Thursday, December 20, 2012

Part 2: My 2012 Miss U Top 16

Reigning Miss Universe: Leila Lopes
In my previous post, I revealed the first half of my Top 16 Choices for Miss Universe 2012. Here now is the second half of the list. Again, in alphabetical order:

MEXICO Karina Gonzales
PARAGUAY Egni Eckert
PHILIPPINES Janine Mari Tugonon
PUERTO RICO Bodine Koehler
RUSSIA Elizabeth Glavanova
U.S.A. Olivia Culpo
And from these 16 lovely girls, my ultimate favorite for the 2012 Miss Universe crown is...

19 year old Eizabeta Burg, Miss CROATIA. This gorgeous Croatian teener is definitely one of the most beautiful beauty delegates ever to join Miss Universe

Symmetry & proportion. Chic cheekbones. Classical beauty.
Perfect for commercial endorsements

During the 2012 Miss Universe Evening Gown Preliminaries 
During the 2012 Miss Universe Swimsuit Preliminaries
with fellow 2012 Miss Universe beauty delegates 
Will she or won't she? That's the most anticipated question that will be answered later this morning when the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant unfolds on your television screens

For as long as no sabotage would happen like a bad bad hairstyle and if she pumps up the ferocity factor in the Swimsuit Competition, then it would be smooth sailing for Miss Croatia all the way to the Magic Five and hopefully the Diamond Nexus crown

If Croatia wouldn't make it past the Swimsuit Competition, then the next safe bet would be Miss USA Olivia Culpo who I personally consider as the most beautiful Miss USA ever. You just can't ignore her gorgeous face, her charm and winsome smile. 

with her Fadil Berisha Glamshot during Miss USA 2012
Considering that the Miss Universe Org. is looking for a winner who has a globally and commercially appealing beauty, then it should be between Croatia & USA

Good luck Elizabeta and Olivia and to the 88 other beauty delegates! 

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Org.

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