Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sum Finance Services Corp: Miss Bohol 2015 Series # 9

Lara Ann Lumayag, 21 years of age is the only candidate in Miss Bohol 2015 to represent a financial institution, Sum Finance Services Corporation and one of the fastest- growing at that.

She graduated from Holy Name University with a degree in Psychology. Presently, she is an experiential consultant. 

She is working full- time at the same time that she is vying for the Miss Bohol 2015 crown.

She is not exactly new in pageantry for she was Miss Dauis 2012, Miss Olive C Bohol League 2012 2nd RU & Miss Teen Bohol 2012 2nd RU.

 Miss Lara Lumayag is like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day

She considers herself a positive and open- minded person. For Lara, being an optimist results in being motivated that ultimately results in achieving one’s goals & living a happy life.  

When asked to make a pitch for Sum Finance Services Corporation, she readily said 
It is a financial institution that lends money at a fair interest rate and it aims to alleviate poverty not just in the province of Bohol but also in other parts of the country”
Good luck Lara!

Miss Bohol 2015 & JCI Bohol Chocolate Hills would like to thank  the Bohol Provincal Government, Tagbilaran City Government & the Bohol Tourism Council   

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Catch the Grand Coronation on Saturday, July 18, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium

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