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Bohol Welcomes Philippine Dragon Teams

(Ret) Major General & Mrs. Charly Holganza

It all started as a dream for a Boholano who has always dreamt of putting our island paradise in the global map especially in tourism and water sports. (Ret) Major General Charly Holganza has finally seen the fruition of his dreams at least in part because some of the best dragon boat teams from all over the country are converging this week to compete in a PDBF- sanctioned dragon boat race

Hats off to the distinguished Boholano Officer & Gentleman!


Meet the teams that have confirmed their participation in the 2nd Cobra- Philippine Dragon Boat Federation International Club Crew Challenge happening in the exciting island paradise of Bohol this week April 26 to 29

Each of these teams has a story to tell. Of inspiring come- from- behind victories, some shattered dreams & heartbreaking losses and the friendships forged and legendary rivalries  to share. Meet the men and women who are the hearts and souls of Philippine Dragon Boat Racing

Bohol Crabhouse

Bohol Crabhouse Dragon Boat Team was founded only this April 2013.

It is a composite of Tribu Maribojoc & Bugsay Maribojoc dragon boat teams, Kayak Asia kayak guides & locals from the Municipality of Maribojoc that competed and won in the 1st Inato Dragon Boat Club Crew Challenge last Mar 22-23 in Dauis, Bohol. 

Bohol Paddlers Association Dragon Boat Team 1

This is the group that paved the way for helping organize the successful 1st Inato Dragon Boat Race in Bohol last March 22 to 23, The all- male members of Bohol Paddlers Association Dragon Boat Team 1 were selected from the teams that competed in the 1st Inato Dragon Boat Club Crew Challenge staged in Dauis, Bohol last Mar 22-23. 

It has been barely a month since they were formally organized but they have made inroads already with their regular and intensive training regimen. 

The BPA Dragon Boat Team has vowed to give their best shot in what is billed as Bohol’s most sizzling sporting event this summer. 

With their determination, discipline and drive, it would be no surprise if this promising team from Bohol will become a dynamic force to reckon with in the near future

Bohol Paddlers Association Dragon Boat Team 2

Composed exclusively of women members from Teams Baji, Dauis and Maribojoc that competed in the 1stInato Dragon Boat Club Crew Challenge last Mar 22-23 in Dauis, Bohol. 

Their fierce determination and burning desire to make a mark in Bohol’s most exciting sporting spectacle this summer are more than enough to push them beyond their limits in competitive dragon boat races 

FSUU Dragon Boat Team
Father Saturnino Urios University, Butuan City

Father Saturnino Urios University (FSUU) Dragon Boat Team is based in Butuan City which sits along the banks of Agusan River, one of the longest and most beautiful rivers in Mindanao.

Butuan City’s dragon boat scene started to take shape in June 2012 when FSUU vice president Rev. Fr. Chito Butardo convinced two other schools, namely, Butuan Doctors College (BDC) and Agusan Colleges Incorporated (ACI) to form their respective dragon boat teams and culminated with Butuan City’s first ever Run and Row for Mother Earth event which promoted awareness for Agusan River’s protection and preservation.

In the port city where the Agusan River plays a major role in its history, the successful debut of dragon boat racing means that the journey of the Balanghai Boat, Butuan City’s iconic symbol, has indeed gone full circle

Lake Buhi Team

The Lake Buhi Team that was conceived on year 2011 by Mr. Pepito C. Nobleza, has 50 active members who come from the fishing barangays circling the lake of Buhi. 

Despite life’s adversities and lack of local government support, these gritty paddlers have been competing within & outside the Bicol region through generous sponsors like Mr. & Mrs. Jofred Nadal Balagot. 

The Balagots have been so involved with the team from bankrolling their training regimen expenses to providing for their physical conditioning needs  that Mrs. Joy Balagot eventually became the Team Manager

With Mrs. Balagot’s continued suppor, Lake Buhi Dragon Boat Team’s conquest of the world is now within reach


Champion 500m Open, PCKFI, Feati University, December 2012
Champion 200m Open, Embarcadero, Legaspi City 2012
Champion Mixed, Mayor Lim Dragon Boat Competition 2012
Overall Champion Ginebra San Mig. Naga Penafrancia Fiesta 2011-2012
Champion - Cobra PDBF 1st Leg 2013
Champion 250m & 400m Open, Zambales 2nd Dragon Boat Competition, April 2013

Maharlika Drakon

The Maharlika Drakon Dragonboat Team, founded on June 12, 2002 by Chirdsak Basa, Fritz Bermejo, Christopher Bautista, Rowena Martha Beltran, Mairiss Cahigas, Cuberic Cruz, Abraham Krause, Sheila Sanders and Pol Yambao and now approaching its 11th Year Anniversary, is composed of people from all walks of life brought together by their common love and passion for dragon boat sport.

Among the local and international races that they have competed in:

International Race:

PDBF International Club Crew Challenge 2009
Camsur International Club Crew Challenge 2010
PDBF International Club Crew Challenge 2012

Local Race:

Annual Cobra PDBF Regatta
MBC Dragon boat Race
Chinese New Year Dragon boat Race

Onslaught Racing Dragons 

The Onslaught Racing Dragons (ORDs) were formed and founded by paddler-friends from different club teams, who shared the same vision and aspirations in the sport of dragon boat racing. 

The group pledged to commit to a culture of excellence in the fastest growing water sport around the world.

The team has been constituted to the PDBF, August 8, 2010. A month later, the team was officially launched into the dragon boat community when it first participated in a PDBF- sanctioned race. 

Eventually, the team managed to pull off a slot in the semi-finals and then the finals followed by victories.  

Among their team achievements:

PDBF Dragonboat Regatta 2012 (Finals) The Baywalk, Manila Dec 16
Overall SILVER, 300 M Men's (Open) Division 
Overall BRONZE, 300 M Mixed

The 8th IDBF Club Crew World Championships Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong July 4- 8, 2012
SEMI-FINALIST, 500 M Men's (Open) 

DBS 2012 Regatta Asia Dragons Marina Bay, Singapore May 4-6
BRONZE, 500 M Men's (Open)
BRONZE, 500 M Mixed (w Triton women's team) 
BRONZE, 300 M Men's (Open)
BRONZE, 300 M Mixed (with Triton women's team)

Philippine Army Dragon Team

The Philippine Army has dominated all the National Dragon Boat Regatta races here in 2012 aside from showing its dominance in the sport by capturing the Championship Trophy during its international appearances in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Seven of its athletes are members of the world-renowned Pinoy Dragon Warriors, the team of reigning world champions that captured 5 golds during the 10th IDBF World Championships in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Armed with their exemplary dedication and self-discipline, these soldier-athletes have continuously harnessed their skills to achieve perfection. 

By winning in many prestigious Dragon Boat races locally and abroad, the soldier-athletes have inspired many Filipinos to fulfill their own dreams, promote unity, and become proud of their country.

Its key members include:

Major Harold M Cabunoc--President
Sgt Usman Anterola--------Team Captain and Coach
Pfc Ramie Llano------------ Secretary General

Assistant Coaches:

Sgt Romy Dionio
Sgt Ronald Tan
Sgt Butch Sumagaysay

Philippine Blue Phoenix Dragon Boat Club, Inc. 

The Philippine Blue Phoenix Dragon Boat Club, Inc. was born on July 28, 2001 and incorporated and registered with SEC on September 20, 2004

Among its achievements:

2004: Annual Championships 1st Runner-up (Open)
2005: Boracay   2nd Runner-up (Open), MBC 3rd Runner-up (Open),
Chinese New Year 2nd Runner-up (Open)
2012: 1st Leg 3rd Runner-up (Mixed), 2nd Leg 3rd Runner-up (Mixed)
2013: MBC Race 3rd Runner-up (Mixed)

Philippine Coast Guard  (PCG) Dragon Boat Team

The PCG Dragon Boat Men’s Team was initially formed in March 2007 during the incumbency of former Commandant ADM DAMIAN L CARLOS PCG (RET).

 IT WAS HOWEVER A SHORT-LIVED EXISTENCE AS THE Officer-in Charge/DCS for HRM, CG-1 at that time had a transfer of assignment and no one took the helm after him. It was later revived with the addition of the Women’s Category in March 2010 during the incumbency of former Commandant VADM WILFREDO D TAMAYO PCG (Ret). 

By virtue of approved DF dated 09 June 2010, the teams aimed into existence with the mission not only to represent the command in local and international competitions such as the SEA Games, Asian Games and other IDBF sanctioned competitions but also to project the good image of the PCG as a sea-going service and a lover of water sports.

In November 2012, upon the guidance of former Commandant VADM EDMUND C TAN (Ret), the PCG DRAGON BOAT TEAMS were revived with the support of Commandant RADM RODOLFO D ISORENA PCG.

Philippine Navy Standard

After two and a half years of absence, the Navy is coming back with nothing but the crown in mind.

The Philippine Navy is intent on showing the skills that have made them the dominant force in the Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation (PCKF)

The Navy team collected an unbroken string of 12 consecutive championships since 2011, the year they joined the PCKF leagues. 

They last held the Cobra Dragon Boat Championship in 2010, before the dragon boat community split in half. 

The Navy boasts of 7 internationalists who figured well in the recent International Canoe Federation (ICF)-sponsored World Championship in Italy last year. 

With their impressive credentials, the Navy will be a formidable force to reckon with.

Among its achievements:

2009 - 2010  Cobra Dragon Boat Competition                    Overall Champion

May 2011     Boracay Int’l Dragon Boat Competition           Mixed Champion
Jun 2012      Philippine National Games, Laguna                Champion
Dec 2012     1stMayor Lim’s Cup Dragon Boat Competition Champion
Mar2013       La Laguna Dragon Boat Competition              Champion

Rowers Club Philippines Sea Dragon, Inc.

Rowers Club Philippines Sea Dragon, Inc. (RCPSDI), composed of young men and women who are mostly Metro Manila college students and young professionals and founded on July 11, 1997 by Rommuel Celestino with Christian Joffrey Mariano, is recognized by the Amateur Rowing Association of the Philippines, August 1, 1997 is a member of the PDBF, the IDBF, Asian Dragon Boat Federation & South East Asian Traditional Dragon Boat Federation.

From Rowers Team, they became the Rowers Club before finally becoming the Rowers Club Philippines Sea Dragon, Inc now known as one of the Philippines’ top dragon boat teams which actively competes in local and international races. 

The team participated at the Lee Kum Kee 8th IDBF Club Crew World Championships (CCWC), the world’s second largest dragon boat competition, Hong Kong, July 2012. 

To date, the RCPSDI family maintains its rigorous training at the Manila Bay, as it lives up to its goal of having One Heart, One Stroke, One Team

Team Dauis

Taken at the Bellevue Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Bigger. Bolder. Better. These sum up the aim and challenge of Bohol’s Team Dauis, Men’s Open Team Champion 200 Meters in the recently-concluded 1st Inato Club Crew Challenge as they gear up for the 2nd Cobra- PDBF International Club Crew Challenge

Team Dauis will have homecourt advantage, having a clear familiarity of the course and a hometown crowd to cheer them on. Team Dauis is trained by Mr Bay Magallanes, and organized and supported by no less than the mayor of the town, Mayor Jimmy Jimenez.

Sponsored by the newest and ritziest hotel in Bohol today – the Bellevue Hotel in Panglao, Team Dauis is led by Team Manager, Mr Rommel Gonzales

Triton Dragon Boat Racing Team

Triton Dragon Boat Racing Team (TRITON), one of the top Philippine dragon boat clubs, is committed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, to foster unity, and to instill discipline and sportsmanship through dragon boat racing. 

TRITON, a member of the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PDBF) which is affiliated with the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) and founded in 2009 by some of the most experienced dragon boat paddlers in the Philippines is composed of multi- awarded dragon boat athletes from various backgrounds 

The Triton women’s crew has consistently been the Champion in the PDBF Annual Regatta for the years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and looks forward to building similarly strong and competitive Mixed and Men’s crews.


Join us in the most exciting sporting spectacle to hit Bohol this summer. 

Get caught up in the thumping & beating of the drums, the splashing of the paddles, the colorful dragon boats and of course, admire & support these boys and girls of summer as they battle it out for dragon boat supremacy in the Philippines
Alona Tropical Beach Resort in Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol beckons the dragon boaters

Cafe Lawis in Dauis, Bohol welcomes the Philippine dragon boat community  

Army & Navy Faces Off in Bohol Dragon Boat Race

Philippine Navy Standard
While Bohol awaits with bated breath the convergence of some of the country's premier dragon boat teams, the entire Philippine dragon boat community is brimming with excitement over the impending clash between long-time rivals, Army and Navy in the 2nd Cobra-PDBF Club Crew Challenge on April 26-30 in Dauis, Bohol.

The Army and Navy paddlers have long dominated the local dragon boat scene, until something spoiled their otherwise healthy match-ups.

A decade ago, the Army and Navy, together with the Air Force, dominated the dragon boat field. This domination by the three comrades-in-arms in the military would be challenged by teams from Boracay and Camarines Sur.

Boracay’s development commenced in 2008, when it started to host local and international dragon boat races.

CamSur emerged as a strong contender in 2009 when Gov. Elray Villafuerte, who wanted his province to become a prime water sport destination, put up a highly-competitive dragon boat team.

Philippine Army
Those were the glory years of local dragon boating, when the best of the best would converge in Manila Bay for friendly games that would only serve to upgrade the national standards of the colorful sport.

All these came to a stop when the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PDBF) was scratched from the Philippine Olympic Commission (POC) roster in 2011.

Today, the Navy dominates the leagues under the Philippine Canoe Kayak Association (PCKF), while the Army has been slugging it out with Lake Buhi and a fast-developing Coastguard in the PDBF-sanctioned tourneys.

This month, the Army and the Navy will be seeing action together for the first time in years in a match every paddle-master has been waiting for.

Which of the two champion teams will emerge unscathed in the tussle? Will there be a come from behind victory from among the underrated but equally determined champion teams? 

Find out this week April 26 to 29 in Bohol's most sizzling summer sports spectacle organized by  (Ret) Major General  Charly Holganza together with Geraldine Gentozala- Juachon with Event Management by LJ Lumayag's K & N Productions

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2012 Miss Bohol Sandugo: Idy Casenas Cagas

during the 2008 Miss Jagna Pageant
Idy Casenas Cagas' journey to the Miss Bohol Sandugo crown started on September 2008 when she was crowned Miss Jagna that year but instead of going to the annual pageant that serves as the most glamorous highlight of the Sandugo Festival, she was informed at the last minute that she would instead represent the town in the 2009 Miss Bohol International Pageant

Idy would later be declared as Best in Filipiniana for her showstopping and elegant way of carrying her evening gown but to everyone's shock, She and Mylene Pedroso, University of Bohol's bet in the same pageant and who was also Best in Swmsuit and Miss Talent didn't advance to the Final Round. 

It was proof that pageants can be unpredictable at times

Anyway, our paths crossed during the Miss Pilar Pageant on December 2011 where I was the host and she was a judge. 

I told her that she should join the Miss Bohol Sandugo 2012 Pageant for she had what it takes to be a queen and perhaps, join the hallowed list of Jagnaanon beauties that have won the Miss Bohol Sadugo crown. 

She took my advice to heart, joined the pageant and the rest, as they say, is pageant history!

Me & Idy during the 2008 Miss Jagna Pageant

No. 1CATHERINE ROMERO Miss JB Rock Construction
No. 6 JHONASEL CELIS Miss Bohol Island State University (BISU)
No. 7 IDY CAGAS Miss Pundok Jagnaanon
No. 8 SEINEE VI MULA Miss Clarin
No. 9 GLADYS SINCONIEGUE Miss Katipunan Agri-Machinery
N0. 10 JASNA YEN TORREON Miss Buenavista
No. 11 GRACE SANSEN MAE ABONG Miss Biasong Loon
No. 12 LAVELLA ARAUSA Miss Bilar

The 2012 edition of Miss Bohol Sandugo was launched with the Swimsuit Competition and Press Conference at the Miravilla Resort, Booy, Tagbilaran City



 Tagb City First Lady Charleen Lim, Carmen Gatal Sandugo 2012 Co- Chair & top derma Dr. Joyce Castillo 


As in any beauty competition, the Swimsuit Competition is the most anticipated segment especially for the males. 

This is where the judges look for beauty & symmetry of the face, figure & legs. Confidence is very important also along with physical fitness & presentation skills. 

To put it simply, the judges and audience alike look for the candidate  who looks the hottest and has the best overall impression

09 Ms Bohol 2nd RU Joanna Feliz Pilayre, Glenn Manigque & 08 Ms Bohol 1st RU Chandrina Schreurs PAGEANT EMCEES


The Evening Gown Competition that had Silver as the color motif, proved to be the most elegant part of the pageant. This is where the elegance, the regal bearing and the sophistication of candidates shine through. Determining Best in Evening Gown was based on class & elegance, fashion flair, poise & charm and the overall impression. 

I agree that the recipient of the Best in Gown award should be chosen based on how well she carried the gown and not the other way around although the choice of gown can also make or break a candidate's chances in the pageant

Best in Gown: Seinee Vi Mula of Clarin

The radiant Farrah Mian of Tubigon during her Farewell Walk 

ALDEA LADIES: Ms Photogenic: Miss Bilar, Ms Image Model: Ms JCAD & Ms Smile is Miss Tubigon
FINAL FIVE: L-R:  Ms Clarin,  Ms Jagna, Ms Tubigon, Ms BISU and Ms Biasong Loon
Seconds before Announcement: of New Miss Bohol Sandugo

Idy Casenas Cagas of Pundok Jagnaanon reacts after her name is called
and the symbol of Boholana pulchritude is passed on
1st RU Tubigon's Mariecris Evardo, 2012 MBS is Jagna's Idy Cagas, 2nd RU Loon's Grace Abong


Who do you think is more powerful? Is it man or woman? Why? 


There is no need to compare each other because God created men and women to be equal and to complement each other's incompleteness.  There are things that a woman can do that a man can't, and there are things that a man can do that a woman can't.  

Here's the link for the video files of the pageant: 

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