Thursday, July 21, 2016

Message of Love for the Miss Bohol 2016 Girls

With bated breath and heightened anticipation, the much- anticipated quest for Miss Bohol 2016 reached its conclusion through its glittering & exciting grand coronation night held at the Bohol Wisdom School Gym last July 17.
 MISS BOHOL 2016 Opening Salvo
The hectic preparations, the last- minute coaching, the tension and intense pressure that left some of the girls in near- tears are now over and done with.
Right now, the huge and cavernous BWS gymnasium where the pageant was held and where most of the rehearsals were conducted is now back to its quiet and and dark evenings. The bright lights have been dimmed, the confetti has been swept away and thje applause has died down.
From a bevy of beautiful Boholana achievers, the spotlight and the intense scrutiny of media and the public are now focused on the brand- new Miss Bohol who is now one of the most Googled and most searched Bohol newsmakers.

What about the girls who didn't make it? How are they coping? Are they heaving a sigh of relief now that it is all over? 


Will the pageant results dampen their spirits and be a big blow to their self -esteem and smash their confidence to smithereens? 

Browsing over the FB pages of some of the girls who competed last Sunday night was just heartbreaking. Yet, it also offered glimmers of hope and proved how Boholanos have a strong support system; from parents like Miss Loboc’s parents who were very supportive & who were almost always present in their daughter’s pageant activities & rigid rehearsals.

To the town mayors who gave their all- out support to their candidates. To friends and acquaintances whose unending enthusiasm never fails to amaze me. Imagine getting almost 50,000 FB shares In the race for Darling of the Social Media? That is exactly what Miss Garcia- Hernandez amassed to clinch the social media award.

The Panglao delegation that had the all- out support of Mayor Nila Montero & Councilor Aya Montero was the biggest contingent that came to offer cheers and applause for Catherine Tabaniag who for some inexplicable reason was shut out from the finals along with Judy Ann Cimafranca, the beauty & brains from Dauis, the gorgeous Quir Nicole Maghuyop and the statuesque beauty from Loon, Bretziel Laurel who is destined for a national beauty title.

I cannot mention everyone in this year’s batch of girls here but all of them really worked hard to bring home the crown for their municipalities & city. With the competitive quality of the girls who competed, it was inevitable that some of the frontrunners and fan favorites would not make it.

Scores of messages of love and support from their families, friends and fans were posted on the girls’ FB timelines can be read by one and all. 

I was so moved and touched that I am now dedicating this blog article to the Class of 2016 who can claim and recall years from now how at one point in their lives that they were a part of the annual celebration of Bohol's beauty and friendship

To The 2016 Miss Bohol Pageant Girls: 
Don't you ever let the pageant results from Miss Bohol 2016 define who you are as a person. 
 Consider it as a phase in your life. An adventure. A learning experience. Hold your heads high for you all did a great job. You did not get the crown because you are destined for something greater.
 Remember, winning a beauty title doesn't mean you're the smartest nor the prettiest. 
 According to Margie Moran, the second Filipina to win the Miss Universe crown, it also involves Luck. Timing & Destiny plus the personal preferences and tastes of the judges.
 Lastly, always remember that you belong to a special breed of Boholanas for not everyone can be a beauty contestant.
 Finally, whether you made it or not, take time to thank your family and all the people who believed in you and helped you in your journey towards the Miss Bohol Sandugo crown because a real queen is someone who is gracious and knows how to look back with gratitude So Cheers and Smile for God Loves You

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Winning Answer of Glyssa Bingas Perez

From the IG account of Glyssa Bingas Perez, newly- crowned Miss Bohol 2016

 Triumphant smile of Miss Bohol 2016
“Change is coming” was the tagline used at last night’s final round Q&A and I would like to elaborate more on that. Positive change can happen, but it starts from us.
WE are the change and WE can be the change but only if we take up on that challenge. Actions are powered by good intentions.
We cannot predict the future, but we can make informed decisions that can help with our tomorrow and contribute to our community.
Here’s to a meaningful and enriching year of reign as the Quintessential Boholana! 
  Meet & Greet with the Panel of Judges prior to the pageant
KEW Hotel, Tagbilaran City

PAPA'S GIRL: The Day before Miss Bohol 2016 
May you become an agent of change who will use your crown to bring a voice to your advocacy that will ultimately benefit the community!

 at the 55th Foundation Day of the Municipality of Danao

 During outreach activity at San Miguel, Bohol

Special Thanks: 

TJ Medrana Photography
Ghen Lumayag

Monday, July 18, 2016

Miss Danao is Miss Bohol 2016

Miss Danao Glyssa Bingas Perez won for her mom’s hometown its first Miss Bohol crown after she pipped Miss Tagbilaran 2016 Queenieebeth Barcelona into second place. Third place went to Miss Jagna  Ashley Nicole Collamat , Miss Tubigon Jean Olive Zoilo 3rs RU and Miss Talibon Lovely Sheena Empuesto 4th RU

Aside from the top title, Ms Perez was also named Miss Photogenic, Best in Production Number, Best in Swimsuit & Miss JCI.

Glyssa's short yet concise answer to the final question sealed her triumph that evening

 solid performance & stage presence sealed her victory

 L-R: 3rd RU Tubigon, 1st RU Tagbilaran, Ms Bohol Danao, 2nd RU Jagna, 4th RU Talibon

For the third straight year, Tagbilaran City and Tubigon made it to the Final Five

 Last Two Standing: Danao & Tagbilaran City

 Eda Cimafranca passes on the crown
 Glyssa reacts as Gov. Edgar Chatto & First Lady Pureza  Chatto
crowns her as Miss Bohol 2016
Complete Set of Winners:

Garcia-m Hernandez
Tanya Bianca Schreurs
Darling of the Press
Garcia-m Hernandez
Tanya Bianca Schreurs
Darling of the Social Media
Garcia-m Hernandez
Tanya Bianca Schreurs
Ramasola Viewers’ Choice
Catherine Tabaniag
Darling of the Crowd
Garcia-m Hernandez
Tanya Bianca Schreurs
Texters’ Choice
Ashley Nicole Collamat
Miss Friendship
Jean Olive Zoilo
Miss Talent
Queenie Mae Baquial
Best in Evening Gown

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