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Bohol's TJ "Madibeats" Gallentes is Top Eight Finalist in 5th Beatbox Battle World Championship

 Philippine representative
BOHOL PRIDE Latest Bohol pride Tiffany Joy”Madibeats” Gallentes, daughter of Garcia- Hernandez Mayor Tita Gallentes, made history in the Philippine beatboxing scene when she became the first ever Filipina to represent the Philippines in the solo female category of the triennial Beatbox Battle World Championship. (BBBWC).

Your Roving Eye was one of thousands of Filipinos who stayed late to watch the live streaming of the preliminaries that would select the finalists. We let out a collective cheer when the name of Ms. Gallentes was announced as one of the eight ladies who survived the tough elimination round. 

Although it was almost 12 midnight, Philippine time, we couldn’t sleep as we excitedly waited to see her perform on the stage.  Considering the pressure to deliver, to impress the judges and perform in a foreign country all by yourself during the live performance, Madibeats really did well and made  Boholanos beam with pride.   
  at the welcome cocktails in Germany

ONLY ASIAN IN THE TOP EIGHT During the recently- concluded 5th BeatBox Battle World Championship held in Berlin, Germany from August 3-5,  TJ “Madibeats” Gallentes made it  to the Top Eight Quarterfinals along with seven others who hurdled the first round preliminaries where they had two minutes to impress an international panel of elite judges and previous world champions from the beatboxing world.
 During the Round of Eight battle  
During the final rounds that were contested in single knockout battle mode, Madibeats, the only Asian in the round of eight battled it out with Flashbox of France, the 2012 BBBWC 2nd Placer for a spot in the round of four. Ultimately, the more experienced & former top three world champion got the judges’ nod for semifinal round.  
  knockout round with entry from France 
 judges sat at the right wing of the stage
  Madibeats & Flashbox await judges' decision
RP’S UNDISPUTED BEATBOX QUEEN Making it as one of the Top Eight Female Beatbox Finalists from among the lady qualifiers from around the world during the international beatbox championships is already a huge accomplishment and has further cemented the status of Madibeats as the undisputed Beatbox Queen and Number One Female Beatboxer in the country. The international stint and exposure has surely been a big boost for her confidence & has honed her artistry & musicality.
So what’s next for the talented beatbox artist from Bohol? To share her talent of course and to surpass her impressive debut performance on the international stage. 
 Madibeats during Philippine performance
WHAT IS BEATBOXING? Beatboxing is a musical style and technique based on the vocal imitation of percussion sounds. It is a form of hip-hop music in which the voice is used to simulate percussion instruments. Today, beatboxing is connected with the hip-hop culture, often referred to as "the fifth element" of hip-hop” , although it is not limited to hip-hop music. It highlights the creativity of performers known as beatboxers who make sounds or beats with their mouths.

Beatbox is the attempt made by one to vocally replicate the sounds that would normally emanate from a drum set, drum machine or drum loop through a series of noises or popping sounds made with the mouth.  Judging a beatbox contest is based on entry’s musicality, originality, pattern and show quality on the stage.

BEATBOX BATTLE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP The Beatbox Battle World Championship (BBBWC) is hosted triennially (every three years) by Beatbox Battle TV in a week-long festival held in Berlin, Germany. Face-to-face beatbox battles take place in five different categories:- Individual Male, Individual Female, Tag-Team, Crew Battle and Loop Station.

In 2015, more than 150 national or major event champions of beatboxing gathered from 50 or so countries, after qualifying to participate in the world event. More than 150 artists from 6 continents and 50 countries qualified for the event, including musicians from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines,Singapore, Venezuela, Vietnam, South Africa, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and more than 20 European countries were invited to perform in front of around 1,500 spectators.

The 2018 Beatbox Battle World Championship held at the Astra Kulturhaus in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin, from August 3-5 gathered around 180 artists who had qualified for the world finals after winning their national beatbox championships.   

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Why Coclea Lounge Bar is a big hit in Tagbilaran City:

We used to be the wild, independent- minded rebels from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s who partied like there was no tomorrow.  But by some miracle, we were able to outgrow that phase and are now all grown up. Many of us have settled nicely into parenthood, have thrived and found success in our careers and most have shunned the late nights out.
Perhaps, because our daily work responsibilities do not tolerate hangovers and we cannot keep our eyes open beyond 10 pm, there is no love lost for missing out on those parties that stretch to the wee hours of the morning. Most of all, we do not like to go out nowadays because we feel so out of place in joints where we, the fun- seeking adults & the seniors are stared at by millennials like some aberration.

 the ladies of Coclea Lounge Bar
 outdoors scene
But once in a while, whether we like it or not, we have to veer away from the drudgery of daily routines because we have to entertain a visiting relative or have to go out with high school classmates to prepare for that one must- attend reunion or simply because we want to escape from the realities of daily boredom.
 Krizia  with JAM 403
THE SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIVES Lucky us for an exciting establishment that caters to the young once, the baby boomers and the retired partyphiles has just opened in Tagbilaran. Aside from its wide array of drinks, grilled meat and appetizers, its biggest come- on is the promise of a playlist that would be exclusively 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. 

Imagine catching the familiar strains of an almost forgotten song from your younger years and boom! You’re suddenly transported back in time when you were young, impulsive, reckless and hopelessly in love!
 Mayor Baba Yap is Coclea opening guest of honor
AE Damalerio, Atty. Popot Marapao, Cong. Rene Relampagos, CPG Mayor Eping Estavilla,
marketing whiz Dominic Butalid & Loon Mayor Levi Relampagos
AE Damalerio with Atty. Popot Marapao, RG Ong & Ebone Ong
 Dominic, Elnie & AE
WHY COCLEA LOUNGE BAR? The name of the newest upscale lounge bar? It’s aptly called COCLEA LOUNGE BAR. So why Coclea or Cochlea? Coclea (Spanish for Cochlea) is the part of the inner ear involved in hearing. The cochlea is capable of exceptional sound analysis, in terms of both frequency and intensity. 

The name cochlea derives from Ancient Greek κοχλίας (kōhlias), meaning 'spiral, snail shell'. But more than the auditory senses, coclea connotes an exquisite taste for music that is timeless and appeals to many.  
 Posters of iconic bands from yesteryears adorn the place
 Box- office hits from the 70’s and 80’s 

I had the chance to talk to one of the owners of the said establishment and when asked on their target market, he said that the group agreed that it should cater to their age group.
Audrey, Zeny & Roxanne
Queenie, Your Roving Eye & Dauis Mayor Marietta Sumaylo
the ladies and gents behind Coclea
Coclea Lounge Bar has an airconditioned lounge which can comfortably seat 30 to 50. With movie posters adorning its bare walls and LP jackets of vinyl records, the place instantly evokes nostalgia. It’s perfect for unwinding with a glass of wine while listening to your favorite blast from the past. There is even a bar with comfortable stools to enjoy the music or to talk with an acquaintance or a complete stranger.

Just outside the lounge is an open area which offers patrons a spectacular view of Tagbilaran Bay while enjoying the live music being performed on a stage.

So has Coclea Lounge Bar lived up to its hype and promise? With a lineup of some of Bohol’s most successful ladies and gentlemen backing it up, it’s a no- brainer.

See you at Coclea Lounge Bar Seaside, VP Inting Avenue, Mansasa, Tagbilaran City.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Miss Bohol Winners Through the Years at the Parade of Beauties

As Bohol marks the 30th year since the Sandugo Festival officially started, everyone looks forward to the annual Sandugo Parade & Street Dancing Competition  that winds its way across CPG Avenue, Tagbilaran City’s main thoroughfare.  From the rhythmic Sinulog- inspired hand movements and dance steps, the street dance competition adopted the traditional and signature Boholano courtship and celebratory dance named Kuradang as centerpiece event last 2016.

But aside from the Bangga sa Bol- anong Kuradang (Street Dancing Showdown), another highlight would have to be the traditional parade of beauties, a most awaited event by pageant aficionados because this is where they get to see the newly crowned Miss Bohol & her court in their full glory.

Here are some of the Miss Bohol winners basking in their moments of triumph during their years of reign
1992 Miss Bohol Sandugo: Celevel Mozo Ranoco JAGNA
 1993 Miss Bohol Sandugo: Mary Ann Eronico TALIBON
1994 Miss Bohol Sandugo: Vanessa Joyce M. Evardone TAGBILARAN CITY

 2001 Miss Bohol Sandugo: Jeany Justiniane: VALENCIA
replaced by Vanessa Cadorna DUERO
  2005 Miss Bohol Sandugo: Anna Maris Igpit PANGLAO
2010 Miss Bohol Sandugo: Amir P. Sol TUBIGON
2011 Miss Bohol : Farah Faye Mian TUBIGON
2012 Miss Bohol Sandugo : Idy Cagas JAGNA
2013 Miss Bohol :  Brigette Burato ALICIA
2014: Miss Bohol Queenie Melody Fullante DAUIS
2015 Miss Bohol: Mary Eda C. Cimafranca TAGBILARAN CITY
 2016 Miss Bohol: Glyssa B. Perez DANAO
 2017 Miss Bohol : Pauline Amelincx TUBIGON

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

An Open Letter for the newly- crowned Miss Bohol 2018

This post is an offshoot to the recent Miss Bohol 2018 crowning whose winner has been the object of intense scrutiny and the helpless target of cyber bullies and bashers.

To Raclaire Stephan Dinsay Cesar Trigo, Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2018 and now our Miss Bohol 2018, 
Let not the booing take away the glitter from your crown and the joy in your victory. If it's any consolation, it wasn't directed at you personally but was a spur of the moment reaction by some quarters who had their respective bets and it's understandable knowing how passionate we are when it comes to supporting our pageant bets.
 Swimsuit & Intro of Candidates (Swimsuit by Mikee Andrei)

It always happens in pageants even in Miss Universe where our own Pia Wurtzbach was also booed and experienced worse things that included having bottled water thrown at the stage, getting death threats and having her image and likeness burned in the streets of Colombia.
This is now your defining moment. Be the first to reach out and unite everyone. So far, I admire how you have handled this test of character with your grace and humility. 
Elan & elegance during the evening gown competition (Gown by Roi Erwin Tizon)
As I was telling my seatmates last night at the venue, whoever wins the swimsuit and gown competitions would already be the frontrunner. Your response during the final round may not be the best but it wasn't the worst. It was heartfelt and you answered on the affirmative because it was a question that needed a yes or no response. 
 An elated Raclaire reacts after the announcement
You might have been rattled a bit but who wouldn't be distracted by the noise and hissing from the crowd? In fairness, you made a quick recovery and you wrapped up your response with an emphasis on the warm, friendly and hospitable nature of Boholanos which sadly but understandably was sorely missing during last night's crowning moment. 
 Miss Bohol 2018 and her Court of Honor
Finally, you highlighted your winsome smile, commanding stage presence, queenly demeanour and charisma, the same sterling attributes that made you Mutya 2018 during last night's pageant. 
So hold your head high for you won fair and square. Long may you reign and be the Quintessential Boholana that truly cares

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Tagbilaran's Bet is Miss Bohol 2018

The almost two- month quest for Miss Bohol 2018 concluded a little past midnight with the crowning of Tagbilaran City’s bet, Raclaire Stephan Dinsay Cesar Trigo as the new titleholder. The 18 year old BS Psychology major student was also named Miss Talent. She emerged as the top favorite after winning both the Best in Swimsuit & Best in Evening Gown special awards. 
Class & elegance during the gown competition

During the final round, all five finalists were asked one same question “Do you believe that Bohol has built back better after the 7.2 quake that hit the province in 2013?” 
Raclaire’s musicality & showmanship  won for her the Miss Talent award

Ms. Trigo started with a tentative answer after being disrupted by some unruly audience members but she quickly recovered and answered on the affirmative. She reinforced her answer by stressing on our warm, friendly hospitable ways that would surely make visitors feel welcome and make them come back and bring with them more tourists and visitors. 
L-R: 3rd RU Bilar, 1st RU Maribojoc, Miss Bohol 2018 Tagbilaran City, 2nd RU Dauis, 4th RU Ubay
Photo Credits:  Miss Bohol Sandugo FB Page

FINAL FIVE Rounding out the final five were 1st RU Miss Maribojoc Trixie Escabarte a registered nurse & former int’l flight attendant, 2nd RU Miss Dauis Hannah Cemine, a licensed midwife, 3rd RU Miss Bilar Jesseth Nez Pasagad, a petroleum engineer and 4th RU Miss Ubay Anasela Gaviola, a BS Architecture graduate.

SPECIAL AWARD WINNERS Other special award winners were Miss Maribojoc who was named Best in Production Number and Darling of the Crowd, Miss Dauis was voted by fellow candidates as Miss Congeniality, Miss Sagbayan was named Miss Photogenic, Miss Loboc was voted SMART Texters’ Choice and Miss Bilar was Best in Interview and Darling of the Press.

All 21 candidates competed in the swimsuit, evening gown & onstage interviews. Their scores combined with their talent night scores determined the final five.

PANEL OF JUDGES The panel of judges included Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 Teresita Ssen Marquez, Bb. Pilipinas International 2018 Ma Ahtisa Manalo, Miss Earth Philippines 2017 Celeste Cortesi, Manhunt Philippines 2015 Don Mcgyver Cochico, footwear designer Jojo Bragais, Atty Regal Oliva, Atty Nad Bronce and pageant bogger Norman Tinio.

Governor Edgar Chatto & First Lady Pureza Chatto, City Mayor Baba Yap & First Lady Jane Yap along with Pauline Amelincx, Miss Bohol 2017, crowned this year’s Miss Bohol

IMPRESSIVE BATCH Your Roving Eye is impressed with this year’s batch of candidates. There were two Magna Cum laude bachelor’s degree holders, a licensed teacher, an architecture graduate, a petroleum engineer, a licensed midwife, a licensed nurse & international flight attendant and among the undergrads were editors in chief of their school publications, honor students, SSG officers. The girls definitely have raised the bar for the succeeding batches of girls for Miss Bohol.

Although the glamorous highlight to the Sandugo Festival was a spectacular fusion of technology and artistry, it was marred by the collective booing of some disgruntled members of the audience who were displeased with the results. A twist was added to the program proceedings. Instead of announcing the names of the five finalists, the hosts announced first the names of the also- rans until only the last five remain on stage. The twist was met with mixed reactions. While adding more suspense to the pageant, it was also a disconcerting moment especially for the favorites who didn’t make it.  They had to put on a brave front while doing their final walk on centerstage.

As newly- crowned Miss Bohol 2018 Raclaire Stephan Trigo takes on her year of reign, let us set aside our differences in opinions and instead, offer her our congratulations and support. In doing so, we heal the wounds of divisiveness, show how gracious we can be even with or without the crown and prove to one and all that the annual Miss Bohol Pageant is indeed a celebration of beauty and friendship.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

2018 Miss Bohol Girls Series # 21 Miss Loboc

For the second straight year, the Miss Bohol girls get to be photographed right at their hometowns or city of origin. This is not only to get to know the girls better but also to showcase and promote  their places’ landmarks and tourism potential.  
Erika Limbago

Loboc is represented this year by a young yet highly accomplished lady named Erika Limbago.  The 17 year old beauty & brains package is a Grade 12 student at the International Academe of EnScieMa (English Science Mathematics) taking up the STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) strand. 
Erika Limbago promotes the stand up paddling in Loboc River
She graduated as Class Valedictorian of her Junior Class and awarded with Highest Honors during her Grade 11 year. She was also adjudged the Finals Best Speaker during the UPKB (University of the Philippines- Kadugong Bol-anon) Great High School Debate held last January 2018. She also emerged as the Champion of the UPKB BrainScan Competition held last January 2016. 
one of my all-time favorites among the photos for this series
During her junior high school year, she was involved in campus activities having served as SBO (Student Body Organization) Treasurer for the S.Y. 2014-2015, the SBO (Student Body Organization) Secretary for the S.Y. 2015-2016, the SBO (Student Body Organization) Governor for the S.Y. 2016-2017, the President of the English Club for the S.Y. 2015-2016 and Vice-President of the Math Club for the S.Y. 2015-2016.  
Enjoying the crystal- clear waters of Loboc River
At the same time, she also gave back to the community with her charity work at Sunshine Homes, served as a volunteer during a School Feeding Program at Totolan, Dauis, Bohol and also participated in the Miss Loboc Feeding Program which she hopes to continue long after her reign is over.

When asked for the greatest motivation for her outstanding scholastic & extracurricular achievement, she says the experience and the drive to excel in the fields that she is in would hone her interpersonal skills, develop her confidence and enrich her life and thus would prepare her for a better future. 
crowned as Miss Loboc 2018
Her greatest inspiration in pageantry is her mom who also represented their town in Miss Bohol 25 years ago and made it as one of the top five ladies. Erika was named 1st Runner Up in her school’s Miss Intramurals 2015 Search and was crowned two months earlier as Miss Loboc 2018 thus earning the right to represent her town in the province’s most prestigious beauty competition.

Will Erika equal or surpass her mom’s achievement in Miss Bohol? We’ll find out on pageant night.


Her advocacy is focused on the protection and preservation of Loboc River, being the main body of water & one of the greatest sources of water and the tourism industry of the town.


Press Presentation          : Friday, June 29, Le Eng Restaurant, Bohol Tropics Resort
Talent Night                       : Friday, July 13, 8 pm, Bohol Cultural Center
Coronation Night             : Saturday, July 21, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gym

For the complete list of Miss Bohol winners, here's the link:

Photo Credits:  Gerald James Cabal Photography

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