Monday, March 25, 2013

2011 Miss Batuan: Parade of Festival Costumes

The spectacular pageantry of dazzling & eye- catching colors during the Parade of Festival Costumes that opened the highly anticipated 2011 Miss Batuan Pageant

That's me hosting the pageant for the second time and flanking me are stunning Bea Uy and gorgeous fashionista Yes Tirol Dumagan both from Batuan and who came home just to be part of the event that served as town fiesta highlight


My first involvement with the Miss Batuan Pageant was back in 2008 when I was invited to emcee the pageant. Three years later, I got another call from the municipality this time from the Project Chair herself, Marietta Adlaon Quesada of the Batauan, Bohol LGU who requested for my assistance as Project Consultant and Pageant Emcee for the 2011 Miss Batuan Search, I couldn't say no. 

After all, Mommy Mayette, as we fondly called her during our student days is the go- getter type who wouldn't take NO for an answer. Besides, the refreshing and cool clime of the town up in Central Bohol would be a welcome change from the frenetic pace of Tagbilaran City

Endless crisscrossing from Tagbilaran to Batuan and back resulted in a grand and spectacular pageant night that drew mixed reactions from those who witnessed the pageant. Well, partly because so much was at stake in the pageant

The participating barangays and schools that placed in the Top Three were to be given cash incentives to finance or jumpstart any livelihood project or advocacies espoused

Kudos to the very credible set of judges that was never swayed by the very partisan crowd that rooted for the girls. 

In the end, the crown went to the girl who was deemed to have the complete package; beauty, bundles of charm & confidence plus the requisite interview skills. Anyway, that's getting ahead of the story


The pageant opened with the spectacular Parade of Festival Costumes. It was a riot of colors and a cacophony of live musical instrumentation which further heightened the frenzied and excited atmosphere inside the jampacked venue


1st Set of Special Awards:

Darling of the Crowd      # 15 Ms Rizal High School 
Miss Talent                     # 10 Ms Quezon
Miss Talent 2nd Place      # 14 Ms Cantigdas
Miss Talent 3rd Place      #   9  Ms Poblacion Sur
Best in Festival Costume # 10 Ms Quezon

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Photo Credits: 

Jojit Lanas  

Glenboi Photography

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