Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Remembering the Late Marcel Gatal on Her Birthday

Today, April 26, she would have been 54 years old had she not gone ahead to the Great Beyond.  Last year, on All Souls Day, at three o’clock pm, Ate Marcel Gatal- Diego, the eldest child in our family lost in her three- year battle with breast cancer that was complicated by lung cancer.
 Marcel took the catwalk moments after
she was named Miss Young Bohol 1983  

Ate Marcel was a top radio newscaster and FM DJ of KISS 102.3 FM and DYRD 1161 AM during her college days after the inimitable Ardie Araneta discovered her during their Speech Lab class at the then Divine Word College now Holy Name University.

A certified beauty, she was Hiyas ng Silangan- Bohol 1982. She represented the province in the 1982 Hiyas ng Silangan- Philippines national finals where she was named Miss Talent and made it as a Top Ten Finalist. The following year, she represented Tagbilaran City in the Kabataang Barangay- organized Miss Young Bohol 1983 Pageant which she won also.

 Ate Marcel will always be remembered

In a text message sent to the family, Gov. Edgar Chatto who was KB Bohol Federated Chair when Miss Young Bohol 1983 was staged said 
Marcel was a standout beautiful teenager representing Tagbilaran City KB Federation when she was crowned Ms Young Bohol 1983. She inspired the Boholano youth then with her wit, beauty & grace.
We extend our condolences & prayers to the bereaved family of Marcel as she begins her peaceful journey back to our Lord's Kingdom- Edgar, Pureza, Trisha & the Bohol KB Family”
We still mourn for our loss but we are also comforted by the thought that Ate Marcel Gatal Diego is in a better place where there is no pain, where the sun shines gloriously everyday and where she is finally in peace.
 Mikey Gatal & Ate Marcel with Edi Borja, former Gallares St.
neighbor & DWCT HS batchmate on what turned out to be
her last visit home last year

When someone dear passes away, we realize that we could only talk to them and touch them in our dreams and in our memories. I did get the chance to see her in a dream just recently and I woke up to tear- stained pillows and the thought that I haven’t fully accepted that she is gone.
  Marcel : During the summer of her life
Ate Marcel, wherever you are, I know in my heart of hearts that you are at peace. Your reign as Miss Bohol may have long been over but you will always be fondly remembered in our hearts and in our collective memories.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Summer Love Would Always Be Special

It’s the time of the year when the humid and sweltering heat makes everyone slow down including Your Roving Eye. With the solitude and silence to encourage me, my reveries take me back to those unforgettable summers of yesteryears when things were quite uncomplicated and worry- free. No wonder, they’re often called the halcyon days of your life.

 And the world stood still…

Then you remember those summer flings and romances that by their very nature are fleeting and aren’t meant to last very long.  And because they aren’t your regular relationships, there’s a hint of urgency and a heightened sense of intimacy where you drop off all kinds of pretenses.

 And summer love's a beach

All these and heightened by the best musical soundtrack that seems to come out during summer make up the main ingredients that make summer flings seem magical and truly unforgettable.

When summer ends and you have to go your separate ways, your entire memory of that romantic phase will have to be from the so- called honeymoon phase of any relationship when you have just started to discover each other and when you are lulled into believing that this is it.  

 cherish that one special summer love
For as long as you know how to handle it responsibly and you’re not toying with someone’s emotions, your summer flings would somehow be up there when you look back and recall those wonderful and bittersweet romantic dalliances of your youth.

I did and no regrets. They never fail to put a smile on my face & I would always consider them as some of the best things that ever happened in my life.

As the younger generation go about enjoying the summer of their lives, some, if not most, will find that one spark that could magically change a part of their lives. 

Be it from the summer basketball leagues, summer classes or perhaps, a participation in a community event, there would be the chance that summer love will be abloom.  

Be ready then for the summer of your life!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stylish Maia Dizon in her Sensational Bessie Besana Gown

During the 2016 Sun Life Grepa National Awards Night, my good friend Maia Palapos- Dizon clinched not only  the 2016 Sun Life Financial Presidential Award & 2016 Sun Life Grepa Financial Regular Business Award, she also got the nod of fashion stylists & fashionistas for her sartorial sense and got voted Star of the Night.
 Maia Dizon in her show- stopping evening gown

Fast- rising Manila- based designer Bessie Besana, who also dresses up Miss World 2013 Megan Young and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach created the winning look for Ms. Dizon..Incidentally, Bessie was in Bohol a couple of years back together with his muses Shamcey Supsup & Ariella Arida to judge the Miss Panglao Pageant.
 Dramatic twist provided by the train

According to Bessie Besana, top Manila fashion designer who created Maia’s gown 
“When Maia Dizon came into my shop, I was instantly inspired by her physique. She told me she maintains her body by going to the gym and making sure she takes care of her well being.  She also said that she will be attending a red carpet awards night. I found out later that she was a recipient of a recognition. I then formulated in my mind that what I wanted for her was nothing too extravagant yet it exudes class and elegance.

We chose the colour pistachio green for her gown in gazar fabric. To give it that modern look, we made it high neck and very low back. To add an additional drama, we attached a train to the sleek serpentine gown to give that red carpet worthy look. Not surprisingly, she won star of the night! 
The award proved that it takes two to tango; You need a go- getter and risk- taker for a muse and you need a sartorial masterpiece to make heads turn and make a splash on the red carpet!

 Maia was resplendent in her Bessie Besana gown

Cheers Maia and Bessie!

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