Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dennis Saco of C.I.O. Photography

A Ukrainian couple traveled all the way to Bohol
for a photo shoot with Dennis Saco
Meet one of the fastest rising stars in creative photography

Dennis Saco is currently one of the hottest names not only in Bohol but also in neighboring provinces.

Lest he be accused of braggadoccio and owning a bloated ego, Dennis is actually the type of person who shrugs off the accolades heaped on him.

For Dennis, 

"Success in the field of photography is all about dedication and commitment to one's craft and the eagerness to constantly hone and polish one's skills in order to keep up with the latest trends and of course, knowing what professionalism and client satisfaction is all about"

Dennis is kept busy with offers which he keeps at a minimum per month for he doesn't want to compromise the quality of his body of work

With so many couples heading down the altar, there has been an upsurge in the demand for quality and professional shots

Bohol has lately been the destination of choice for so many couples not only for their weddings but also for their pre- nuptial photo sessions because of its breathtaking and scenic spots that are perfect as backdrop for their photo  and video shoots.

"I always try to establish a rapport with my clients so I would get to know them better and also for them to trust me and for them to get comfortable doing the shoot.

I also encourage them to discuss freely and openly with me what they want. From our initial exchanges via e-mail and phone calls to our meetings, we then conceptualize the theme of the shoot"

With regards the stunning backdrops and breathtaking shots, he humbly said " I think I have this uncanny ability to pick out the locations right here in our very own Bohol". "It also helps if the weather cooperates" he quipped.

Here are some of Mr. Saco's pictures which I picked at random from his FaceBook account

 Capturing moments forever

For more of Dennis Saco's Wedding Photos, here's the link: 

Wedding Photo Gallery                                    

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