Saturday, July 11, 2020

1st for the 1st: Dr. Armi Judy Apalisok Piollo Marks 1ST Anniversary

Dr. Armi Judy Apalisok Piollo, Bohol’s first cosmetic surgeon to train in Seoul, South Korea, has every reason to be smiling nowadays. Her clinic, Dr. Piollo Aesthetic, Cosmetic & Wellness Center just marked its 1st anniversary. 

Located at the Tagbilaran Community Hospital, the beauty and wellness haven has been one of her dream projects ever since she trained at the Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery (KCCS)

Fractional CO2 for skin resurfacing & large pore minimizing and NDYAG Laser for tattoo & birthmark removal are two of the most requested services. Her clinic also offers Korean Body Glow, Chin Implant &Noselift, among others.
Fractional CO2 Laser

During our chitchat, the amiable doctor shared a very interesting insight in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. “With societal pressure and with social media’s incessant pursuit for physical perfection and coupled with advances in plastic surgery & procedures that are readily available, people are now flocking to wellness centers here in Bohol” 

“Aesthetic & cosmetic procedures are not for everyone. Doctors have been trained to determine whether a procedure is needed or not.

Is it to improve one’s state of mind & to boost one’s self- esteem? Is it from pressure to look perfect and to fit in? Is it to snag a lifetime partner?

More importantly, will such surgical intervention be the solution for increased self- esteem?” and if the patient believes that it’s a make or break when it comes to cosmetic surgery, then go for it”

Dr. Piollo reiterated that with more competent Boholano doctors in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery, and specialists in beauty & wellness, better and improved services are now within reach to the Bohol community.

She stressed that while functional & purposive cosmetic procedures have proven to be helpful for deformities through genetics or from accidents, they should never be the shortcut to validate one’s worth.

As a parting shot, she gently reminds that the key is to improve one’s state of mind. To be more accepting of one’s flaws & imperfections. It may be a cliché but it really is true that true beauty comes from within.

Visit Dr. Piollo at Tagbilaran Community Hospital Monday- Saturday, 9 am- 6 pm

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Highly Recommended Places to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Bohol

We sigh, we swoon, we laugh and we cry as we throw all caution to the wind and fall in love. Just like any rollercoaster ride, it’s full of twists and turns, highs and lows, ups and downs. But hey, that’s the paradox of what loving is all about. We take risks as we circumnavigate the mysteries of that most challenging of all emotions; love. So go out and celebrate the gift of love for without love, there wouldn’t be life.

And s promised last week, we will give you some of the best ideas to spend Valentine’s Day. Boholanos love to celebrate and mark the most romantic day of the year. Are you going to celebrate with the usual flowers and chocolates? Are you in for a delectable treat with your special someone or do you want to drown your sorrows with your pals? At any rate, here are some suggested things to do this Valentine’s Day;


Check out Umaya’s Japanese Restaurant at Lite Port Center. Enjoy your Valentines evening with your family, your friends or with your special someone, as the place is going to be designed for a cozy Valentine date! We can only accommodate 40 at a time so book your date time with us. Group of 5? Bring 1 free of charge! Children below 13 gets 50% discount, children 3 years old below, free of charge! 

For only Php599.00, you'll enjoy a smorgasbord of Nihon shoku! Eat all you can. Call or message us at these numbers: 500 9157, 09199083362. 

6PM to 7PM, 7PM to 8PM, 8PM to 9PM


Astoria Bohol
Come and celebrate Valentine’s Day at Astoria Bohol on Feb 14, 6 pm with a P750 per head buffet with live acoustic band entertainment. Plus a romantic stroll for the lovebirds at the Astoria beachfront


There are two sides to a relationship. The sweet and cool. And there’s the hot and spicy. Navigate the best of Asia with a full course sweet or spicy Asian dinner buffet with a live acoustic band to bring out the romantic side of your significant other.  Only at Persona Mesa  

Wanna reach out to the stars to seal that perfect match made in heaven? Enjoy a quiet evening at Be Grand Resort’s Lune, Bohol’s newest roof deck tapas bar while stargazing and enjoying a sip of your fave wine and coolers  on Valentine’s Day

Sing your heartache and heartbreak away, dance your way to his and her heart, roses for the ladies and enjoy ice- cold beer with a five + one free promo this Valentine's Day at one of the city’s coolest bars, D Box right beside Kew Hotel.

 No registration fee. Just show up on Feb 14. First come, first served basis for the challengers


Be one of the first to check and hang out at the latest dining destination in Bohol. 

Get a bite of a truly international array of dishes and wash down with a wide variety of cocktails and beverages this Valentine’s Day while you experience a panoramic view of the sunset view and the cozy ambience of a new dining experience with a welcoming Filipino architectural design.

 Drop by at Cush Restaurant & Lounge, La Mar Serena Beach, San Isidro, Dauis

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones or with the gang with a hearty and sumptuous dinner, enjoy the perfect panoramic view of Tagbilaran Bay and get entertained with acoustic music.  All these and more at Lantaw Native Restaurant  

Saturday, January 25, 2020

5 for 5: Persona Mesa Celebrates Five Years with Five Southeast Asian Dishes

Five years after it tickled the palate of picky Boholano diners and touristsalike with its innovative take on modern Filipino & Asian cuisine, Persona Mesa has expanded its menu. 
Marjoe Yamada

Quietly and sans the fanfare, Persona Mesa, the upscale restaurant that reigns supreme along J. A. Clarin St. this city launched its Southeast Asian cuisine with signature dishes from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Southeast Asian cuisine is famous around the world. Its mélange of delectable dishes is synonymous with intoxicating aroma, fiery spices and the soothing flavors of its cuisine. 

To capture the authentic flavors, taste and texture of these dishes, Marjoe Yamada, the stylish & sassy lady behind the upscale resto went on a month- long series of culinary classes. The gastronomic adventure that took her to exotic locales and the back streets of Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam was an enriching experience that had her cradling an armful of completion certificates from the culinary classes she attended.

Here are the first five signature dishes that you MUST check out at Persona Mesa; 
Nasi Goreng

NASI GORENG Indonesia’s delectable rice dish with chicken, prawns & shredded omelet is the ultimate for spicy food lovers 
Pad Thai

PAD THAI, Thailand’s signature stir fried rice noodles with eggs, bean sprouts & tofu in a sauce of tamarind, fish, dried shrimp, red chili pepper, a pinch of sugar, a hint of crushed peanuts and a dash of lemon. Indeed, a delicate balance of sweet, salty, sour & spicy dish. 

PHO, Vietnam’s popular noodle soup is served in restos around the world. It consists of the perfect noodles, tender slices of beef, crunchy and spicy garnishes and broth for one hot sweaty heavenly treat. The key is in the broth that consists of simmered beef bones, onions, ginger & fish sauce. Mixed together, it’s perfection. 
Curry Laksa

From Malaysia, we have CURRY LAKSA, a slightly creamy noodle dish that is a cacophony of flavors is infused with coconut milk, the spiciness of chili and the fragrance of spices. 
Pork Binagoongan

And from the Philippines, we have PORK BINAGOONGAN, a best- selling dish in Persona Mesa, it is pork belly sautéed in shrimp paste. Scrumptious delight when served with eggplant and steaming hot fried rice.

After all these years, Marjoe Yamada has single- handedly stirred all the ingredients that made Trip Advisor consistenly rate Persona Mesa as one of Bohol’s best restaurants. Of course, with the backing of her Head Cook Aljon Solijon and her dependable & well- trained service crew. 
Head Cook Aljon Solijon

So what are you waiting for? Persona Mesa is open daily except Tuesdays, 11 am- 2 pm and 5.30 pm- 10 pm

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Bye Bye Bb. Pilipinas, Hello Miss Universe Philippines

With the new year comes new beginnings and endings,  and in the case of Binibining Pilipinas, the earth- shaking announcement of the parting of ways between Bb Pilipinas Charities Inc (BPCI) and the Miss Universe Org. The split effectively marks the end of a glorious era in Philippine pageant history. Under the guidance of Madame Stella Marquez Araneta, the country’s premier pageant has produced four Miss Universe winners, eight runners up, 10 semifinalists and the most number of Miss Photogenic winners.
For the past 55 years, BPCI has built and nurtured Bb Pilipinas into becoming the country’s premier beauty search and whose winners have brought pride and recognition to the country.  As the official Miss Universe franchise holder, Bb Pilipinas has been spearheading the selection of the country’s bet for the world’s most prestigious beauty competitions. It was unimaginable that the search for the Philippines’ candidate for Miss Universe would be headed by another pageant.  The news that the Miss Universe Organization did not renew its license with Bb Pilipinas sent shock waves to pageant fans. 
MEET THE NEW GROUP BEHIND THE MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES ORG. Starting this January, the newly- organized Miss Universe Philippines Org (MUP) will launch its inaugural search for the next Miss Universe Philippines. The group has former Bb Pilipinas- Universe 2011 and Miss Universe 2011 3rd RU Shamcey Supsup- Lee as its national director and long-time pageant mentor Jonas Gaffud as creative director. Other officials include Albert Andrada as the Design Council Head, Lia Ramos as Head of Women Empowerment Committee and Charity, lawyer Nad Bronce as Head of Legal Affairs, and Mario Garcia as Business Development and Marketing Head. 

As Stella takes her exit, Shamcey sashays to take over

In a carefully- worded statement released right after the Miss Universe 2020 finals, MUP announced their partnership with the Miss Universe Organization in the selection of the Philippines’ bet for the Miss Universe Pageant and, at the same time, expressed the gratitude of the MUO of the leadership of the Araneta Group and Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. for their more than 50 years of stewardship of the Miss Universe brand and franchise in the Philippines. 
From Stella to Shamcey

The new alliance and partnership is confident that with its alignment with the transformative purpose and vision of Miss Universe, the beauty, the grace and intelligence of the Filipina will continue to shine and captivate in the global stage.

BPCI PROMISES A BIGGER & BETTER BB PILIPINAS SANS MISS U TITLE Through an official statement, "Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc (BPCI) and its ExCom headed by Ms. Stella Marquez de Araneta, Ms. Conchitina Bernardo, Ms. Betsy Westendorp Brias, Mr. Raymond Villanueva and Ms.Irene Jose, informed everyone that after 55 years of nurturing and protecting the brand, Miss Universe Organization (MUO) has decided not to renew its license with BPCI," 

Despite the setback, BPCI is putting on a brave face and appears to be moving forward even after losing the Miss Universe franchise with the launch of the 2020 edition of the annual search for Binibining Pilipinas, the longest- running and the most prestigious beauty pageant in the country which is aimed at focusing on its charitable initiatives and the selection of the country’s bets to upcoming international beauty competitions. 

The major crown will go to the Binibining Pilipinas International title. Other crowns are Binibining Pilipinas Supranational, Binibining Pilipinas Globe, and Binibining Pilipinas Grand International. But more importantly, BPCI shall continue its charity works with orphanages, children’s hospitals and wounded soldiers at the AFP Hospital, animal welfare and other charitable causes.

WHO IS MADAME STELLA MARQUEZ ARANETA?  With the breaking news that Bb Pilipinas Charities, Inc lost the Miss Universe franchise to the newly- organized Miss Universe Philippines Org, Stella Marquez Araneta, the lady behind BPCI became a trending topic in social media. 
Stella Marquez & her Court

THE FIRST MISS INTERNATIONAL  Born Stella Marquez Zawadsky, the Colombian beauty captivated the world when she was crowned the first Miss International in 1960. After winning the title, she got invited to visit countries from around the world. It was a year after becoming Miss International that Stella was invited to grace a fashion show to be held at the Araneta Center in Quezon City, Philippines where she met a dashing and well- mannered Philippine industrialist named Jorge Leon Araneta who swept her off her feet. 
What followed was an intercontinental romance that spanned the Pacific Ocean from Manila, Philippines to Cali, Colombia. Their love story culminated with a dazzling fairy tale wedding in Cali, Colombia. During the Golden Anniversary of the Bb Pilipinas Pageant back in 2013, the entire country swooned when the very private Jorge Araneta planted a kiss on his beauty queen wife during the tribute for Stella.

The now famous kiss was more than just a recognition of her exemplary and remarkable handling of BPCI. It was a reaffirmation of a Pinoy’s love and devotion for his beloved.

STELLA’S LEGACY & GREATEST CONTRIBUTION TO CONTEMPORARY PHILIPPINE SOCIETY Madame Stella maybe a Colombian by birth but she is definitely a Filipina by heart. Stella has been instrumental in paving the way for the discovery of lovely Filipinas who put the Philippines in the world map of legendary beauties. 

It was in 1964 that she organized the Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Incorporated (BPCI), a non-stock, non-profit organization and foundation, the organizer of the Binibining Pilipinas (or Miss Philippines). For the past 55 years, BPCI has established skills trainings and educational workshops for the indigents and philanthropic/humanitarian projects and activities that have benefitted many orphans and street children, poor families and other less fortunate members of the Philippine society. 
Bb Pilipinas queens’ Golden Reunion in 2013

Under her stellar handling of BPCI, the Philippines has produced four Miss Universe winners, five Miss International winners and a Miss Supranational winner and this achievement has already secured for her a place in Philippine pageant history.

BOHOLANAS WHO WON IN BB PILIPINAS Four Boholanas have won in Bb Pilipinas. They are Karen Boyonas Gallmann 2018 Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental and 2018 Miss Intercontinental (First Pinay to win the crown) Anna Maris Arcay Igpit 2006 Bb Pilipinas World, Richelle Pacaldo Angalot 2009 Bb Pilipinas 1st Runner Up and Perla Salig Teves 1979 Bb Pilipinas 1st Runner Up
Your Roving Eye with Bb Pilipinas- Intercontinental 2018 Karen Gallmann
& Ms. Vanessa Aumentado who organized Karen’s victorious homecoming visit 
L-R: Anna Maris Igpit, Ritchell Angalot & Perla Salig- Teves

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Bohol Designers Mounts Successful Runway Show

Twelve designers. More than 70 models. It was the biggest fashion event to be mounted in Bohol. 

Aptly named “EXODUS: Fashion Forward”, the year- end fashion extravaganza showcased the couture collections of Bohol Designers Circle composed of 12 of Bohol’s best designers, namely; Bebie Tagoctoc, Aileen Sendrijas Pasagad, La’doi Aquino, Kim Villamor, Nikki Simporios, Christian Bustrillos, Ryan Sadudaquil, Christian Relator, EJ Relampagos, Charlow Arbasto and the duo of Rose Paul Silhouette. 
EJ Relampagos' couture collection
Kudos to Bohol artistry & craftsmanship
Christian Relator with his muse Queenebeth Barcelona
Each designer came up with a five to seven piece collection that reflected the designers’ fashion philosophy and design aesthetics. 

Bohol’s fashionable set came to see and be seen. Among the notables in the audience were Boholano fashion czar Shanon Pamaong of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, stylish Dr. Disi Yap- Alba 

 Rose Paulk Silhouette's dreamy collection
Held at the refurbished Bohol Cultural Center, the fast- paced fashion show was a victory for Bohol’s fashion industry and one of the first steps in reaffirming the talent & craftsmanship of the Boholano designers and the artisans along with the styling teams, hair & make up mavens in the beauty & fashion world.

Support your Boholano designers.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Beautiful Boholanas, Delectable Designers, Exquisite Exodus Fashion Gala

EXODUS, Bohol’s most glamorous fashion event, will be highlighting the creations of Bohol Designers Circle, the collective name of the 12 fabulous divas composed of Bebie Tagoctoc, Aileen Sendrijas Pasagad, La’doi Aquino, Kim Villamor, Nikki Simporios, Christian Bustrillos, Ryan Sadudaquil, Christian Relator, EJ Relampagos, Charlow Arbasto and the duo of Rose Paul Silhouette.  
Celina Villoceno & Erika Limbago
Perlie Jeverola & Margarette Requillo
Aside from the sartorial sensations, the spotlight will inevitably focus on some of Bohol’s hottest models, beauty queens and gorgeous hunks. 
Bianca Gaviola & Queenebeth Barcelona
Liezel Turtoga & Queenie Castrodes
Rizalee Rose Razo & Aira Lumantas
Christina Schott & Catherine Tabaniag

The lineup of runway mannequins is a veritable who’s who in Bohol’s fashion industry & pageant circuit including Miss Bohol 2019 Celina Villoceno, Stockton, California Fil-Am Anthony Bonocan, Margarett Requillo, Danica Majumot, Catherine Tabaniag, Rizalee Rose Razo, Erika Limbago, Queenebeth Barcelona, Leizel Turtoga, Bianca Gaviola, Perlie Jeverola, Queenie Castrodes & Christina Schott. 

Proceeds beneficiaries are fellow Boholanos in iSuppor+ HIV Advocates.

Catch the glitz & glamour on Saturday, December 21, 8 pm, Bohol Cultural Center

Shanon Pamaong of Fashion Institute of the Philippines
IO Eco Beauty Shop
My Madamme Productions.

RC Lucky Graphics.
Kew Hotel.
H&F Department Store.
Carol's Charm.
717 Cesar Place.
JRV Construction and Supply.
OQ Construction and Supply.
Ashira Properties.
Boffo Resort.
French Pearson.
Jan Wendell Lim.
Maricel Tirol

Labb Construction.
The Buzz.
Mayor Marietta Tocmo Sumaylo.
Ystillo Salon.
Dr. Maria Flores Vaño-Adiong.
JBI Gamefarm.
Duchess Salon & Spa.
VL Garden Suites.
Jenny Jane and Jenny Jeanette Yu.
Lalai Omac.

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