Sunday, November 29, 2015

Flashback: Miss DWCT 1990 Personality Search

Here’s something I dug up from my pageant archives and memory bank. The roll of publicity stills for the 1990 Miss DWCT Personality Search. 

The then annual quest for the campus queen was to be the highlight of DWCT College Days celebration. 

There were seven girls representing the colleges and the high school department and I was to be the emcee for the pageant. 

The girls who won in their respective colleges’ preliminary searches were already outfitted with their uniform red evening gowns for the pageant was scheduled on Valentine’s Day.

Everyone was so excited as the line- up was topnotch but tragedy struck. Just two days before the pageant, a devastating earthquake struck Bohol and thus forced the school to cancel the campus celebrations.

It had to take one whole year before the girls could compete onstage. Miss CAS & Miss Teacher’s College were replaced by their successors since they already graduated. Miss Nursing who hailed from the beauty capital of Jagna begged off for health reasons and so was replaced by another Jagnaon beauty who eventually won the Miss Bohol crown in 1991.

Can you imagine that all these happened a quarter of a century ago?

So who was crowned Miss DWCT 1991? Well, I suppose it would be in a future blog story.

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