Friday, July 3, 2015

Goodbye Sandra Dela Serna

Sayonara to you sweet Sandra


A somber mood has enveloped the local arts circle after hearing of the sad news that Sandra dela Serna had passed away at around 6 in the evening July 2, 2015, at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute in Diliman, Quezon City due to complications from her kidney problem.  

She was 43 years old. She is survived by her children Issa and Matthew Lee, mom Delia Canda Dela Serna, siblings and relatives.

The University of the Philippines graduate taught at the University of Bohol – College of Architecture and Fine Arts (UB-CAFA). 

During her younger days, she was always invited to model in the sporadic staging of fashion shows here in Tagbilaran. Yes, with her winsome charm, statuesque height & svelte figure, she was known and admired for her impeccable sense of style & good manners. In fact, she is one of the Boholanas that Your Blogger admires the most.

Later on life, she found her calling in the field of visual arts. She has always been passionate in her love for the arts particularly the visual arts, she was committed to the cause of the UDLOT Summer Art Group under the tutelage of Madam Hermogena Lungay, helping budding artists hone their talents. 

She is  a big loss to the University of Bohol and judging by the outpouring of messages from distraught students in her FB wall, Sandra was truly a mentor who was loved & respected by students and faculty alike.

On a personal note, Your Blogger is reeling from the news not only because Sandra is a good friend  but also because she has always been supportive of community endeavors whether sitting in as a member of the Panel of Judges for a local beauty pageant or being asked for advice involving aesthetics. 

Your Blogger and Sandra were in fact collaborating on some photos for an upcoming tribute for past Miss Bohol titleholders. 

In case you still don’t know, Sandra is the daughter of iconic Boholana beauty Delia Canda dela Serna who placed Bohol in the beauty pageant map when she placed 2nd RU in the 1962 Miss Philippines Pageant.

Our most heartfelt condolences to the dela Serna family for their loss.

Sandra, sleep tight now. It comforts me knowing that you are now in Nirvana where pain and heartache are unheard of.

You will be sorely missed!

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