Monday, March 4, 2013

Parc Cruz Photography Workshop in Bohol

ATTENTION: Photography Enthusiasts, Creative & Graphic Artists:

PORTRAITS: A Workshop on Photography/ Ambient Lighting/.Post Processing is scheduled on May18 & 19, 2013 in the beautiful island of Bohol, Philippines!

Here are the workshop details:

This workshop is designed for all levels of Photoshop users to let you explore and discover the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop® for your personal use. 

You will learn about Photoshop Layers, Objects, Text, Gradients, Adjustment Layers and more. This workshop also covers some advance features of Photoshop.

You will learn to use Levels & Curves to correct color & tonal range, create Layer Masks, Brush & Textures.

The workshop outline consists of the ff:

- Finding the right light for your subject (Natural/Available/Ambient light shooting)
- Basic/Advance Photoshop tools
- Color in Photoshop, Manipulating Images
- Portrait Introduction, Post Processing (conservative & advance manipulation)
- Landscape Introduction, Post Processing
- Digital Art, Advanced Imaging
- Open session about photoshop.

The whole session is estimated to be 8 hours long (one whole day). Workshop organizers described the sessions as designed to be flexible and informal. Facilitators may tackle other things the participants would like to learn that is not in the course outline provided that they are familiar and well- versed with the topic


Parc Cruz is a 35 year old digital photographer from the Philippines who began charting his own identity in the world of Photography. 

With his own training and style, he opted to learn the craft credited by his passion and love for the arts and the movies.

Experiment and exploration are the flair of his development which a lot of his photos are the core to this which become identifiable and familiar to people.

Stunning visuals and technical polish are trademarks to the Parc Cruz photos


Parc Cruz is the first Filipino Photographer featured in "Nikon: Through Asian Eyes" project, an online showcase of photos captured by Nikon photographers in Asia.

Workshop Facilitator: Photography and Post Processing
Hundred and One Events
2008 to Present

* One-on-One Workshops
* Philippine-wide Workshops
* Asia & International Workshops

My Faves from Parc Cruz

Published (Printed Publication)

* Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine July 2006 (photo only)
* Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine Featured Photographer November 2006
* Illustrado Magazine (Dubai) Featured Photographer January 2007
* I-Mag Magazine September 2007 – Featured Photographer and Contributor (Article and Workflow)
* Picture Perfect , Manila Bulletin – Featured Photographer November 2007

Published (Online Magazine or Publication)

* File Magazine August 2006 & September 2006
* Bending Light Magazine November 2006
* World Pulse Asia Magazine December 2006
* Inquirer.Net January 2007


* Beyond Frames Group Exhibit at OWG December 2006
* Pinoy Photography Organization Group Exhibit February 2007
* The Gifts: An Exhibit for A Cause (Group) March 2008
* The Gifts: An Exhibit for A Cause (Solo) May 2008

Featured in the Blogsphere and Internet Community:

* Photographer in The World through My Eyes, an online international Photography community
* Featured photo “Father and Son” in Photocamel’s Photo of the Week. PhotoCamel is an international Photography Community
* Blogged in KrisKros
* Chosen Photo of the Month for ClubEOS, a Canon Philippines User Club
* Featured Photo on Blork's Photo of The Week “Dipping”
* Featured article and photo on Getzmo Online "The Crossing"
* Featured Photo twice on "Girl with Fishnet" & "Smoke"
* Featured Photo on Photoblogs.Org "Dipping"
* Featured photo twice on Modern Fabuolosity Gallery's Online Best in Show Contest
* Featured photo on Comunidad Tulay, a website on Filipino Adoptions By Spanish Nationals
* Featured in numerous Flickr Photo Groups and its extended blog networks.


* 4th Place FPPF "Hot Air Balloon" Photo Contest February 2007
* Semi-Finalist, National Geographic Contest Nov 2006
* Editor’s Choice - Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2007 – Portrait, Landscape & Fine Arts
* Semi Finalist FPPF Cityscapes Photo Contest May 2007
* 1st Place - FPPF Inter Camera Club Competition July 2009
* 1st Place - Vanishing Point Photo Theme Contest April 2009

Photo Clubs

* Officer – Pinoy Photography Organization 2007
* Member - Framed Shots Camera Club of the Philippines 2009
* Rookie of the Year 2009 - Framed Shots Camera Club of the Philippines
* 4th Place: Photographer of the Year 2009 - Framed Shots Camera Club of the Philippines

Commissioned Work (Non-Stock, by contract and exclusive)
Photographer, selected Special Events (Private and Corporate)
Photographer, selected Printed Marketing Materials (Private and Corporate) some of which include:
* Mocha Blends (Australian Coffee Shop Local Franchise) Menu and Posters September 2006
* Documentation of celebrity homes for Architects/Contractor portfolio
* Globe Telecoms Posters & Flyers October 2006
* ABS-CBN (TV) Posters & Printed Marketing Materials – Lastikman
* Sea-Air In Flight Magazine 2008
* Globe Telecoms Print-Ads July 2009
* Consumer retail apparels 2009, 2010
* Various Nikon Projects 2010, 2011

Personal interests include photography, cinematography, digital art, conceptual photography, travel photography, documentaries:

Contact Info

See You All in Bohol This Summer! 

For More Info and for Details, contact Mr. Dennis Saco, the Bohol based- events partner of Parc Cruz at this # 09156701780 or you mail email this blogger

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