Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Teaching Adventure

A reunion with my Grade Six pupils
Who would have thought that I would become a teacher? 

An English language teacher at that!

Me? I could not even make head nor tail with the dreaded sentence patterns then when I was a student myself. Teaching grammar was quite a challenge especially when dealing with tenses, subject- verb agreement and more

I believe the secret to making students love the subject is to embrace the notion of being a mentor and not a tormentor

I have never entertained illusions of something higher than being an instructor only for students be they grade school pupils or college students. 

To be able to impart something and for your students to actually learn something is fulfillment already

So goodbye to this chapter of my exciting and unpredictable life. 

Onwards to more excitement and looking forward to meeting new faces and going to new places

But for the meantime, here are some mementos of my teaching adventure

with parents of my former Grade Six pupils

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