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2012 Miss Universe: The Boholano Blogger's Review

In keeping up with its Holiday Edition theme, Miss Universe 2012 opened with Donald Trump in a Santa Claus outfit as he welcomed everyone to the 61st edition of the world's most prestigious international beauty competition as far as Filipinos are concerned. 

Donald Trump as Santa  

What a perfect way to cap an almost perfect conclusion of the pageant. 

Allow me also to celebrate and gloat just a little bit for I got 9 out of the 16 semifinalists in my prediction list. Of those nine beauties, seven made the Top Ten and four of them made the Final Five. 

Not bad, considering that I'm no pageant expert

Christmas- themed 2012 Miss Universe stage
Amidst the strain of familiar Christmas jingles and the eye- popping and lavish holiday- themed set design, 89 of the world's most gorgeous women sashayed onstage in mini dresses. The pre- recorded introductions of their names and countries represented was quite fast and took only a mere 10 minutes. 

Technical problems however hounded the first few girls whose names and countries weren't heard but everything was fixed after the few seconds of dead air. I'm just curious if somebody was fired for what happened

After the commercial break, the first of the three cuts before Miss Universe 2012 will be known was made. It was breathtaking and suspenseful for the whole nation wanted to know if Miss Philippines will continue its two successive placements in the pageant.


Miss Venezuela is the first to get the call
First to be called was Venezuela followed by Turkey, France, Peru and Russia. The next five were Mexico, Poland, Hungary, South Africa AND Philippines was called as the 10th semifinalist. 

According to my brother Mikey who was at the pageant venue in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, USA, pandemonium broke out as the Filipino crowd erupted into cheers and screams. 

The last five to be called were Croatia who was my ultimate favorite to win the crown then she was followed by Brazil, Kosovo, Australia and India. 

The Internet vote went to USA who was last to be called into the semifinals


Miss U 2012 Top 16

I was quite disappointed that El Salvador, Paraguay, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Finland and Jamaica who were in my prediction list failed to advance but the biggest shocker of the night was the non- inclusion of heavy favorite Puerto Rico among the Top 16

On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised with Peru, Turkey, Poland and Hungary

After the judges were introduced, the Swimsuit Competition followed. For me, the standouts were Venezuela, Australia, Philippines, Russia and Brazil

Fun & Flirty Venezuela
Miss Australia is a Blonde Bombshell
Miss Philippines is a Fierce & Fabulous Filipina 
From Russia with Love &  a Pair of Kilometric Legs  
Brazil is Tall & Tan & Young & Lovely 

The next cut was then made. 

Australia was the first to be called followed by Russia, Brazil, France and Venezuela.  The second half was then called with USA followed by Hungary, South Africa.  Called as the 9th semifinalist was Mexico

It came down to the 10th and final spot and still no Philippines

Janine heaves a sigh of relief after getting the last spot in the Top Ten
I was pretty sure that it would either be Kosovo or Croatia but to my glee, it was Philippines and the whole venue reverberated with the cheers from the Filipino crowd that supported its candidate

Officially out of the race were Peru, Poland, Kosovo, Croatia, Turkey and India

The Tantalizing Ten

Evening gowns was where you separated the girls from the ladies. You could tell it by the way they moved onstage with confidence and self- assuredness. Of course, the class & the elegance

In this phase of the competition, the judges looked at how the candidates carried their gowns and not at the gowns. It should be noted however that the choice of gown can make or break a candidate's chances but still its how one gives justice to the gown that is given the most weight

It is fitting then that they saved the best for last because Janine really slew the competition with her stance and overall projection despite wearing one of the least favored gowns in this segment. 

For me, the best in this category were Brazil, Australia, France, South Africa and the Philippines
Miss Brazil
Miss Australia
Miss France
Miss South Africa 
Miss Philippines

I knew that everyone wanted to find out if Janine will continue our two successive Miss Universe Top Five placements courtesy of Venus Raj 2010 and Shamcey Supsup 2011. 

I knew that she had an impeccable gown presentation but would the mediocre gown hurt her chances?

First to be called was Venezuela followed by the Philippines

Yehey! Australia then USA were called next. 

Rounding out the Top Five was Brazil

The Final Five
The unthinkable had just happened. 

Miss South Africa, the number one pick of the majority of pageant- related websites and predicted by most fans as the most likely to win this year's Miss Universe title and who was just a breath away from advancing to the winners' circle, had been snubbed by the judges and therefore, was officially out of contention. 

The blonde stunner who begged off from joining the 2012 Miss World Pageant so she could prepare for Miss Universe was the biggest casualty of the pageant


I was waiting to cringe the moment Miss Philippines would open her mouth during the Final Q & A but to everyone's amazement, Janine not only aced the Interviews but also gave one of the most memorable answers in Miss Universe history

Nigel Barker, one of the judges, asked her this question:
Janine's reply: 
"For me, being Miss Universe is not just about knowing how to speak a specific language. It's about being able to influence and inspire other people. If you have a heart to serve and a strong mind to show people then you can be Miss Universe.
She totally aced it and now I was giddy and so excited because I thought that finally,we now had an actual shot at winning the crown

Last Two Standing

and Miss Universe 2012 is Miss USA! 

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. It has been 39 years since we won our last Miss Universe crown but Janine's victory is reason enough for the entire country to celebrate

Thirty- nine years after, USA avenged
 its Miss Universe loss to the Philippines in 1973
Just look at that face...

Until now, I still can't believe that most people that I talk to still believe that Janine was robbed of the crown and that Miss USA wasn't deserving of the Diamond Nexus crown.


Gone are the days when the Q & A was the be all and end all in determining who gets to be crowned Miss Universe. During the Final Look segment where the final rankings are decided, the judges assign points instead of scores as they decide who gets to be Miss Universe and who will be the runners up. The ranking system eliminates the possibility that some judges might manipulate the outcome. 

The final ranking by the way is based not only on how the finalists answer the question but also on their overall performance during the entire evening AND of course, a globally appealing facial beauty because Miss Universe gets to be the endorser of the pageant's beauty product sponsors

By the way, my L.A.- based brother Mikey Gatal was featured in this news snippet from GMA7. 

Click on the link please


The Philippines is presently the only country to have placed in the Miss Universe Top Five for three consecutive years. Venus in 2010 and Shamcey last year.

Brazil placed in the Top Five for the second consecutive year

Australia has placed in Miss Universe since 2008 and currently holds the longest streak of five consecutive years followed by France with four years

Did you know that USA, Germany, France & Canada are the only countries that have been participating since 1952? 

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Part 2: My 2012 Miss U Top 16

Reigning Miss Universe: Leila Lopes
In my previous post, I revealed the first half of my Top 16 Choices for Miss Universe 2012. Here now is the second half of the list. Again, in alphabetical order:

MEXICO Karina Gonzales
PARAGUAY Egni Eckert
PHILIPPINES Janine Mari Tugonon
PUERTO RICO Bodine Koehler
RUSSIA Elizabeth Glavanova
U.S.A. Olivia Culpo
And from these 16 lovely girls, my ultimate favorite for the 2012 Miss Universe crown is...

19 year old Eizabeta Burg, Miss CROATIA. This gorgeous Croatian teener is definitely one of the most beautiful beauty delegates ever to join Miss Universe

Symmetry & proportion. Chic cheekbones. Classical beauty.
Perfect for commercial endorsements

During the 2012 Miss Universe Evening Gown Preliminaries 
During the 2012 Miss Universe Swimsuit Preliminaries
with fellow 2012 Miss Universe beauty delegates 
Will she or won't she? That's the most anticipated question that will be answered later this morning when the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant unfolds on your television screens

For as long as no sabotage would happen like a bad bad hairstyle and if she pumps up the ferocity factor in the Swimsuit Competition, then it would be smooth sailing for Miss Croatia all the way to the Magic Five and hopefully the Diamond Nexus crown

If Croatia wouldn't make it past the Swimsuit Competition, then the next safe bet would be Miss USA Olivia Culpo who I personally consider as the most beautiful Miss USA ever. You just can't ignore her gorgeous face, her charm and winsome smile. 

with her Fadil Berisha Glamshot during Miss USA 2012
Considering that the Miss Universe Org. is looking for a winner who has a globally and commercially appealing beauty, then it should be between Croatia & USA

Good luck Elizabeta and Olivia and to the 88 other beauty delegates! 

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Org.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Part 1: My 2012 Miss U Top 16

Leila Lopes: 2011 Miss Universe
It's only a few hours before the new Miss Universe will be crowned. This year's pageant will always be remembered for two main reasons; the first time in its 61 years that it will be held in December and secondly it will always be remembered for having a stunning group of beautiful delegates, perhaps one of the most competitive ever. 

A lot of pageant fans have already posted their predictions on who will succeed Leila Lopes of Angola who by the way holds the record of having the longest reign ever for a Miss Universe

From among 89 girls, one life will be changed forever the moment she is proclaimed Miss Universe 2012 in a glittering ceremony tomorrow at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

I'm no pageant expert but I couldn't resist revealing the names of the girls who I want (as opposed to who I think) to be in the Top 16 tomorrow. I'm basing the list primarily on how they register on their Fadil shots and their beauty & charm (after all, this is a beauty pageant!)

And here are the First Eight of My Top 16 Choices: (in alphabetical order)

CROATIA Elisabeta Burg
CZECH REPUBLIC Tereza Chlebovska
ECUADOR Carolina Aguirre
EL SALVADOR Ana Yancy Clavel
FINLAND Sara Yasmin Chafak
JAMAICA Chantal Zaky
KOSOVO Diana Avdiu

The Next Eight & My Top Choice for Miss Universe 2012

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Org.

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