Thursday, January 18, 2018

Who Will be the First Mister Ubay?

A different type of male pageant awaits town fiesta goers and visitors with the inaugural edition of Mister Ubay 2018 on Sunday, January 21, 7 pm at the Ramon Magsaysay Gym in Ubay. It will be a battle not only of beauty and brawns but of brains as well. 

Vying for the title of Mister Ubay 2018 are Joey  Guno  Bitua,  Julysis  Pulac  Satur, Stephen  Louie  Boyles  Dupalco, Ariel  Cutanda  Rosales, Marlo  Torrevillas  Golosino, Jericho  Joseph  Gerundio  Perez, Arjun Mark  Cuyag  Payot, Dennis  Payot and John  Oliver  Daigan

Sunday, January 21, 7 pm 
Ramon Magsaysay Gym

Mister Ubay, a signature project of the Rotary Club of Ubay in cooperation with the LGU of Ubay, is aimed at discovering and honing the potentials and talents of young male students and professionals of Ubay. Early last week, all the candidates were showcased in the Talent Competition. 

For the grand pageant finale, the candidates will compete in swimwear, interviews and formal wear before the inaugural winners will be proclaimed. 
The nine hunky finalists for Mister Ubay 2018
Photo Credits: J & JC Digital Studio

Mister Ubay 2018 Project Chair Rtn. Sylvia del Mar  Pilayre shared that the pageant is not only aimed at discovering, honing and nurturing talents but also for the candidates as well as the Rotary Club of Ubay’s officers & members to appreciate the value of teamwork, discipline and the true spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Rtn.  Frediswinda  D.  Kho is Co-Chair and Rotaractor  Rey NiƱo Olaguir is Vice Chair. Proceeds from the pageant will help fund the various socio- civic projects of the Rotary Club of Ubay.

For updates & photos of contestants and pre- pageant activities, here's the official Mister Ubay FB Page

See you all in Ubay! 

Life Begins at 40 for the City Guys

Remember the City Guys? Led by founder & choreographer Nelson Suaybaguio, the other group members were Joel Centes, Ralph Cabagnot, Jonathan Reyson, Philip Palapar, Noel Olaivar, Alexander Caberte and Rex Alba. 
L-R: Jonathan, Kenny June, Philip, Ralph, Nelson, Winston & Joel

They were the undisputed grandslam champions among the Tagbilaran and Bohol modern dance groups back in the 90’s.  The City Guys were not only graceful dancers but also made up of good- looking young men that added to their appeal and popularity.

After college, most of the group members decided to foray into other fields. Some eventually got married, had kids and pursued careers outside the field of dance. Many of their fans thought that was the last they would hear of the City Guys. 
 CITY GUYS: Good looks. Graceful moves.


It was last November 11, 2017 during the wedding reception of Philip Palapar, a City Guy member, that the City Guys made a smashing comeback. The original group was now beefed up by the entry of new members Winston Sandrijas & Kenny June Requeron. Now in their forties, the group members wowed everyone during their historic performance. 
City Guys perform during PGBh Christmas Party
Bohol Cultural Center

You see, there has never been a modern dance group here in Bohol made up of 40 something men who are still actively performing. The group has gotten a lot of invites to perform or to make a special appearance in numerous events. Just a couple of days ago, the City Guys performed during the PGBh or Provincial Government of Bohol’s Christmas Party held at the Bohol Cultural Center.

So what makes them tick? Perhaps, it’s the novelty of seeing men in their 40’s still able to execute the most intricate dance steps and keep up with the younger set. Or it could be because of their huge following back then who are still giving them their solid support.  Whatever the reasons for their phenomenal comeback, the City Guys have proven to one and all that life indeed begins at 40! Cheers!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lay Bare Waxing Salon Is Now In Bohol!

Just a few days before the holiday season kicked off, Lay Bare Waxing Salon opened its doors to the Boholano clientele.  Lay Bare Waxing Salon is part of a nationwide chain of waxing salons in the Philippines that offers a full range of professional body waxing services and considered as the foremost authority and the expert in hair removing technology.

 Lay Bare Waxing Salon: foremost waxing authority

Staffed by a team of Manila- trained wax technicians, Lay Bare Waxing Salon- Tagbilaran City takes pride in its use of cold sugar wax instead of the traditional hot wax used in other hair-removal and waxing salons. The advantage of using the cold sugar wax is that it is less painful compared to the traditional hot wax which is often times directly applied to the body and removed using a strip cloth.
 Your Roving Eye, Jackie Yap, Dr. Joy Yap & Kyle Madanguit

Dr. Bless Yap & Jackie Yap, the sister tandem behind Lay Bare Salon, assures its clientele of its wax technicians’ professionalism in addressing the need of their clientele—both men and women. The Yap sisters also shared that their salon uses only organic and natural ingredients for the waxing services. The relaxing interiors and private waxing cubicles ensures a comfortable and exclusive waxing and threading experience for all clients. 

Quality service at an affordable price!  Plus, 20% off on all waxing and threading services until January 20, 2018!

For the new you this new year, check out Lay Bare Waxing Salon at the 4th floor, Alturas Mall.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Eskaya Resort & Spa Beckons This Holiday

It was a most enchanting and invigorating experience as Eskaya Resort, one of Bohol’s most exclusive holiday and vacation getaways, opened its doors to the lifestylebohol team of Bohol Chronicle. The boyish- looking and very young resident manager Prof. Andrew Fernandes  warmly welcomed the team to the sprawling property.

 a peek at the villa interiors
 Imagine having your own infinity pool that overlooks the Bohol Sea

After a quick tour and a close look at the villas that have retained the local feel and flavor with their Filipino architectural design and look, we were guided to the Lantawan restaurant where a feast of fresh catch from the sea awaited us. Aside from the kinilaw, stewed and broiled fish, we were also served Filipino faves like kaldereta and bulalo.    
 One gets an unobstructed view of the infinity pool from the restaurant

 Slivers of salmon overload
 Mango Creme Brulee

The rest of the afternoon became a blur as we engaged in casual banter with Prof. Andrew who hails from Pampanga. The young resident manager shared that aside from the exclusivity, tranquility and privacy that the resort offers to the their discriminating clients and guests, his team takes pride in the warmth and sincerity of their customer service which makes a stay at  Eskaya Resort & Spa truly memorable.  
 With the young & astute Eskaya Resident Manager Prof. Andrew Fernandes
all's quiet and serene at the beachfront   
 forest interlude

Sunday, December 17, 2017

J. CO is Finally in Bohol!

Finally, J.CO, one of the world’s fastest growing donut & coffee chains is in Bohol! J.CO opened to a huge throng of Boholanos who were eager to sample the delectable donuts and coffee last December 8, Friday at the Island City Mall.
Among the delectable and sinfully sweet J.CO donuts
and coffee with latte art
Prior to the grand opening, Your Roving Eye, along with a select group from the press and bloggers were invited to the media launch  of J.CO and what fun the group had not only with open bar but with all the fun games and interactive sessions to welcome the highly successful donut chain in the province.
Your Roving Eye with AGC’s amiable and friendly PR guy Ritchel Mutia

With fellow bloggers and certified foodies 

J.CO’s creamy & soft donuts are known for their eye- popping and high quality toppings and fillings such as toasted almonds, premium dark and white chocolate and other ingredients.J.CO's donut flavors (over 45 flavors and counting) are either named using eponyms or word plays such as puns. 
 more than 45 flavors
 J Cool  (frozen yoghurt)
 Your Blogger finished off everything
 J Club (donut sandwiches)
 J Pops (mini bite- size donuts)

In fact, their most popular donut flavor, Alcapone, is inspired by most-wanted American gangster Al Capone.  Other bestselling products are their J.CRONUT (croissant donuts), J.POPS (mini bite-size donuts), J.CLUB (donut sandwiches), J.COOL (frozen yogurt), and gourmet selections of savory pastries, sandwiches, and salads.
 with DJ Sean and DJ Noel
 Your Roving Eye with Jofel Nistal, Paulene Quinal- Nistal
and her sister Patrisse

 with J. Co top honchos 
Their J.COFFEE line features a wide variety of coffee beverages ranging from the classics to iced blends.     

  J. Co loot bags for the press who attended the media launch
 J.CO in ICM is the first in Bohol and their 45th outlet in the Philippines since it entered the country in 2012.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bluewater Panglao Hosts Unforgettable Gustatory Experience

A couple of nights ago, Your Roving Eye, along with a select group of lifestyle writers from Cebu and Manila, was  invited by Bluewater Panglao to a Filipino- themed degustation dining experience aptly named “Hayop sa Sarap na Degustation” to kick off the resort’s annual Christmas tradition named “Pasko sa Bluewater”
The eyecatching menu promised a delightful evening ahead

By the way, for those out of the loop, degustation is a French culinary term that refers to sampling an array of small dishes served one after the other. The term also encompasses ideas like savoring of food with all the senses, appreciation of ingredients and the chef’s technical skills and enjoying food with good company. Last Friday’s  degustation involved sampling small portions of some of the featured chef’s signature dishes in one sitting.

Filipino knick knacks for that unique Pinoy Christmas flavor

 great conversation pieces


Everyone could feel the coming of the holidays with the very Filipino Christmas decorations and conversational centerpieces that bedecked the dining tables.  The gustatory experience at the resort's Aplaya Restaurant which started promptly at 7 pm was a very creative 12-course Filipino-inspired degustation celebration capped by Pepita’s Lechon de Leche. 
The iconic tartanilla takes the spotlight

Dedet  dela Fuente also known by food enthusiasts as the Lechon Diva behind the popular Pepita’s Kitchen in Makati was in her elements that night. Funny, endearing and warm, she welcomed all guests including the top mavens of Bohol’s travel and tours industry by sharing the story behind Pepita’s Kitchen and gave the proper introductions as each dish was served.

 Dedet dela Fuente, The Lechon Diva” shared her passion for food at
the Bluewater Panglao event

We started the whole shebang with a lambanog shot into the martini glass, where it magically melts actual pink cotton candy. It was surprisingly delicious and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Among the memorable dishes was the Hiplog which combined hipon  (or shrimp) in itlog na maalat (salted egg) sauce. The shrimp is coated with rich crab fat butter and topped with bits from the salted egg. 
 Jo Philipps, Paolo Rigotti and Juriz try their hand in preparing the “Tuslob Buwa”
Bluewater top honcho Margie Munsayac looks on
Most of the curious guests including yours truly stood up to help prepare the “Tuslob Tuwa” at a cook-it-yourself station near the dining tables.  We also had the “Sipit sa Sarap” , huge crab claws  with aligue sauce.

Before we were treated the ultimate treat, we were served the perfect palate cleansers, refreshing ice candy in ginger and kalamansi flavors that rid traces of the previous dish.

Baked lechon bread becomes hot conversation piece 
Finally,  we were served the “Pepita’s Lechon de Leche”, stuffed with truffle rice and served with divalicious labuyo sauce. The crispy lechon skin is brushed with gold powder and you can’t help but notice the dish has a miniature Philippine flag stuck to it. Well, it is a Philippine pride after all after being awarded in London as “The Tastiest Dish in Asia”

 The Lechon de Leche stuffed with truffle rice 
Because of a prior engagement, I wasn’t able to wait for the dessert. Anyway, there’s plenty of opportunity though for this holiday season, Bluewater Panglao will be showcasing g the best of Filipino culinary treats as well as its array of international cuisine. After all, what is Christmas without the overflowing food and drinks ?

All in all, it was one of the best gustatory experiences I’ve ever had. Good food, delightful company and the most cozy Christmas ambience. The perfect way indeed to kick off the holiday season!

See you at Bluewater Panglao this Christmas!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Miss Baguio is Miss Silka Philippines 2017

Nineteen year old Andrea Fe Gomez of Baguio City was crowned Miss Silka Philippines 2017 at the conclusion of the exciting and star- studded pageant held at the Activity Center of Market Market today.

Ms. Gomez received P150,000 in cash plus gift certificates, merchandise and an endorsement contract with Silka for 2018. Her chosen charity will also receive P100, 000 cash donations.
 Andrea Fe Gomez is Miss Silka Philippines 2017
Named 1st RU was Miss Silka Quezon  Ashanti Shaine Ervas, 19 years old, 2nd RU was Miss Silka Cebu Nicole Borromeo, 16 years old and 3rd RU was Miss Silka Cagayan Valley Nikita Pearl Teichmuller, 19 years old.  
L-R: !st RU, Miss Silka Philippines 2017, 2nd RU & 3rd RU

Cosmetique Asia Corp., makers of Silka beauty & skincare products, is behind the annual beauty search that gathers more than 30 regional and provincial winners.
 The queen in her gown and swimsuit

Bohol’s Sheena Marie Licong in the Swimsuit Competition

the girls moments before the announcement of winners

Hosting the pageant were actor Mikael Daez and 2014 Miss Universe- Philippines MJ Lastimosa. Amazing celebrity guests such as the handsome Sam Concepcion and Silka Ambassador Yassi Pressman were among the performers.

Photo Credits: Silka Skincare FB Page

Will Sheena Marie Give Bohol Its First Miss Silka Philippines Crown Today?

Today, November 17, we shall find out if Sheena Marie Amper Licong will give Bohol its first ever Miss Silka Philippines crown. After arriving in Manila last Nov 14, Miss Silka Bohol 2017 plunged head- on with the series of activities leading to the coronation scheduled today.  
 Sheena Marie for Miss Silka Philippines 2017
The 19 year old BS Physical Therapy student competes with more than 30 provincial and regional candidates from all over the Philippines for the honor of becoming Silka beauty & skincare products’ image model and product endorser. 
 Sheena joins other Silka beauties for a Showtime guesting

Bohol’s highest placement since it sent a candidate in 2008 is 1st Runner Up courtesy of Geraldine Bernido Topsnik in 2015.  Bohol’s 10- year participation in the nationwide beauty search has also yielded a Top Ten finish in 2013 and a 3rd Runner Up placement in 2012. 
 Bohol's bet holds her own during presscon
Calling all Manila- based Boholanos to cheer for Sheena Marie as she competes for the title of Miss Silka Philippines 2017 today at the Activity Center of Market! Market! at The Fort, Taguig City, 2pm.

 Good luck Sheena Marie!

Hosting the pageant are actor Mikael Diaz and 2014 Miss Universe- Philippines MJ Lastimosa. Amazing celebrity guests such as the handsome Sam Concepcion and Silka Ambassador Yassi Pressman are among the performers.

Please continue to show your love and support for Sheena!

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