence have been her trademark since she started in the live entertainment scene. 

Making up the other half of the celebrated duo is talented Jun whose proven virtuosity with the guitar and wizardry with the keyboard has brought him overseas including stints in cruise liners and first rate music lounges in five star hotels and resorts 

JAMMIN: L-R: Chrismael Caldo, Your Blogger, Geraldine & Jun during Mae & Bryan Bastes' Wedding 
Together, Geraldine and Jun never fail to dish out memorable performances that captivate and enthrall even the most discriminating audiences. 

They cater to almost all musical genres from Standards to Jazz, from Mainstream to Bossa Nova, from Reggae to RnB and to dance hits from the 70’s Disco Era and the 80’s 

The pair formed Jazz Duo early 2010 and had regular performing gigs at Cebu’s Plantation Bay Resort and in premier resorts in Bohol including the Bohol Beach Club 

at the Amore Visa Card Launching at Ayala Terraces, Cebu City
When asked for their most memorable gig since they started their partnership three years ago, they proudly narrated to us how during the Amore Visa Launching of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) last November 15, 2012 at Ayala Terraces, Cebu City and the Awarding & Recognition Program of Philippine National Bank Life where they were invited to provide the musical entertainment, they brought the house down and they were surprised and of course, absolutely thrilled with the appreciative guests’ clamor for an encore. 

The first time I saw them perform at a big wedding reception at one of the fabulous resorts here in Bohol, I was simply blown away especially with Geraldine’s unique interpretation of Astrud Gilberto’s pure unadulterated bossa nova classics. 

Jun’s passionate and magical guitar performance and rock star vocals sealed the deal for me. 

I have become a huge fan since then 

Presently, Jazz Duo is one of the most sought after in the live entertainment scene in Bohol especially during weddings, debuts, reunions and even in corporate affairs where their inimitable style and showmanship never fail to entertain. 

When asked what makes them click, both Geraldine and Jun chorused 
”You can never go wrong with a strong sense of professionalism, hard work, and excellent customer satisfaction” 
Cheers then to Jazz Duo as it continues to weave musical magic and rhythmic artistry

For Bookings, please contact them at 09274883658/09103342737


Did you know that during her younger days, Geraldine Bojo also known as Gigi was once a candidate for the most coveted beauty title in Bohol?

Yes folks, Gigi competed in the 1996 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant

She represented the Municipality of Bilar in the most prestigious beauty competition of the province where she emerged runner up to Lianne Reyes Canoy of Maribojoc.

Two days before the Coronation Night, a separate event was held for the Talent Competition. Her dazzling vocal stylings, stage presence and showmanship made her the unanimous choice for Miss Talent

That's me in the left photo as the pageant emcee with Geraldine Bojo- Obina, Miss Bohol Sandugo 1996 Runner Up and Miss Talent. The photo on the right was shot December 2012 or a difference of 16 years

Our 17 year old friendship started during the 1996 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant considered as the most controversial edition of the pageant but then, that is another story

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