Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Bb. Pilipinas Sizzling Seven

From the Top Twelve, I had to decide who gets the Final Five places but ended up with a Magnificent Seven. 

Yes, it's that difficult considering the bumper harvest of gorgeous Filipinas who are all set to bedazzle and enamor the global stage with their pulchritude, poise and personality

Anyway, anything can happen tonight. 

One of the girls who may have been under the radar might spring a surprise or a shocking win over the top favorites but here are my final choices who will battle it out for the right to represent the Philippines in the 2013 editions of Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Supranational

Charmaine Elima is considered by many pageant fans and pegged by pageant websites as the Girl to Beat. Hopefully, # 13 will be her lucky number unless she trips on stage or makes a mess in the Q & A

Her exotic looks, defined cheekbones, svelte figure and impressive academic credentials will seal the deal for her

Pia my Pia.. This crowd pleaser definitely knows how to bring it on. Credit of course goes to her years of training and exposure via ABS CBN. 

This TV starlet will finally have a chance to make a splash and translate a victory tonight into more lucrative offers. 

This gorgeous morena who is a deadringer for Isabelle Daza, the daughter of Gloria Diaz our first Miss Universe has it all. Bundles of beauty, oodles of oozing charm and the gift of gab. 

Hannah Sison is a La Salle professor for God's sake. 

Seeing her erases your biased notion of the stodgy and frumpy university professor 


Bea Rose Santiago is one of the more cosmopolitan girls in the batch. She is a Comunications student in York University, Toronto, Canada. 

Her luminous beauty and presence can definitely make her stand head over shoulders with the rest of the girls in the global arena

Mariel de Leon is one of the heavily bashed girls because of the pageant organizers' perceived favoritism towards her. 

Can you blame her if she is the daughter of well- respected TV & movie royalty Christopher de Leon & Sandy Andolong? 

Heavily criticized for her supposed ample assets, she proved them wrong when she showed up during the Press Presentation with a vavavoom figure, voluptuous assets and a more vivacious personality.

Candidate # 34 Shan Apuad reminds me of the classic beauty Guadalupe Sanchez. 

Her work experience abroad certainly has prepared her for the rigors of a beauty queen's hectic schedule and glamorous lifestyle. 

Bring it on Shan

Rounding out my Top Seven is the Face of the Competition. Mutya Johanna Datul will definitely  make a splash in the international arena where the dynamics of pageantry have evolved. 

Especially in Miss Universe where the winners are chosen mostly on the basis of how they can be effective  product endorsers and commercial models. 

Hers is the type of beauty that comes once in a blue moon.

Crown her now please! 

My Sentimental Favorite however is Ariela Ara Arida, the licensed chemist from UP Los Banos. She with the mysterious and captivating looks, elegant stance and cosmopolitan vibes

I have been enamored ever since I laid my eyes on her. Aah... Ara Arida..Alluring. Arresting. A- Lister

Hope you end up with the Miss Universe- Philippines crown on your head 

Good luck to all of the 50 Golden Girls!

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