Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Meet the 2018 Miss Bohol Girls Series # 1 Miss Loon

Charysse Jane Roferos 
For the second straight year, the Miss Bohol girls get to be photographed right at their hometowns or city of origin. This is not only to get to know the girls better but also to showcase and promote  their places’ landmarks and tourism potential.  

Meet Loon’s bet for Miss Bohol 2018. She is 21 year old Charysse Jane “Jiejie” Camilotes Roferos. The 5 ‘ 5” tall registered nurse finished her BS Nursing degree from Cebu Normal University last March 2017.   

She has always been an advocate for an active and healthy lifestyle since her student years and had in fact played for her college volleyball women’s team for three years.

She has also been the President of the Red Cross Youth Bohol Chapter- Loon Community and a Loon Youth Sector member.

Jiejie is no stranger to the world of pageantry as she was named Miss CNU Intramurals 2014 First Runner Up and represented the College of Nursing in the Miss Cebu Normal University 2016 search where she emerged 3rd Runner Up.  She has also represented her school in the 2016 Miss PASUC (Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges) Region VII Level and placed as 1st Runner-Up.
Her biggest pageant victory was being crowned as Miss Philippines Earth- Bohol 2016 and was all set to represent the province in the national finals but destiny and fate intervened. 
imposing and immaculate white facade of the Loon Municipal Hall

This year, Charysse Jane is set on winning the crown that has eluded past representatives from her town. Loon has been consistently sending worthy contenders and from the last seven years, (2011- 2017) Loon produced two 1st Runner Up placers, one 2nd Runner Up, one top five finalist and a Miss Photogenic awardee.
  at her town's famous historical landmark "Inang- angan Steps"
Will Charysse Jane become Loon’s first Miss Bohol? Expect the Municipality of Loon to explode in joyous celebration if the stars will align in her favor on pageant night.  


Press Presentation          : Friday, June 29, KEW Hotel
Talent Night                       : Friday, July 13, 8 pm, Bohol Cultural Center
Coronation Night             : Saturday, July 21, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gym

Photo Credits:  Gerald James Cabal

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Here Are the 2018 Miss Bohol Official Candidates

Ninety two years after the first Miss Bohol was crowned, fascination and fixation with the annual quest for the province’s fairest lass hasn’t waned. 
Photo Credits:  TJ Medrana Photography

After it was reinvented and relaunched in 2014 as the search for the Quintessential Boholana, the Miss Bohol Pageant has enjoyed a resurgence in its popularity and is one of the most anticipated highlights of the month- long Sandugo Festival celebration.

Bohol First Lady Pureza Chatto, Project Chair and Ana Loinda Saluan, Project Co- Chair announced that 21 ladies, each representing her town/ city of origin, will be vying to become the successor of Pauline Amelincx for the province’s most prestigious beauty title.

After the girls and the crew wrapped up the Mikee Andrei swimsuit shoot at the sprawling Donatela  Hotel in Tawala, Panglao, the girls posed for one group photo.

Here they are from left to right: 
Group 1  
ALBURQUERQUE Maria Niela Bungabong
VALENCIA Chime Marie Pajo
UBAY Anasela Zarisa Gaviola
TAGBILARAN CITY Raclaire Stephan Trigo
MARIBOJOC Ma. Mediatrix Escabarte
Group 2
BACLAYON Wenna Mae Ali
SIKATUNA Iris May Libres
SEVILLA Faith Lucille Lumosbong
BILAR Jesseth Nez Pasagad
TALIBON Mae Paracuelles
 Group 3
DAUIS Hannah Mae Cimeni
LOBOC Erika Limbago
LOON Charysse Jane Roferos
BALILIHAN Hanjhen Julio
JAGNA Roselle May Acebes
SAN MIGUEL Hazel Abrau
 Group 4
CORELLA Kristine Charisse Enriquez
TUBIGON Ma. Bethel Rose Rosco
CLARIN Liahona Lane Lorzano
DIMIAO Alexi Cahanap 
SAGBAYAN Johanne Benedict Labor

After seeing the girls in their swimwear, Your Roving Eye revised his list of top candidates.

Based on beauty & charm, fitness & confidence, the other girls to watch out for will now include from Group 1 & 2, the girls from Valencia, Tagbilaran City & Bilar with Maribojoc slowly catching up.  From Group 3 & 4, the girls from Dauis, Loon & San Miguel.

Things are indeed heating up as the girls start putting on their game faces. Your Roving Eye however believes that the ultimate game- changer would have to be the press presentation for this is where the ladies would be separated from the girls.  


Press Presentation          : Friday, June 29, KEW Hotel
Talent Night                       : Friday, July 13, 8 pm, Bohol Cultural Center
Coronation Night             : Saturday, July 21, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gym

Joy Suarez and Her Journey to Gold

It all started when our celebrant came home last summer for business and pleasure. It was purely small talk at first with the Suarez sisters Joy & Beth when talk shifted on the latter’s upcoming golden birthday. And the casual mood shifted to a more exciting one. After all, hitting the half century mark is one personal milestone worth celebrating.
And just last week, Your Roving Eye was pleasantly surprised to find out that all the talk we had had taken a tone of finality and she was so glad that her parents and siblings and their families were coming to celebrate with her.

We were all billeted at the newly- opened Premiere Villa section of Astoria Palawan in Puerto Princesa City. The Mangrove, the resort’s main function hall for social functions and corporate affairs was transformed into an enchanted forest  since the celebrant wanted a fairy tale- themed celebration.

The event venue’s foyer

Joy Suarez with nephews Kurt Jo and Christian Bustrillos who designed her second gown  

The event opened with scenes from the Snow White replete with the seven dwarfs. The celebrant who had three outfit changes was an ethereal vision in her golden ballgown. A special 25 roses ceremony immediately followed. From her Papa Rene, to her brother in laws, nephews, the resort’s different department heads down to her son Josh, it was a magical moment.

Dinner was a wide array of both Filipino and international dishes. The open bar was awash with cocktails, soda and, wine.

Since the Suarez clan is musically- inclined, guests were treated to a display of dazzling vocal stylings and some solo spots.
Joy with son Josh, daughter Jewel, Mama Cord & Papa Rene
SISTER ACT: Joy joins her sisters Sherwina, Irene, Grace & Elizabeth in a touching song number
Surprise number from Astoria Palawan’s different department heads
MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Bro-in- law Mark Apat & son perform.
Later on, a teary- eyed Joy listens to her kids’ messages
COOSOME COUPLES: Winsor & Sherwina Polestico,  Albert & Irene Labra 
and Joseph & Beth Bustrillos
CUTE COUSINS: Christian Bustrillos, Star Bustrillos & Jewel Javier
It was almost dawn when the celebration finally had to end. It was a mix of reluctance and relief that I turned over the microphone to the technical crew. As each of the guests started to leave the ballroom, the noisy chatter slowly died down, the service crew started to clear up the tables and the venue slowly darkened as the lights were switched off one by one.
Your Roving Eye with Jewel Cruz, Rodney Urbano, Lyan Dela Cruz & Johnjohn Osorio
As I headed back to my room, thoughts on the happy occasion and the scrumptious treat that we partook kept swirling in and out of my head. 

And just before calling it a day, it was time to thank the affable Joy Suarez, the bubbly and hardworking resident manager of Astoria Palawan for the invite to be part of her golden journey as emcee of the entire proceedings.

In between being a kindergarten teacher to a Sheraton Hotel executive abroad, Joy graduated with a Masters diploma Magna Cum Laude, became Rotary Club of Tagbilaran club president and has gotten full circle in the hospitality industry after coming back home and becoming top honcho of two Astoria resorts in Boracay and currently managing Astoria Palawan.

Cheers Ms. Joy and Long May You Reign!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Central Visayan Institute Foundation Grand Reunion: Joie de Vivre for Jagna Jubilee

Joie de vivre (French pronunciation: [ʒwa də vivʁ], joy of living) is a French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit. It may be seen as a joy of everything that involves one's whole being.  

The popular French phrase that is synonymous with exuberance, cheerfulness, happiness and love for life captured the essence of the 6th Grand Reunion of the prestigious Central Visayan Institute Foundation of Jagna, Bohol marked a month ago with a meaningful and colorful celebration. For three days, Jagna Gymnasium and the Quinale Beach Resort in Anda, Bohol reverberated with the joy of seeing old and new faces.

Even if matching names with faces of classmates and dear friends and teachers was quite a challenge for some, it was a celebration that was talked about for days. 
 CVIF Alumni’s Sentimental Alma Mater Journey 

The hard work, the lack of sleep and frazzled nerves that came with the series of coordination meetings that preceded the celebration paid off with the record number of attendees that came for the reunion.  
 A must- have reunion souvenir planner
Alumni still fit in their CVIF uniform 
Batches 1970, 1971, 1973, 1977 and 1986 headed by Mrs. Emily Yap-Castro, Mrs. Manol Tan, Mrs. Louella Gulle Bantol, Mrs Jovita Acha,  and Anna Liza Mozo Españo with Engr. Teofisto T. Pagar , Jr. respectively, were the batch hosts.

Ms. Anna Liza Mozo-Españo together with Engr Teofisto T. Pagar, Jr. of Batch 1986 presided the series of meetings in July, August and September, 2017.  The final meeting was held last January 27, 2018.

Batch 1986 used the power of social media to connect with the alumni from here and abroad. The Facebook page CVC-CVI-CVIF 6th Grand Alumni Homecoming was created specifically for reunion updates.  The video message of celebrity Ms Regine Tolentino added to the curiosity and excitement of the attending alumni.
Batch 1975’s. Avel Acedo  is the winner of the logo tagline contest  
Batch 86 Ms Anna Mozo’s logo and Batch 75’s Mr. Avel Acedo’s theme “Return, Reconnect and Reunite.” emerged as  reunion theme & logo- making contest winners. 

The much- anticipated reunion drew 1,514 alumni on the first day. Ms. Anna Mozo Españo with some friends and licensed Zumba  Instructors led a dance fitness activity and a Retro Zumba while registration was going on. The presence of actor Jerould Gold Azeron, a son of an alumnus Angelito Aceron from  Batch 1986 added to the " kilig" moment of the alumni who wanted to take pictures with him.
Day 2 at Jagna Gymnasium lunch post the parade
HOMECOMING HIGHLIGHTS were the Thanksgiving Mass and parade led by Tres Miguelians Drum and Bugle Corp with a record number of more than 2,000 alumni participants. The parade participants’ colorful uniforms drew attention from both pedestrians and motorists. 

The second day held at the gymnasium was not only full of prizes and surprises but also of nostalgia as batches alternately went onstage for group photos.
Day 2 Mass and Parade: in photo is oldest registrant Tony Madera of Batch 1942 (in white)
The Fellowship Night, “The Night of Dancing” gave the alumni more time for bonding and to showcase their dancing talents through their group presentations.

The third and final day in Quinale Beach was a Hawaiian Beach Party with Hawaiian and South Pacific- inspired dances, a luau and more bonding moments.
Day 3 at AndaQuinale Beach
Miss Bohol 1992 with the organizers including Batch 1973’s Baby Gulle- Bantol,
Batch 1986’s Engr Teofisto Pagar Jr and Anna Mozo  

Batch 1990 led by Class President & Valedictorian Celevel Ranoco- Butler
A Grand Reunion is the best time not only to gather and see old faces once again but also to give back and look back to the school that contributed to who and what they are now. 

Meeting people from the past & present generations who have been part of their Alma Mater and sharing old stories and making new memories was the best part of the reunion. 
Batch 1990 led by Class President & Valedictorian Celevel Ranoco- Butler
Congratulations to the people who organized the 6th Grand Alumni Homecoming, to the Alumni who responded to the clarion call and made the reunion a rousing success and to the generous sponsors. 


Friday, June 15, 2018

Miss Bohol 2018 Independence Day Special Appearance

Last June 12, Boholanos got a glimpse of all 21 ladies who are vying for the Miss Bohol 2018 crown. Patriotism and nationalist fervor pervaded that morning as Bohol joined the rest of the Philippines in commemorating the country’s 120th Independence Day. 
a ray of sunshine and radiant Boholana beauty
The girls came in their interpretation of the Filipiniana.  And here are my sensational seven who wowed the crowd with their fabulous fashion independence. 
who will be the Quintessential Boholana for 2018?

 This list will not, in any way, affect the official results and is merely reflective of Your Blogger’s preferences. 
MISS LOBOC wore a modern interpretation of the Filipiniana. Her fresh & light day make up and healthy lustrous hair complemented her outfit. 
MISS LOON the vibrant orange color complemented her delicate complexion. She exuded beauty, confidence and a good dose of self- assuredness. 
MISS SAGBAYAN green is a very difficult color to pull off but in her case, it highlighted her overall presentation. Most importantly, you just can’t ignore that classic beauty and winsome smile. 
MISS SEVILLA While I’m no fan of gowns that reveal those tippy tops, the figure- hugging and simple line made her look taller and her legs longer. The modern twist of the butterfly sleeves and the delicately- designed heels gave her extra oomph. 
MISS TALIBON while the dress was quite safe in design, the intricate patterns and her overall styling made her a sight to behold. 
MISS TUBIGON I love how the gown’s hemline length was just enough to cover those tippy tops. She also knew how to carry and present her Filipiniana in the proper manner. 
MISS UBAY everything about her was perfect. The serpentina cut of her gown showcased her hourglass figure and of course, the bun she sported proved to be the crowning glory in her overall presentation.

As the girls get ready in their journey towards the crown, expect the scrutiny from observers and pageant fans to become more intense. There will be pleasant surprises along the way and conversely, there would be frontrunners who will stumble or fall by the wayside. 
reigning Miss Bohol 2017: Pauline Amelincx
No matter what happens, the Miss Bohol Class of 2018 should be proud of being a part of this prestigious event.

WATCH the Grand Coronation on Saturday, July 21, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gym

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Megastar Sharon Cuneta: The Secret to Her Durability & Bankability

Sharon Cuneta, the country’s one and only megastar, is definitely on a roll. And what an auspicious time for this new high in her sterling career.  
 The One & Only Megastar

This year, her Ruby Anniversary year, it has been a winning streak for her with a smashing back- to- back sold- out shows for the Cebu and Bacolod legs of her 40th Mega Philippine Tour nationwide concert series. A reunion movie with a former matinee idol is in the drawing board, offers of high- profile commercial endorsements and hit TV shows. 
 She launched her career at the age of 12
One wonders how the megastar has kept the luster and glitter of her name for the past four decades. For sure, it’s not only sheer talent nor her proven crowd- drawing power. 
 A few seats away from Sen. Kiko Pangilinan & Stella Ancla
I have been asking the same question for quite some time and I found the answers just last weekend when I watched the Bacolod leg of her concert tour along with Michael Ryan Tago and Stella Marie Ancla. 
Pandemonium broke when she got near her fans
With Antonetthe Tismo, The Voice Kids Season 3 2nd Placer

Someone Up There has been watching and protecting her all this time. And why wouldn’t He? You see, the secret lies with the bonding she has with her fans and throngs of admirers. 

The spontaneous spur of the moment decision to call on stage a couple of lucky fans for a selfie and acknowledging her fans from all over and her profuse and sincere thank yous to everyone who has been supporting her career all these years. 
 Your Roving Eye, Mike Tago & Stella Marie Ancla join the megastar
I have become an instant Sharonian along with Mike and Stella and everyone else who was there that magical night at the SMX Bacolod. 
Sen. Kiko Pangilinan & son Miguel 

with Mel & Cathy Po of Team 4 Cause, the group
behind the Cebu & Bacolod legs of the concert tour

It’s a lesson to be learned for those who have been itching to have a foot inside the showbiz industry. Never ever forget the ones who made it possible for you to be where you are now.  

The Sharon Cuneta Mega Sandugo Concert is on July 14, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gym. Guest stars are Martin Nievera, Basil Valdez & Antonetthe Tismo

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