Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why Bagets is My All- Time Favorite Filipino Film

Boholano award- winning filmmaker Direk Maryo Jorolan Delos Reyes who traces his roots to Alicia, Bohol is one of the very few Filipino filmamakers who can easily switch from one fim genre to the other with equal success. 

From successful youth- oriented films like “Bagets” to musical comedies like “Annie Batungbakal” and fantasy films like “Mga Kuwento ni Aling Basyang

He also directed Vilma Santos in one of her most unforgettable and most provocative films ”Tagos ng Dugo”

BAGETS: Bold Concept. Bright Colors. Brilliant Direction. Best Cast. Blockbuster Hit

Of all his films, the ground- breaking “Bagets” a Viva Film's production about a group of high school teenagers, is the most memorable for me not only because it was released in the summer of 1984 when I graduated from high school but also because it captured the angst and the essence of Filipino teens in the 80’s. 

It also launched the film career of Aga Muhlach

The poignant song “Farewell” from Raymond Lauchengco was our high school graduation song. 

The music of Bagets practically became the soundtrack of my generation’s lives.

From Jo Boxers’ “Just Got Lucky” to Gary V’s “Growing Up” to Raymond Lauchengco’s “So It’s You" to my personal favorite “I’ll Always Be Your Friend” by George Duke. 

 eye- catching poster

The film was a huge box office success in Philippine cinema after it was shown and it sparked a fashion craze in the country when the young ones and the young at heart started wearing clothes in bright colors and began copying the hairstyle of the films’ lead stars.

To say that it single- handedly influenced and changed the way an entire generation of Filipino teenagers dressed up would be an understatement.

80's hottest male teen stars

Ironically, Butch Garcia, the film's production designer and a member of Direk Maryo's team who was responsible for the fashion & costume design and was nominated in all award-giving bodies the following year never won. Talk about injustice

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