Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today is My Blog's 9th Monthsary

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Today is my blog's 9th month in the blogosphere. I almost forgot.

To everyone who has visited the site, left some comments, shared my posts to the rest of the world and to my blog visitors from around the world, Thank you so much!

To the fascinating newsmakers who willingly obliged with interviews and photo requests, my deepest gratitude.

You truly are the best examples of humility and level- headedness

By the way, if you want a particular newsmaker especially a Boholano to be featured in my blog, please drop by the comments section below. 

I will try my best to oblige your requests

As of today, these are the Top Ten countries with the most number of visitors:


2.United States



5.United Kingdom


7.Saudi Arabia

8.United Arab Emirates


10.New Zealand

Cheers !

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