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2001 Miss Bohol Sandugo: Vanessa Cadorna

 And then there were two....
“And if for any reason, Miss Bohol Sandugo could not complete her reign, the first runner up takes over” 
This seemingly unimportant reminder which is announced by the pageant emcee seconds before the new titleholder is named became significant for Vanessa Cadorna, the bet of Duero in the 2001 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant where she placed 1st runner up to Valencia’s Jeany Justiniane when the latter wasn’t able to fulfill her obligations due to very personal reasons.

And so it was under those circumstances that Vanessa came to assume the title and complete the reign of the crowned queen
“Raul, to be honest, I never paid any attention to that reminder when I became the runner up to Ms Justiniane. After all, we never wish the winner for ill luck so we could assume the title. The most I did after the 2001 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant was thinking “What if I gave a better answer? Would it have changed the outcome of the contest?”
Vanessa intimated to me when she granted me an interview for this feature article

She already accepted the fact that she would always end up as second best whether in pageants or in the race for academic honors.

Case in point; she was Class Salutatorian during her Grade School and High School graduation ceremonies.

Just like the Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant where she was the 1st runner up, she was also 1st Runner Up in the Miss Duero Pageant and was disappointed because she had always dreamt of representing her town in the Miss Bohol Pageant but fate and destiny intervened.

The last time that Duero placed in Miss Bohol Sandugo was in 1991 or ten years earlier with the 1st RU finish of Theresa Virtusio to Recelle Adlaon of Jagna

Vanessa joined Miss Duero 1998 where she was 1st Runner Up and the recipient of the Best in Casual Wear, Best in Gown & Face of the Night special awards

They wanted her to join Miss Bohol the following year but she was hesitant because she was still underaged and her target year was 2001 when she would turn 20 years old

With the LGU of Duero backing her up & with the support of Apple, her makeup artist since her high school days, she finally joined the pageant not only because she was asked to represent her town but also because it has always been her dream of becoming a beauty queen 


The 2001 edition of the pageant was organized by the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran with Baby Collins as the Project Chair

An early favorite for the crown was Priscilla Suello, the beauty & brains from the municipality of Loon. Aside from graduating as her high school's Class Valedictorian, Priscilla had already won a province- wide pageant, the Miss BACS (Bohol Association of Catholic Schools).

Another favorite was Tagbilaran City's Jaclyn Joy Yam  

Aside from the two ladies, Miss Jagna was gaining attention as well not only because she had a striking resemblance to Filipina actress Angelika de Leon but also because the last time that Jagna participated in the pageant was back in 1995.

TRIVIA. Jagna won the Miss Bohol crown for three straight years 1990, 1991 and 1992. Jagna also won the 1st RU for the next three years 1993, 1994 and 1995. Impressive credentials indeed

Vanessa Cadorna and Jeanie Justiniane of Valencia who were the last to register for the pageant eventually were the last two remaining girls during the coronation night

Blessed with alabaster skin, beautiful classical features, vavavoom figure and fluency with spoken English, Vanessa didn’t disappoint her municipality and her supporters when she easily made the Top Five and topped the Casual Interviews.


During the Interviews, she was asked by Bb. Pilipinas- Universe 2001 Zorayda Andam the following question: “What is success for you?” she replied
“Success shouldn’t be equated with one’s position in the corporate ladder, a high- paying job or material possessions. Success, for me, is being happy with what I love doing, being contented with what I have and being able to find peace of mind & serenity in the of midst of a troubled world”
Her answer which won for her the Best in Interview & the Miss Hamilton Trading special awards elicited thunderous applause from the audience and cemented her status as one of the heavy favorites who would likely win the crown but alas it wasn't meant to be

 FINAL FIVE:  Jagna, Duero & Valencia would
eventually advance to the Final Three
After competing in swimsuits, evening gowns & onstage casual interviews, the girls were narrowed down to five semi- finalists which included Miss Loon, Miss Jagna, Miss Valencia, Miss Duero and Miss CVSCAFT. 

For the first time in Miss Bohol Sandugo history, Miss Tagbilara City failed to advance to the next round
After a round of  one question each from the judges, the girls were trimmed down further to the three finalists who will answer the final question

EAST COAST BEAUTIES All the top three girls came from the eastern coastal part of Bohol; Valencia, Jagna & Duero


Miss Valencia simply was unstoppable that night. Her being a veteran in quite a number of pageants in Cagayan de Oro evidently helped her secure the title and along the way, she also scooped up the Best in Festival Costume, Best Festival Costume, Best in Gown & Best in Swimsuit special awards.

Personal circumstances owever resulted to her non- participation in the 2002 Mutya ng Pilipinas- Central Visayas Pageant as Bohol's representative and ultimately led to her resignation as Miss Bohol Sandugo thus paving the way for Maria Vanessa Cadorna to inherit the title and assume the duties of the title holder including guest appearances and official recognition as the 2001 Miss Bohol Sandugo.

The high point of Vanessa's reign? When she led the candidates of the 2002 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant during their Opening Dance Number and crowning the new title holder.

BEAUTY QUEEN JUDGES 2001 Bb. Pilipinas- Universe Zorayda Ruth Andam and 2001 Bb. Pilipinas 2nd RU Maricar Balagtas who recently competed and won the 2001 Miss Globe International crown added glitter & glamour to the pageant when they sat as members of the judging panel.
 Bb Pilipinas 2nd RU Maricar Balagtas
Boholano businessman Lucio Lim, Jr. sponsored and facilitated the presence of both beauty queens in the pageant.
  2001 Bb Pilipinas- Universe Zorayda Andam

Everyone got excited when it was decided that the swimsuit video would be shot in Pamilacan Island but we got more than what we had hoped for.

The return trip was delayed for many hours after the rented motorized outriggers developed engine trouble. Dusk turned to pitch darkness and we had to scrounge around to find food for the girls and the crew.

We were finally able to rent two small bancas and divided ourselves in two groups. Since it was almost midnight already, the other banca strayed off course and ended up in Loay instead of Baclayon

Anxious parents who were on the verge of panic awaited our safe return from Pamilacan. It was surely one unforgettable experience that drew the girls closer. 


For the first time in Miss Bohol Sandugo history, the girls wore sponsored evening gowns from a Cebu designer but it turned out to be an unwise decision for most of the dresses were not up to par with what the organizers had expected, the girls were unhappy and the talent scouts/ handlers were complaining. Well, at least they learned from the experience.

Vanessa shows off her elegance 
during the Evening Gown Competition

Vanessa who was born in May 21, 1981 is the youngest among six children. Her father is a Master Mariner/ Ship Captain and her mother is a school teacher. 

She graduated as Class Salutatorian from Duero Central Elementary School in March 1994 and Class Salutatorian also when she finished her high school at Immaculate Academy. Indeed, a beauty & brains combo. 

She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management degree from HNU in 2002 

Took and passed the Licensure Board Exams for Nurses in July 2009 


PSBank teller from 2003 to 2005 then went back to school to take up BS Nursing from 2005- 2009 

Presently, she is a Dialysis Nurse at Bohol Medical Care Institute.

Got married to Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado on September 7, 2003 with whom she has two sons; Lawrence and Lance.
The Queen & Her Future In Laws

She crowned the 2002 Miss Bohol Sandugo with then Bohol Prov’l Governor Erico B. Aumentado and First Lady Peregrina C. Aumentado

Little did she know that they would become her in- laws the following year.

You see, after the 2002 pageant, she started dating Aris their youngest son and what followed was a whirlwind romance that culminated with a big church wedding.

As friend of both groom and bride, I would have been the reception emcee but I was nowhere in Bohol that time so there.
To Vanessa, more power and finally you can say goodbye to the following line: 

"Always a bridesmaid but never the bride" 

You did not only become a Miss Bohol Sandugo, you also became a radiant bride and fulfilled mother! 

Cheers to you my friend!

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