Friday, December 14, 2012

The Writer in Alexa de Ere

The captivating & charming Alexa de Ere
I once had the privilege of having Ms. Alexa de Ere, then a freshman BS Nursing student, in my English 2 writing class. 

The Alexa that is often maligned and misunderstood  by some but adored by a lot of fiercely loyal friends is gifted when it comes to writing.

I remember how amazed I was every time I read her outputs. 

You see, I always tell my writing classes to just let it flow when writing about something that they're passionate about. 
"Forget the grammar rules, disregard spelling and do away with your punctuation when the creative juices start oozing. In short, inspiration can be erratic and sporadic so the very moment that it hits you, grab anything to write on and scribble and scribble away as if there's no more tomorrow.
After you're done with your rough draft, that's the time to polish, revise and enhance to ensure that you pass something that you can be proud of and share something that can put a smile on your readers' lips and can make them ponder " 
That's what I always tell them

I believe Alexa took that advice to heart

"Everyone knows how to write but only a few CAN write" applies to this brilliant and amazing girl who eats dictionaries for breakfast! (kidding!) 

Alexa is not only a good writer but also a promising thespian.
She is shown here pitting talents with Cielo Cajes as she essayed the role
of Potiphar's wife in HNU's adaptation of "Joseph & His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
That's me and Alexa during the curtain call. I happened to play the role of Potiphar 
Anyway, back to Alexa. One time, somebody asked me for an oratorical contest piece on Mother Earth and instantly,I just knew who to go to. 

As expected, Alexa was up to the challenge and before the week was over, she handed me her piece and asked me if we could sit down so we can fine tune and make the words come alive and make people sit up and listen with the oratorical piece

So my dear friends, here's the paean and cautionary tale for Mother Earth that has been exquisitely penned by the one and only Ms Alexa de Ere



Ms. Alexa de Ere 

More often than not, you find it impossible to grasp the reality that outside the planet where we live, in the vastness of the universe, you find not even a minute sign of life. All the more reason for you never to forget how special Planet Earth is. 
You see, you are blessed with the mother of all miracles, just enough cosmic ingredients, the accurate environment, and the phenomenal exactness of the physics for life to exist. 
 Just look at how diverse it is… Zillions and zillions of living organisms, creatures, and species, the majority of which we have yet to explore and discover…And to think that you are only halfway through its beauty and splendor. 

From the humble ants and their intricate ecosystem, to the bees and their perfect honeycombs, to the rainforest with its diverse fauna and flora, the humpback whales and the corals to the penguins and polar bears.  There’ s just not enough room for all the amazement.  
Yet of all the species that live on this special planet, none could be as amazing as man- gifted not only with the capability of thought and intellect but also the ability to harness resources and create things outside of nature and advocates of technology with the foresight for the future and blended with the penchant for keeping a date with history. 
Unfortunately, this highest form of all species also possesses the defect of oversight, carelessness, avarice and greed.  The advancement of technology has brought forth destructive effects on our precious planet causing abrupt changes that has wreaked havoc on the planet that we live in.  
Have you taken a look around you? Mother Earth doesn’t deserve these. There has been wanton destruction, rape and plunder to the very same mother that has nurtured and caressed us.  Yes, our planet is not just sick. She is dying! You will all have contributed to the impending demise of Mother Earth! 

Are you going to just sit back, look the other way around while everything around is being destroyed?  Are you going to continue being indifferent and play deaf and blind while our mother suffers from humanity’s ingratitude and greed?  
She is weeping not only for man’s betrayal but also for the unborn future generations who will be paying a high price for the continued degradation of the environment!  It is not yet late! Stand up now and be counted. Be among those who will make a difference! Let us embrace change. Let us count on one another for our voices to be heard. Finally, stop talking! Start acting! Now! 
Going over this oratory piece makes me realize that this wake up call from Alexa is timely and relevant especially with the spate of flash floods and the devastating aftermath. 

We are all reeling from the tragic consequences I might say after years nay decades of abuse, apathy and avarice. 

Perhaps, it is time we really walk the talk and maybe, just maybe something positive that can be considered a glimmer of hope will arise and spur us to help arrest the decline and destruction. 

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