Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chrismael Caldo: Bohol's Adopted Son

Today is Father's Day. Another day to salute and to give a tribute  to everyone's unsung hero.

We always hear of stories about single moms but it's not everyday that we hear of single dads who are doubly challenged for they have to be both father and mother to their kids and in our subject's case, to his one and only unica hija

Today, I give way to one such guy who has embraced the Boholano ways after falling in love with the beauty and people of this island paradise.

He first set foot in Bohol for some business but eventually stayed and hopefully for good

He is Chrismael Caldo who is named as such for he was born on December 25.

A true- blue Caviteno from Imus, he is now based here in Tagbilaran City.

I am a web designer by profession and a proud father to my child. 

At work, clients at times need a particular photo that you can’t just grab on the internet. I started taking photos with my 2mp digital camera for some of the projects I did to gather ideas.
Then a couple of years ago I became a father. I started taking pictures of her almost everyday. 
That is when it hit me; life is a fast-paced cycle, changes happen every minute. There is no better way to preserve the moments with my child but through photography. I took photos of her as much as I can.
That is when I realized that I had to learn more about photography.

I personally prefer portraits that tell a story.
I take in nature and people as good elements that altogether inspire me in putting up an interesting story.
I want people to look interesting, no matter how stiff, uncomfortable, robotic, shy the model is… my challenge is to bring out the best in them.

I want to create interesting images, I want people to feel something when they’re looking at my photos 
We’re human, we feel a lot. And if you feel something out of the image or you change somebody’s life because they feel better about themselves in front of the camera… that’s pretty rewarding.

I am more into headshots, glamour and portraits

As a single parent, I don't have the luxury of time to shoot that often. 
If time permits, I only shoot during weekends or holidays. 
Been doing photography since September 2009, when I purchased my first ever DSLR. 

I have no plans to make photography as my professional career although there are times when I get paid when colleagues and friends ask me to take their photographs (portraits, parties, weddings) I want to enjoy doing it as much as I can. 

Capture all the special moments and keep the good memories that come with it. 
It is so rare for people to find their niche when it comes to hobby and passion but I am happy to have found mine. 

I get to do it whenever, wherever and with whoever. I wanted to keep it that way without being pressured by the idea of sweating my efforts out for money. 

Photography should remain a hobby for me that should completely be detached from becoming a job. 

You may visit Chris and his gallery HERE    

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