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Southeast Asian Beauties Dominate Miss Grand International 2016, Miss Philippines is 1st RU

It was a one- two- three finish for Southeast Asia in the just- concluded Miss Grand International 2016 Pageant with Miss Indonesia as top winner and Miss Philippines Nicole Cordoves as a close 1st RU. Miss Thailand made it as 2nd RU
 Ariska Putri Pertiwi of Indonesia wins Miss Grand Intl
Rounding out the top five were Miss Puerto Rico as 3rd RU and Miss USA as 4th RU.

 Miss Grand Intl Top Three: Philippines, Thailand & Indonesia
During the crucial final round, the five finalists were asked who they would choose between US presidential bets Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump to ask for help in stopping war and violence. Miss USA and Miss Philippines were loudly booed when they picked Donald Trump. The rest of the finalists picked Hillary Clinton.

The rest of the top ten were the girls from Peru, Ukraine, Macau, Bahamas and South Korea.

 Nicole Cordoves is Miss Grand Intl 2016 1st RU

 Intro of Candidates
 Swimsuit Competition
 Evening Gown Competition
Congratulations to all the winners!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Theoprolia Clarin of Sevilla: Bb Pilipinas- Bohol 1968

Theoprolia Clarin:  Bb Pilipinas- Bohol 1968
 The year was 1968. It was the height of the swinging 60’s and Bohol’s loveliest ladies were all giddy with excitement. 

The reason for all the hoopla? 

Binibining Pilipinas Charities led by Madame Stella Marquez de Araneta had granted the Bohol Jaycees, then an all- male socio- civic organization, the franchise to organize a local Bb Pilipinas search that would select Bohol’s official representative to the 1968 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant.

That year, a sweet and charming beauty from Sevilla was named Bb. Pilipinas- Bohol 1968 and, along with Emma Mumar, got the chance to represent Bohol in the nationwide beauty search for the Bb Pilipinas- Universe crown held by Pilar Pilapil of Cebu.

 Ma’am Polia is as lovely as the day she was crowned Bb Pilipinas- Bohol 1968

 Bb Pilipinas 1968 Poolside Press Presentation
 Bb Pilipinas Borad of Judges included movie queen Susan Roces
On January 4, 1969 barely a year after competing in the national finals, she exchanged lifetime vows with  a Bohol Jaycee stalwart that she met during the Bohol pageant. The debonair and popular Jaycee member was smitten with the beautiful Sevilla lady that he pursued her and the rest is history.
 Ma'am Polia obliges Your Roving Eye with a photo
The name of the lady?  Theoprolia Clarin who is affectionately called Polia or Pol. And the gentleman? He was Mike Parras.

The marital union produced four children, namely; Gerthrude Rizza, Marcel Mikelo, Estelle Liana and Cecile June.

Your Roving Eye is very grateful to the well- bred and very poised Ma’am Polia who graciously said yes to a request for some photos to go with this feature two days before she went back to the United States with her youngest child Cecile June. 

Thanks also to Estelle Liana for the additional info.  

The Most Shocking Loss In Miss Universe History

It has been 30 years since the greatest unsolved mystery in the history of Miss Universe unraveled in Lima, Peru. South Africa's Odette Octavia Scrooby had confirmed her frontrunner status when she topped the Preliminary Competition which consisted of Swimsuits, Evening Gowns & One-on- One Interview with the Judges. 
 Highest preliminary scores

She also had the highest average score in the Preliminary Swimsuit Competition followed by England and USA. She was unstoppable going into the Coronation Night and poised to follow Margaret Gardiner’s footsteps and become the second Miss South Africa to win the Miss Universe crown but it wasn't meant to be


 with Bob Barker

After the announcement of the Top Twelve where she was the fourth girl to be called, the Interviews came next. The inimitable host Bob Barker asked her about life in the farm, about Peru and if she had tried to catch a llama to add to her list of pets. She showed her gregarious and witty side and managed to snag second place in the Interviews.

second place in the interview segment

 the shocking score that ended her Miss Universe bid

It was in the Swimsuit Competition where the journey of Odette abruptly ended. Image For some inexplicable reasons, she was given a dismal score that ranked her 10th among the 12 semifinalists . It was inconceivable that the same set of judges who gave her the highest marks during the Preliminary Swimsuit Competition would deliberately mark her down in that segment of the semifinal round.

Pageant fans speculated that perhaps one of the judges might have punched in the wrong score thus the shockingly low 7.225 average score or perhaps, there might have been a computer glitch.

 Highest score in evening gowns
Odette rallied in the Evening Gown Competition where she emerged as the winner but it was not enough.

When the average scores came out, she lost the fifth and final spot to Miss USA who had 8.181. She settled for sixth place with a heart- breaking 8.172.

Close but not enough to advance to the final round.

I strongly believe that the computer error was the reason why “the highest and lowest scores would be discarded” scoring format was adopted to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Regardless of the heartbreaking and shocking results from the 1982 Miss Universe Pageant, Odette Scrooby would be remembered forever as one of the loveliest candidates to ever grace the Miss Universe stage. 

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