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Russia Hosts 2013 Miss Universe Pageant

The Lady & The Trump

Donald Trump, owner of Miss Universe Organization & 2012 Miss Universe Olivia Culpo


Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe Organization, and reigning Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, revealed during the Miss USA 2013 telecast that the 2013 Miss Universe pageant will be held at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia, on Saturday November 9th.

Aside from vodka and caviar, Russia is also known for its stunningly beautiful women. It is also recognized and respected globally for its world- class ballerinas and athletes. 

Hosting the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, Russia would give the country an opportunity to showcase the best that they can offer to the rest of the world

It should be noted that only two European countries have hosted the pageant. 

It has been exactly forty years since Greece became the first European country to host the pageant back in 1973. 

Crowned Miss Universe that year was our very own Miss Philippines Margarita “Margie” Moran who was also voted by the international media converged in Greece that time as Miss Photogenic. 

Cyprus hosted the 2000 edition of Miss Universe won by Lara Dutta of India. She was also selected by the judges as Best in Swimsuit and Best in National Costume 1st RU

It’s interesting to note that both Greece and Cyprus share the distinction of being the place of birth for the Goddess of Beauty & Love, Aphrodite. 


It’s interesting to note that aside from being Mediterranean countries, Greece and Cyprus also share (or is it dispute?) the distinction of being the place of birth for the Goddess of Beauty & Love, Aphrodite. 

Both countries also crowned Asian beauties as their winners.

Will it be another Asian beauty? Will it be a third Miss Universe crown for either the Philippines or India?

Here's hoping that our very own Ariella Ara Arida will be able to continue our three consecutive Top Five placements.   

The 90 beauties are expected to arrive in Russian soil around October 15th for the pre-pageant activities

venue of Miss Universe 2013, November 9, Moscow, Russia
Lobby of Crocus City Hall 
Crocus City Hall is a concert hall that is part of the sprawling Crocus City Trade & Exhibition Centre in the north-west to MKAD, Myakinino, near Moscow. 

The building is constructed in memory of Russian-Azerbaijani singer Muslim Magomaev and owned by millionaire Aras Agalarov. 

The hall has 6,200 seats. 

It is a unique two-level concert hall designed for running of events of various scale and profile starting from large scale congresses, conventions, business forums, conferences and seminars and including shows of Russian and worldwide stars, festivals, performances and corporate events.

Crocus City Hall’s layout and infrastructure allows transformation into a small scale hall for 2, 200 seats (the stalls and amphitheatre) and transformation of stalls’ space (576 sq m) into a fan-area, dancing area or a place to accommodate corporate events and and receptions.

Global stars’ performances were held with fantastic success: Elton John, Garou, Vanessa Mae, The Alan Parsons Project, Backstreet Boys, Sting, Stomp, Sarah Connor, James Last, Tarkan and many others.

Crocus City Trade & Exhibition Centre, Moscow, Russia

Crocus City Trade & Exhibition Centre is one of the most scaled and prominent projects until now featuring a combination of trade, entertainment and exhibition spaces as an integrated complex built according to a unique architectural solution.

Today, Crocus City consists of the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre, Aquarium Hotel, multifunctional congress and concert Crocus City Hall, Tvoy Dom one of the largest in Russia one-stop shopping centre, Crocus City Mall Exclusive Shopping Gallery, Shore House Marine & Restaurant.

The Crocus City infrastructure provides any visitor an opportunity to enjoy himself in any possible way.

Businessmen will certainly visit exhibitions held at Crocus Expo IEC and will productively discuss current affairs at a business-lunch.

Restaurants and cafes on the Crocus City site provide an opportunity to choose a cuisine and atmosphere to any liking.

Aquarium Hotel (225 rooms of various categories), located in the third pavilion of the fairgrounds, will make the staying of guests and exhibitors participating in events at the Crocus Expo IEC much more comfortable. 

Everything necessary for comfortable staying is available: air conditioner, refrigerator, safe, hair dryer, multichannel satellite TV, access to Internet, long distance and international telecommunications, sanitary kit.

From L to R: The Donald, Aras Agalarov (President of the Crocus Group), Olivia Culpo, Emin (International Russian pop star and son of Aras Agalarov)

2012 Miss Universe Olivia Culpo from Rhode Island, USA 

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