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2010 Miss Bohol Sandugo: Amir Paraguya Sol

The MISS BOHOL SANDUGO which started in 1990 is the most prestigious beauty pageant in the Province of Bohol. Representatives from the city, municipalities and institutions vie for the most coveted crown every July during the Sandugo Festival. 

The 2010 edition of the pageant was held at the air- conditioned Bohol Cultural Center on July 16 as one of the highlights of the annual Bohol Sandugo Festival. 

Miss Bohol Sandugo 2010 Candidates

AMIR SOL (Miss Tubigon) CHARMAIN GOSIACO (Miss Duero) FELIZE MARIA CARVAJAL (Miss SK Federation) FER MARY BALIQUIG (Miss Tagbilaran City) JANICE PARILLA (Miss Lifemax International) JANNAH AMPOG (Miss City Square) JESSETH BLESS SANCHEZ (Miss Dimiao) JUNILYN JARINA (Miss Balilihan) JYNE ELSILLE URSOS, Miss Bohol Island State University (BISU) MARY GIGI GALACIO (Miss Garcia-Hernandez) MARY ROSE GIO (Miss Oops Bar) MYRA ROSE ACA-AC (Miss Loay Co-op) RITCHIE PROSPERO (Miss Cortes) STELLA MARRIS PACA√ĎA (Miss Baclayon)


2010 Miss Philippines Earth Kris Psyche Resus
Members of the Panel ofJudges included 2010 Miss Philippines- Air Renee McHugh, 2010 Miss Bikini Philippines International Princess Angela Abella, 2010 Miss Philippines- Earth Kris Psyche Resus, Aldrin Avergonzado of Globe TeleCom and GMA 7 Cebu Station Manager Ann Marie Tan 


The pageant took on a festive air partly because Tubigon was represented and the municipality is reputed to take pageantry seriously and had the all- out support of the municipality’s First Lady Eden Jao who had the backing of the town mayor Hon. William Jao.

The venue was filled to the rafters with Tubignon supporters as well as the delegations from all over Bohol who were there to support their respective candidates 


Yours truly hosted the pageant together with the very eloquent & classy Rhiz Arenas 2004 Miss Bohol Sandugo titlist. On a side note, Rhiz and I were given our last minute blockings and briefed on the program flow even as pageant aficionados started to fill up the venue. 

You see, it was only that morning when some kinks were finally ironed out that I said YES to host the pageant. 

That year’s pageant was to be the 20th year since I emceed the first Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant. 


Amidst rapturous cheers and catcalls, the 2010 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant opened with the 14 candidates parading in their identical purple wraparound. 

This was followed by their opening dance number and the individual introduction of candidates

The Opening Number


Miss Tubigon
Miss Tagbilaran City

Miss Bohol Island State University

The First Set of Special Awards came next. Miss Tubigon was named Best in Production Number and revealed as the winner of the Talent Competition held earlier that week

Aldea Photo gave out the following awards:

Aldea Smile to Miss BISU
Aldea Image Model to Miss Oops Bar
Aldea Photogenic to Miss G- Hernandez

Miss Balilihan was voted by fellow candidates as Miss Friendship

L-R: Miss BISU, Miss Tubigon, Miss G- Hernandez, Miss Oops Bar & Miss Balilihan
Gigi Galacio of G- Hernandez truly deserved the Miss Photogenic title

Miss Tubigon is all smiles after getting the first two special awards
The towering 5' 9" stunner Miss SK Bohol Federated is Best in Swimsuit 


Before the Personal Interviews commenced, the audience and the judges were reminded that scoring will be based on the sincerity and spontaneity of the girls' responses to the questions. Answering in the vernacular was also encouraged but none of the girls dared speak in Bisaya.

It was during the Interviews that Miss Tubigon was in her best element. She was very calm, spontaneous and witty. Just like Gloria Diaz whom she mentioned during the interviews as the beauty queen she looks up to, Miss Tubigon outshone the taller and prettier girls because of her incredible stage presence, confidence and great personality projection. 


The Evening Gown Competition opened with the catchy and bouncy tune Nothing on You from B.O.B. featuring Bruno Mars. Class & Elegance, Poise, Fashion Flair & Overall Impression were used as the criteria for the segment

Miss Bohol Island State University
Miss SK Federated
Miss Loay
Miss Garcia- Heranandez
Miss Tubigon
Miss Tagbilaran City
Miss Baclayon
Miss City Square
Miss Balilihan
Miss Duero
Miss Oops Bar
Miss Lifemax International


The field was then narrowed down to seven. And they are (L-R):

Miss Tagbilaran City, Miss Tubigon, Miss Oops Bar, Miss BISU, Miss Duero, Miss SK Federated Bohol, Miss Lifemax International


After another round of interviews, the semi-finalists were further whittled down to only three girls


The three finalists had to hurdle one final question before the judges will make their final decision

The common question was 

"As a Boholana, what would you consider as your most memorable experience in Bohol? Why?" 

Miss Tubigon's answer"

"I was actually born in Manila, but my mother is a Boholana and we decided to migrate in Bohol when I was in fourth grade
I fell in love with this beautiful island, blessed by nature and blessed by God. It was in 2009 when I won the title Anyag sa Tubigon, and it had the theme "environmental awareness". 
It was my most memorable experience here in Bohol. It's not about the title, it's not about the crown and it's not about the prize that made the experience most memorable. It's the friendship and the knowledge I gained. 
It made me embrace great responsibilities as a beauty queen and an environmentally aware individual, in helping the community become a safer and a cleaner place to live, so that the children of tomorrow will not suffer from the failures that we commit today". 

outgoing queen, Miss Bohol 2009 Daisy Quilicot of Tagbilaran City
Named 2nd RU was Miss SK Bohol Federated
AND THEN THERE WERE TWO. Miss Tagbilaran & Miss Tubigon
Seconds before the moment of truth
Miss Tubigon reacts after Miss Tagbilaran was declared 1st RU

From L- R: Miss Tagbilaran City Fer Mary Baliquig, 18 years,1st RU, Miss Tubigon Amir Paraguya Sol, 22 years, 2010 Miss Bohol Sandugo, Miss SK Bohol Federated Felize Carvajal, 19 years, 
2nd RU and Daisy Jean Quilicot, 22, 2009 Miss Bohol Sandugo 


Miss Tubigon was crowned the 2010 Miss Bohol Sandugo. She was the complete package who was able to defy the odds, took on the pressure and delivered when it mattered the most

It was a well- deserved victory for Miss Tubigon and it was a cause of celebration for it was a historic first Miss Bohol Sandugo title for the town

Surely, all the efforts of the Anyag sa Tubigon Pageant Execom paid off. 

Of course, with a very supportive LGU and a generous private sector that is the envy of most towns in Bohol, there is no reason why Tubigon won't clinch the first of a series of convincing wins in the most prestigious beauty competition in the province

L-R: Tagbilaran First Lady Sharleen Lim, Ms Sol, Tubigon's First Lady Eden Jao & Mayor Willliam Jao

TRIUMPHANT HOMECOMING: Amir went home to an adoring town

Classy & Confident Amir during her 2011 Miss Bohol Sandugo Farewell Walk 

Photo Credits:
Benedict Ong

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