Thursday, December 13, 2012


Wow! It's December 13, 2012 and my blogspot just turned three months old!

The first three months have been awesome as I navigated my way into the circuitous world of blogging. Everyday, I had to wrack and squeeze my noggin just to be able to have another feature

I am still in the dark though as to how you my dear visitors find my blog. I would really appreciate it if you could drop a line or two for your suggestions and feedback so I could enhance it but of course, I am very grateful and thankful to you all for visiting my blogspot, for dropping a line and for recommending it to other netizens

The numbers have been quite encouraging. I was so happy to hit the 1,000 mark for my first month, ecstatic when I hit 3,000 the second month and now I'm really humbled to have exceeded the 12,000 mark as I am blogging right now. I realize that I have to keep this going. It's really heartwarming too upon realizing that people from around the world have been visiting too

Special thanks to Hawaii- based J. Dave Datoy for the inspiring words and to Taina Manigque- Stone for the suggestions on how the blog should look. By the way Taina, there might be another change in the look. My apologies in advance. I'm just tinkering with all these techy thingies you know. 

Thanks and Cheers!

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