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Why Panglao, Bohol’s Eco Video for Miss Philippines Earth 2017 is Trending

One of the unique features of the Miss Philippines Earth Pageant is the submission of an eco video, a four to five minute video that features the candidate’s environmental advocacy and highlight’s the city or town that the candidates are representing.

The videos which are required from each candidate are then uploaded on the pageant’s website and YouTube Channel and this gives pageant fans the chance to know the girls and their respective places a little better.
 Catherine during her video’s Alona Beach segment


The eco video of Panglao, Bohol’s very own Catherine Tabaniag (see related story) has been getting a lot of notices and has been praised not only for the well- conceptualized storyline and footage of her town’s breathtaking scenic spots but also for its thought- provoking insights on how environmental preservation is still possible even in the midst of progress and development. Panglao, which is known as Bohol’s tourism crowning jewel, boasts of powdery white sandy beaches, five- star resorts and great dive spots.

 at the Morning Hills in Loay, Bohol
 behind the scenes at Bilar Man-made Forest, Bilar, Bohol
The video also showcased Ms. Tabaniag’s excellent communication skills which are very important attributes for a Miss Philippines Earth titleholder for she will be a spokesperson for Mother Earth.
with mentor Deo Guden and Capt. Vic Blanes
 aerial view of Balicasag Island off Panglao Island
Mr. Deo Guden who oversaw the conceptualization and production of the video explained that they didn’t want a touristy or superficial type of video but one that would send a message of vigilance & cooperation. Catherine’s environmental advocacy and how she is working hand-in- hand with the Panglao LGU are well- documented  in the video.

 with Balicasag Island kids for her advocacy

Mr. Guden also took time to thank the team behind the production and also to extend his gratitude to Panglao Mayor Nila Montero & family and the entire LGU of Panglao and its people. 

with the motherly Panglao Mayor Nila Montero  
with Panglao Mayor Montero & V Mayor Fuertes & LGU officials 
 the team behind the video production


Here’s the Eco Video of Panglao, Bohol for Miss Philippines Earth 2017. Please watch and share to help our candidate win the Best Eco Video Award which will be given during pageant night on July 15, 2017.

Catherine's talked- about MPE 2017 Eco Video


PRODUCER                        : MyMadamme Productions
SCRIPT & CONCEPT        : Mr. Deo Guden
STILLS & MOTION          : Rhapsody Concepts by Chester Impang
PHOTOGRAPHY               : TJ Medrana Photography
SPECIAL THANKS            : Panglao Mayor Nila Montero
                                               Montero Family
                                               Alona Tropical Beach Resort, Panglao, Bohol

Sunday, June 4, 2017

It is Miss Bohol Season Once Again!

Twenty lovelies from all over Bohol were among the early registrants who showed up for the Miss Bohol 2017   Candidates’ Orientation & Briefing held at the Governor’s Mansion a couple of days ago. 

After seeing the girls up close, Your Roving Eye agrees with pageant watchers that this is indeed one of the most competitive batches ever.

 Charmers from Anda, Maribojoc & Guindulman
 Bets from Loay, Calape, Loon, Tubigon, Jagna, Tagbilaran & Bilar

 From Guindulman, Maribojoc, Anda, Ubay & Trinidad

 HEIGHT IS MIGHT: Standing at 5’ 7” and above are
Jagna, Tubigon, Loon & Calape

Among the perceived frontrunners are from the neighboring municipalities of Loon, Calape and Tubigon. Tagbilaran’s bet has one of the most beautiful faces along with Miss Anda & Miss Loay. With bated breath, we await the press presentation and swimsuit parade to find out which girls just might make the final cut.
 Stunning beauties from Loon & Tagbilaran City

 Miss Baclayon & Miss Bilar 
 Miss Jagna & Miss Ubay are
among the girls to watch out for

The Provincial Government of Bohol which took over the staging of the pageant this year gave the candidates and their handlers an overview of the pageant, rules governing the pageant and gave the girls the opportunity to introduce themselves and deftly answered the questions asked during the forum that immediately followed. 

 Jo Cabarrus & Ana Loinda Saluan of the organizing committee
 With Alexis Cadelina & Deo Guden
   Ubay Tourism Officer Antonette Acedo, Larry Evangelista
& Alexis Cadelina

 With high- profile ladies Marivi Goilosino, Elena Uy & Rinelyn Omac 
 Iansep Suaybaguio, Vilma Yorong & EJ Relampagos
 Larry Evangelista & Red Cabagnot couldn’t resist taking
photos of the girls  

 EYE FOR BEAUTY: onlookers took photos of the ladies during
their group shots

This year’s edition of Miss Bohol which will focus on the theme “Behold Bohol” will feature the participating municipalities’ top three tourism attractions in photos and in videos.

Important dates to remember for Miss Bohol 2017 are Talent Night: July 8, Saturday, 8 pm and the Grand Coronation Night: July 22, Saturday, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gym 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Bohol's Bet Departs for Miss Philippines Earth 2017 Finals

Your Roving Eye was at the Tagbilaran City Airport a few minutes ago for the departure of Catherine Cadayona Tabaniag, Bohol’s bet for Miss Philippines Earth 2017 national finals scheduled on July 15 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Catherine Tabaniag: will she do us proud in the nationals?

Catherine Tabaniag of Panglao earned the right to represent Bohol in the national finals after winning the provincial search for Miss Philippines Earth- Bohol 2017 last March 25 at Island City Mall. 
  on equal footing with Cat
The 18 year old who stands 5' 7" will join around 50 other girls from all over the Philippines and from abroad for a series of pre- pageant activities to promote various initiatives to preserve our natural resources, engage in environmental activities and projects together with environmental partners in communities, municipalities and cities in the country for almost two months.

 a selfie with Ritchel Mutia, ICM's at the airport
Deo Guden pageant mentor who’s been overseeing Cathy’s training & preparations for the nationals accompanied Catherine for her Manila destination. Also seen at the send- off was Mr. Ritchel Mutia, marketing rep for Island City Mall, Bohol’s pageant franchise holder for the past three years. 
 Your Roving Eye with Cat & Deo Guden

Miss Philippines Earth now on its 17th year edition is an annual national beauty pageant held in the Philippines that chooses representatives for the Miss Earth international pageant.  Both pageants have been effective avenues to promote environmental awareness and preservation.
 Cat during the making of her eco tourism video
The finale of Miss Philippines Earth 2017 will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena and will be streamed live. The two-hour television special shall be telecast on ABS-CBN nationwide on July 16, 2017, 10:00 AM and on The Filipino Channel (TFC) worldwide at a later date.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Miss Calape 2017 Swimsuit Competition

Swimsuits have single- handedly drawn in heated arguments and heightened interests in beauty pageants. One would think that in these modern times, asking candidates to slip into two- piece swimsuits would be such a breeze but no.

To be in one- piece or in two- piece?  As far as the Miss Calape 2017 organizers were concerned, choosing the swimsuit design turned out to be one of the most difficult decisions. From the day that the list of official candidates was released up to the last few days leading to the coronation night, the girls were divided when it came to selecting a swimsuit design that would be acceptable for all.

The organizers were so glad that the girls had minds of their own and they really stood their ground when it was suggested that they wear two- piece swimsuits.

Actually, the swimsuit competition is there for a purpose and not as an excuse to flaunt those perfectly- sculpted bodies in identical swimwear.

So why is there a swimsuit competition? Joining a beauty pageant is like applying for a job. Being a beauty queen is a full- time job with a hectic schedule for the winners. It’s not all glamour.

Behind those parties, special guest appearances and photo shoots are the constant travels, endless speaking engagements and personality enhancement classes. You need to be fit, healthy and have the stamina to endure and survive a year of reign as queen.

 Miss Calape 2017 Swimsuit Competition

And how do organizers determine a girl’s qualification and mental stamina? During the swimsuit competition which highlights the candidates’ physical fitness and showcases womanhood’s beauty and symmetry. 

How they look and appear in their swimsuits reflect on their discipline, attitude & drive. Furthermore, swimsuits are empowering and liberating to women for it gives them the liberty to be in control and to be comfortable with their bodies.

We all know already that beauty pageants have evolved from mere bathing suit parades back in the 1950's into the modern- day quest for the complete package who can be an effective spokesperson, a role model, a beauty product endorser and a woman who radiates inner beauty as well

Nowadays, the obligatory quarter- turns which are likened to a cattle call or meat parade have been dropped and the mention of vital statistics, age, height, hair & eye color has been to avoid being labelled as promoters of women as objects of fantasies.

So here are the candidates in Miss Calape 2017 in their one- piece swimwear:
 Miss Bentig I 
 Miss Labuon 
 Miss Calunasan 
 Miss Sta. Cruz 
 Miss Bentig II

Miss Abucayan Norte 
 Miss Mandaug 

Miss Desamparados 
 Miss Tultugan 
 Miss Catmonan 
Based on the individual assessment of the judges, it was Candidate # 5 Miss Bentig II Angelika Concha who clinched the Best in Swimsuit award not only for her stratospheric height, legs that go on for miles and miles but also because of her captivating & winsome smile and confident strut onstage. 

Photo Credits: 

Vic Nielen of Vieuma Photography
Paul Albert

Miss Calape 2017 Evening Gown Competition

The evening gown competition would always be the most elegant part of any beauty pageant for it showcases each candidate as she sashays onstage in the most classy and most regal way. 

The choice of gown could either make or break the chances of the candidates as the judges give points for their overall presentation but in the end it’s how the girls carry the gowns that really matter. After all, it’s “Best in Gown” and not the “Best Gown” award that is given to the candidate who tops this segment. 
 Miss Calape 2017 candidates shone & glittered in their Kim Villamor gowns

Here are the ten candidates in their evening gowns all created by Kim Villamor during the recently- concluded Miss Calape 2017 Pageant.

Miss Bentig I
 Miss Labuon
 Miss Calunasan

 Miss Sta. Cruz

 Miss Bentig II

 Miss Abucayan Norte

 Miss Mandaug

 Miss Desamparados

 Miss Tultugan

Miss Catmonan 
At the end of the evening gown competition, Miss Sta. Cruz, Michaella Cubillo Fronteras was named by the judges as Best in Evening Gown. She had one of the best gowns that was in glittering matte gold that complemented her sun- kissed complexion and of course, she also had one of the best gown presentations while onstage.

Miss Sta. Cruz even caught the eye of ABS CBN's Tony Labrusca 
Photo Credits: Vic Nielen of Vieuma Photography

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