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Miss Bohol Winners: 80's and 90's Decades

1983 Miss Young BoholMiss Tagbilaran City Marcelina Marcel Orimaco Gatal

The 1983 pageant was fittingly named Miss Young Bohol because it was organized by KB Bohol Provincial Federation ( Kabataang Barangay, the precursor of Sangguniang Kabataan) under its Prov'l Chair Hon. Edgar Chatto.

It holds the record of having the most number of candidates who competed on the same stage on pageant night with a total of 37 girls from around Bohol. 

Her Court of Honor:

1st RU Miss Carmen Binangbang
2nd RU Miss Dimiao Josephine Joy Tago
3rd RU Miss Jagna Elizabeth Gales
4th RU Miss Loboc Tessie Labunog
For a detailed account of the 1983 pageant, just click this link:

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1986 Miss Bohol
Miss Tagbilaran City Gemma Manding

Year 1986 was a transition period for the Philippines for it was the year of the EDSA People Power Phenomenon and the time when the Yellow Fever captivated the whole country. 

Then Bohol OIC Governor Victor de las Serna approved the holding of a Miss Bohol pageant that would start from the barangay level to really pick the most beautiful Boholana for that year.

The statuesque and very sophisticated Gemma Manding of Tagbilaran City won in a province- wide beauty search that was participated in by all municipalities and the city in a pageant that had weekly elimination rounds prior to the grand coronation night.

Miss Manding stood out and outshone all the other girls during the pageant night and swept almost all the special titles and corporate awards


When she's not flying around the world's most cosmopolitan cities and most exotic places, this licensed Civil Engineer plays her dual role as wife to Tagbilaran City Councilor Hon. Beben Inting and mother to their kids

Gemma has maintained her regal bearing and retained the gorgeous looks and whistle- bait figure that won for her the Miss Bohol crown in 1986

I got the thrill of my life when the beautiful Gemma Manding, Miss Bohol 1986, said YES to my request for a souvenir photo

1988 Mutya sa Bohol
Miss Guindulman Elizabeth Mumar Anana

Guindulman, known as the Queen Town of Eastern Bohol, affirmed its status as home to some of Bohol's most beautiful women when its bet, Elizabeth Mumar Anana, was proclaimed Mutya sa Bohol and was also adjudged Best in Swimsuit and Best in Gown

The 1988 edition was highly- anticipated for the swimsuit would be making its debut in the Miss Bohol pageant that year.

Elizabeth, a 22 year old business management student of the University of San Carlos set temperatures rising when she sashayed onstage in a high- cut one- piece swimsuit. 

Elizabeth went on to represent the province in the nationwide search for Miss Philippine Red Cross 1988, a popularity & personality tilt that was telecast over RPN 9 

Mestiza beauty Elizabeth Mumar Anana gave Guindulman its first and only Miss Bohol crown after a succession of runners up and finalists

TRIVIA: Did you know that Elizabeth dyed her dark brown hair to black just to look less mestiza? According to her mom, Felicitas Anana, being too mestiza during the 80's made a candidate's chances of winning slimmer. 

Here's the link to the pageant during Elizabeth's time: 
                                    The 1988 Mutya sa Bohol Story

1989 Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands
Miss Tagbilaran City Winnie Moreno Lim

989 was the year when the street dancing component of the 1st Sandugo Festival was launched with Tagbilaran City's bet Winnie Moreno Lim crowned as the winner. 

Her runners up were 1st RU Miss Talibon Cecilia Auxtero and 2nd RU Miss Jagna Yasmin Aviles

1989 was the year when the street dancing component of the 1st Sandugo Festival was launched with Tagbilaran City's bet Winnie Moreno Lim crowned as the winner. 

Her runners up were 1st RU Miss Talibon Cecilia Auxtero and 2nd RU Miss Jagna Yasmin Aviles

Cecilia Auxtero finished as 1st RU in both Miss DWCT 1989 and Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands 1989. 

Two years after, she gave everyone in Bohol a pleasant surprise when she was crowned the 1991 Miss Cagayan de Oro City and declared Best in Swimsuit

Here's the Miss Cagayan de Oro City 1991 story of Cecille Auxtero

That's Cecille with her daughetr Crizelle A. Requierme 

The 2nd Runner Up was the stunningly beautiful Yasmin Aviles of Jagna.

Who can ever forget how she showcased her showstopping and daring yet elegant evening gown that also won for Yasmin the Best in Evening Gown special award

Year 2013: The fabulous Yasmin Aviles recently turned a Fantastic Forty
1990 Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands 
Miss Jagna Tiffany Matuod Yap 

Reigning Campus Girl 1989 Tiffany Matuod Yap of Jagna edged out heavy favorite Ma. Victoria Labado of Tagbilaran City for the crown in a very exciting title showdown witnessed by a jampacked crowd

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1991 Miss Bohol Sandugo 

Miss Jagna Ma. Recelle Adlaon

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1992 Miss Bohol Sandugo
Miss Jagna Celevel Ranoco

The 1992 Miss Bohol Sandugo titleholder is presently the General Manager of Saatchi & Saatchi- Singapore, one of the biggest multi- milliondollar advertisng agency in the world 

The 1992 Miss Bohol Sandugo feature: 

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1993 Miss Bohol Sandugo
Miss Talibon Mary Ann Eronico  

1994 Miss Bohol Sandugo
Miss Tagbilaran City Vanessa Joyce Matuod Evardone 

Her Court of Beauties:

L- R:

1st RU Miss Jagna Genevieve Jamisola
Finalist Miss Dauis Floribeth Lariosa
Finalist Miss Sikatuna Ginalyn Araysa
2nd RU is Miss Ubay May Ann Boyles

For the complete blog feature on the 1994 Miss Bohol Sandugo story, please click the following link

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1995 Miss Bohol Sandugo
Miss Baclayon Naomi Ira Naron 

1996 Miss Bohol Sandugo
Miss Maribojoc Lianne Reyes Canoy

Here's the link to the 1996 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant:

     The Most Controversial Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant

1997 Miss Bohol Sandugo
Miss Tagbilaran City Socorro d Marie Tallo Inting

 1997 Miss Tagbilaran Top Three:  
Two of them would later be crowned as Miss Bohol Sandugo for 1997 and 1998.

From L- R: 
2nd RU Janice Michelle Matuod Evardone is now a licensed physician. She is the younger sister of two Mutya sa Tagbilaran title holders

Miss Tagbilaran 1997 Socorro d Marie Tallo- Inting who would be crowned Miss Bohol Sandugo 1997 is now a practicing lawyer 

1st RU Josely Yap Ferniz would be crowned by Miss Inting as Miss Bohol Sandugo the following year

1998 Miss Bohol Sandugo
Miss Bilar Josely Yap Ferniz

1999 Miss Bohol Sandugo- Bb. Pilipinas
Miss ABENA Maria Ria Nina Cubillo of Calape

1999 Miss Bohol Sandugo- Mutya ng Pilipinas
Miss Catigbian Jenifer Apayor Ejoc

For the first and only time in Miss Bohol Sandugo history, two were crowned as Miss Bohol Sandugo. One was for Bb. Pilipinas and the other for Mutya ng Pilipinas

Here are the complete details:

                               The 1999 Miss Bohol Sandugo Story

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Direk Maryo J de los Reyes Part One

Direk Maryo J

Did you know that Maryo J. de los Reyes, one of the country’s most accomplished and most prolific television and film directors is a Boholano?

His parents are Pastor de los Reyes of Manila and Lourdes Jorolan de los Reyes from Alicia, Bohol

He has a house here in Tagbilaran City, Bohol


He finished his primary education at Malate Catholic School

Even as a young boy, he had always wanted to be a director and he showed hints of his potential when he would entertain brothers and sister, his playmates and even their housemaids with his make- believe stories and plays

However, when he reached high school, he decided to give priesthood a chance and graduated at Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary.

His dream of directing films never left him and so when he entered college, he enrolled at the College of Mass Communications, University of the Philippines where he graduated with honors in 1974.


While in school back in the early 70’s, he was very active with the Philippine Educational Theater PETA, the country’s premiere theater group.

From 1965 to 1975, he participated in various art and theater seminars and workshops as organizer, moderator and instructor until he was sent as a youth panelist to the UNESCO International Woman’s Year in Mexico City on June 1975

Upon his return to the Philippines, he became active again with PETA as its project director for their summer theater arts program.

He also became a professor and lecturer at the UP College of Mass Communications. He began writing for television drama anthologies.


In time, he was writing and directing the award- winning drama series of the country’s premiere actress, Nora Aunor “Ang Makulay na Daigdig ni Nora Aunor”.

After he won the prestigious PATAS Award for Best Television Director and Best Television Writer, Nora Aunor asked him to handle two workshops under her own production outfit

In 1978, the creative head of the newly- formed Agrix Productions, Tom Adrales, recommended him to direct the company’s “High School Circa 1965”.

His film directorial debut was a critical and commercial hit and got him nominations from both the Catholic Mass Media Awards and Urian that effectively launched an illustrious directorial career.

“High School Circa 1965” was immediately followed by the intense “Gabun” and the classic musical “Annie Batungbakal”.

All these at the Second Golden Age of Philippine Cinema

He has directed almost 60 films since his brilliant directorial debut in 1978.

In between filmmaking are directing numerous television anthologies & teleseryes, accepting speaking engagements, conducting acting workshops and judging prestigious international film festivals 
during "Bamboo Flowers" location shoot in Bohol
May 2013


Among his most memorable films were Sinungaling Mong Puso, Tagos ng Dugo, Kapag Napagod ang Puso, Kaya Kong Abutin Ang Langit, Abel Morado, Bagets, My Other Woman and Magnifico


Direk Maryo is one of the very few Filipino filmamakers who can easily switch from one fim genre to the other with equal success.

From successful youth- oriented films like “Bagets” to musical comedies like “Annie Batungbakal” and fantasy films like “Mga Kuwento ni Aling Basyang

He also directed Vilma Santos in one of her most unforgettable and most provocative films ”Tagos ng Dugo”

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Dumaguete: The City of Gentle People

MAY 1994
Right after our grueling three- month training as SmithKline Beecham medical representatives, we were immediately dispatched to our respective territory assignments. I had no expectations except to work hard, hit my monthly target and pass the probationary status

My first assignment took me to Dumaguete City, the capital of Negros Oriental in Central Visayas. My coverage area included not only the city but also the entire province of Negros Oriental. Every other week, I also visited San Carlos City which is technically a part of Negros Occidental

Dumaguete has three major tertiary hospitals, namely the Holy Child Hospital, Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital, and the Silliman Medical Center which is currently associated with St. Luke's Medical Center in Metro Manila and considered one of the best hospitals outside Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. 

Dumaguete is also among the very few cities in the country that have world class laser eye centers.

After adjusting to a new environment, complying with my job requirements and getting settled in Dumaguete City, I started getting myself acquainted with the place that was going to be my home for quite some time. 

infront of my Dumaguete digs 
my very first car
Dumaguete is known as the City of Gentle People because of its friendly, warm and mild- mannered residents. It is also known as the City of Genteel People because of its highly educated, religious and refined people whose civility bespeak of a proper upbringing

Dumaguete City back in 1994, as I remember it, was a relatively peaceful place with its distinct idyllic charm and laidback lifestyle. 

Rows upon rows of magnificent acacia trees lined up the main thoroughfares and served as canopies and umbrage from the elements.

Lazy Saturday mornings often stretched to afternoon while cooped up in bed. It was life in a perpetual slow motion


Dumaguete's rich cultural heritage and historic past that can be gleaned from its impressive turn- of- the century buildings, well- preserved antiquities and sprawling haciendas and quaint al fresco cafes contrast nicely with its youthful vibe courtesy of its students who come from all parts of the country. 

Its laidback and moderate way of life has made it the perfect place to study and to pursue intellectual inclinations


Who can ever miss out Silliman University, the oldest American- established university in Asia and a distinct landmark in the city? 

My first time to enter Silliman University was to watch the Fiddler on the Roof that was staged inside the Luce Auditorium. 


People can actually learn a thing or two from theatergoers in Dumaguete City when it comes to viewing etiquette. One has to be properly attired. When the show has started, no one can enter or exit except during intermission. 

Mobile pagers have to be turned off or put in silent mode. (yes dear, mobile phones were quite humongous during the mid- 90's hence no one ever thought of bringing one along)  Clapping was simply not being done. 

It comes during the curtain call and talking during the show is simply not being done. Talk of refinement, culture and breeding 


The city offered a lot when it comes to gustatory delights. 

From its Spanish heritage, one can easily partake of authentic Spanish food. Paella, escabeche, tapas and Spanish chorizo. 

I also remember the sinfully delicious sans rival and silvanas. 

There are times also when I would drop by the city market to partake of budbod kabog, a special kind of suman that is best paired with a steaming mug of native chocolate. 

Don Atilano’s was the place to be for the best steak in town. 

Chicken enchiladas and cheese cake too. La Cavitena’s was also one of its best known reataurants. 

Among medreps, the best- kept secret is an unpretensious bamboo and wooden structure along the highway of Tayasan, Negros Oriental that served fried chicken. But it wasn’t just any kind of chicken. 

It was native fried chicken to be dipped in native vinegar with sili and served with newly steamed rice and downed with ice- cold Coke. 

No wonder, I gained a lot of weight in my brief stay in Dumaguete City


I easily made a lot of friends with Dumaguete City- based medical representatives. We had our own group called ADDS or Association of Dumaguete Detailmen & Salesmen that aimed to foster camaraderie and cordial relations among the members. We organized our own Christmas parties and other special occasions.  

Typical scene in Holy Child Hospital


I easily bonded with the sales force and detailmen in Dumaguete but I was closest with my SB counterparts. 

The first one was Myra Cartago who aside from a keen business acumen knew how to whip up the best pastries and the best gourmet dishes. She can be quite mataray but deep inside is a super bait person

She always got the biggest sales orders and purchases from the hospitals and pharmacies.  

Myra with the Silliman University Medical Center Pharmacy Staff
No wonder, she always made the Top Ten every year during our National Sales Conferences

Me and Myra Cartago 
When Myra relocated to Cebu, Eileen Cagalawan, a vivacious and bubbly girl who always had this sunny disposition, took over. 

Fun, Fearless, Fabulous & Fashionista Female Friend
Eileen Thornton
Seemingly, on the outside, she had this carefree, devil- may- care attitude but once you get to know her, you realize that here is someone who shared my attitude towards life and work. Sensible and practical. We just hit it off. 

We shared the same passion and taste for music, the good things in life and having a positive and upbeat disposition. 

We even shared the same birthday month and year!

Sharing the same birthday 

My circle of friends in the industry included Neil Alviola whom we affectionately call as the Prince of Calo, San Jose. We often go to his place for the cool sea breeze, the kinilaw and sinugbang baboy. 

There is only  one thing that Neil hates; Do NOT ever think of taking a stolen shot of Neil. He just hates candid photos and so this is the reason why I'm using his FB profile pic. 

Neil, don't worry, YOU are gorgeous! 

And there was Joevir Laroga, the most gwapo and most fashionable among the medical reps, was often compared to the movie actor Patrick Guzman. He was the trendsetter without even trying to. He was the guy to go to if you want to ask which tie looks best when paired with a particular pair of long sleeves  

Martin Atayde, the Spanish mestizo from Bacolod City was the cool dude who was always the voice of reason

The prim & proper & very reserved Esmee Eullaran was a member of the gang as well. 

Esmee was the demure baby of the group
Who can forget the very trendy Mitch from Manila? 

She had this unconventional type of beauty that proved to be very attractive to the opposite sex. 

I bumped into her a couple of years back in the lovely island paradise of Panglao, Bohol where she has a villa by the beach

Mesmerizing Mitch Just Knew How 
Although the gorgeous trendsetter Kris Navales, a stunning and super sexy Ilongga was not a medrep, she was romantically linked to Joevir so that made her a member of the gang

 Fashionable Kris & Vivacious Eileen
I also remember Myla”Jinkee” Policios who was one of the very first to really make me feel welcome when I was new in the city.

Then there were Mark Solomon and Fernando “Ding” Torres, Weng Lagera, Edwin Eullaran, Kenneth, Teddy, Randy Duro, Barnard Belleza, Mae-an Falcis the sweetest Ilongga I've ever met, and a lot more

Myra Cartago & Rowena "Weng" Lagera always called each other as "Mama". Weng indeed was the sweet and charming Manilena who had a ready smile for every one and who knew how to put people at ease

with Mico & Carlisle & medrep friends in Boracay

On a sad note, I was shocked upon learning of the sudden demise of a dear dear friend Dr. Ambrosio Miguel "Ami" Madamba. His untimely death on February 15, 2009 was met with disbelief by both friends and acquaintances. 

He was a well- respected and well- loved pediatrician not only of Dumaguete City but also in the entire province of Negros Oriental. 

He was very close to us and never declined invitations to special occasions. He even surprised me and Eileen with a birthday cake when we turned a year older back in February 1996. He was one of us and never required special attention. 

Very self- effacing and very private. He is sorely missed by everyone

Sleep tight Dr. Ami

That's Dr. Madamba (with eyeglasses) during my joint birthday bash with Eileen
The good old days with Dr. Madamba 
the boyish- looking Dr. Bong Rosario was another close friend

Dumaguete City has an exciting nighlife. 

After work and when dusk settles in, the place to go to was Lighthaus Café overlooking the Boulevard. 
Hanging out at Lighhaus Cafe with Patrick Lee

The guy in stripes is Andre Velasco, another medrep who was part of of the group  
The best music, great ambience, lots of cool people around and of course, the very friendly club owner Patrick Lee made it one of our favorite hangouts. 

Then there was Honeycomb whose star attractions were the Yajnat Band and the sultry lounge singer named Annalyn


I miss everything but if I were to be asked for that something that I am excited to see again, it would have to be the Boulevard

It's actually named Rizal Boulevard in honor of Dr. Jose P. Rizal but everyone calls it Boulevard

When in Dumaguete City, one cannot simply miss this 780-meter strip of wide beachfront promenade. 

It runs almost entirely along the city’s commercial district and provides quite a refreshing and calming view when dining or having a drink at one of the many restaurants or bars lining the street. 

Rizal Boulevard is a a 780- meter stretch of beachfront promenade that offers a magnificent view of the ocean especially for those who are dining or unwinding at one of the restaurants and bars that line the whole area.

It is perfect for an early morning stroll or for a jog. I cannot even describe how the whole panoramic view dramatically changes when the sun is about to set. 

During evenings, it’s the perfect place for a romantic walk amidst the tall and imposing acacia trees that have strings of lights festooned on its massive and crooked branches. 

outside the Lighthouse Bar by the Boulevard


I also miss those beautiful socio- cultural activities and celebrations in Dumaguete City. For instance, the Santacruzan in Dumaguete, always a star-studded affair that is highly- anticipated during summer. 

It became even more special for me because I was invited to be part of the event . The Santacruzan in May is celebrated in such a unique way that it is not merely a parade of beautiful sagalas and dashing escorts, but a re-enactment of religious and historical events. 

I made a lot of friends there. I thought it would be forever but my Dumaguete assignment would prove to be a brief two- year interlude only.


On December 1996, my boss told me that I was to be assigned in Cebu City. It came without a warning. I thought I could handle it well. I knew it was one of our occupational hazards. That of being uprooted from a present assignment or to be reshuffled and to be banished to God knows where

It was with a heavy heart that I packed up everything, said goodbye and before I drove off, I took one last look at the place that I had learned to love and just like that, I zoomed away and Dumaguete with all its memories slowly became a blur and then, I was gone 

So what else do I miss about Dumaguete City? Everything and anything that is about Dumaguete

It has been 16 years since I left Dumaguete City. 

The years may have dimmed a bit of the memories but the feelings and my yearning for the place and its wonderful people would always be there

Dumaguete City and its people would always be remembered with fondness 

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