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2007 Central Visayas Queen: Nathalim Nalupa

It was a unique pageant that highlighted the annual Central Visayas Corn Festival and held in key cities in Central Visayas to spotlight the importance of corn in the Visayas agricultural industry.

All the Central Visayas provinces and cities that compose Region 7 were represented with a competitive batch of candidates.

The  judges had a very difficult time picking out the most deserving winners for after all, the quest aimed to select a winner who is not only beautiful and elegant.   

The winner has to be an effective spokesperson who can best promote through speaking engagements and guest appearances our beloved maize, a main staple in most Visayan households 

The City of Toledo which hosted the week- long festival turned into a bed of bright reds and yellows and eagerly awaited the conclusion of the Miss Central Visayas Corn Festival Queen Pageant. 


Proclaimed as the Central Visayas Corn Festival Queen 2007 was our very own Nathalim Rose Nalupa of Tagbilaran City. Miss Nalupa who was also unanimously voted on by the judges as Best in Evening Gown is a Bs Nursing student of Holy Name University. 

During the crucial Parade of Festival Costumes where Nathalim Rose Nalupa
stood out for her queenly bearing, stage presence, and confidence

It all started when Nathalim received a call from Sir Eking Echavia, the Service and Control Officer of UCPB-Tagbilaran branch and Saint Vincent Institute (SVI) Alumni president who informed her that she was selected by a screening committee to represent Bohol in the first ever search for the  Central Visayas Corn Festival Queen

Respected and self- effacing Mrs. Fiel Gabin Arao-Arao Gabin, Tagbilaran City Information Officer & Miss Tagbilaran 1987 advised Nathalim to join the "once in a lifetime opportunity" even if she was not really confident at that time from the fact that she was still a freshmen in college but she did say yes to the challenge. 

According to Nathalim " I was so nervous before and while the pageant was going on..I just prayed a lot...I hadn't had a good sleep and I cried sometimes because of the fear that I would have a mental block during the Interviews and I might be humiliated. 

I was also overwhelmed with the quality of the candidates and what made me more nervous was the fact that the interview questions would be given on the spot. What made me survive the whole experience is my strong faith in God, and the strong support from my family & friends and knowing that my Papa was watching from up above" 


According to a very reliable source who was there at the pageant, Nathalim aced the interviews for audience members were clapping their hands for her and were also rooting for her when the results were about to be revealed. 

Miss Nathalim Rose Nalupa is now in the exclusive list of Boholana beauty queens
who have a made a mark in the very competitive Central Visayas Region pageant scene

"When my name was called as the big winner that magical night in Toledo City, I was really shocked for I was only expecting for at least a special award or a runner up position. 

The Bohol Provincial Agriculture office was very proud of my achievement and the reality that I was the winner sank in only when the crown was already placed on my head. 

My biggest thanks to Sir Eking, Maam Fiel, Bebie of Bebei & Jun's Salon, my family and friends, my Papa and to God for making me win the crown for my province." 

Sophisticated. Classy. Well- bred. Truly one of Bohol's pride

After her victory in the Central Visayas- wide beauty & brains competition, every pageant enthusiast in Bohol eagerly awaited for news if Nathalim would join the Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant. Nathalim however, had other priorities. School was on top of that list 

Now that Nathalim has graduated from college and is now a registered nurse, everyone is excited to know if she will finally say YES to joining Miss Bohol Sandugo 2013. 

If Lady Luck will smile at her, Nathalim will join the exclusive sorority of Boholana beauties who have been crowned as Miss Bohol Sandugo

Will she or won't she? We will find out in 2013

 Long may you reign Nathalim! 

You made the province of Bohol proud of what you achieved! 

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