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Miss Tagbilaran Through The Decades

My fascination with Miss Tagbilaran officially started when my sister  Marcel Orimaco Gatal was selected from shortlisted girls to represent the city in the 1983 Miss Young Bohol Pageant.

She competed along with more than 30 girls representing the different Kabataang Barangay chapters around the province of Bohol.

She was crowned Miss Young Bohol and was selected also as Best in Gown

1986 Miss Tagbilaran

But it was back in 1986 just when the heady People Power Revolution was sweeping the entire country that Suzette Clarin was crowned the very first Miss Tagbilaran in contemporary times. Giving her stiff competition was Ma. Theresa "Pinky" Penales who eventually finished as 1st RU and Best in Gown.

1987 Miss Tagbilaran

Fiel Angeli Espejo Araoarao now Mrs. Fiel Angeli Gabin, Tagbilaran City Information Officer  was selected Miss Tagbilaran 1987 in a pageant organized by the Leo Club of Tagbilaran.  Named 1st RU & Best in Swimsuit was Rosario Inting and 2nd RU was Flor Gulleban. Both ladies are now US- based.

All three winners were proclaimed in their official swimsuit. A first & only in Miss Tagbilaran history.

Miss Tagb 87 Fiel Angeli Espejo Araoarao 
1st RU Rose Inting &  2nd RU Flor Gulleban  
DWCT Gym, May 9, 1987
1988 Miss Teen Tagbilaran

Geraldee Vallejo Campbell (now Mrs. Balbona) was crowned Miss Teen Tagbilaran in 1988.

1989 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1989 was the statuesque Winnie Moreno Lim who was crowned 1989 Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands and 1990 Perlas ng Visayas. She is also a Miss Makati titleholder

Winnie Lim has retained the winning form
that won her four major beauty titles

1990 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

In 1990, Ma. Victoria Gaviola Labado, became Mutya sa Tagbilaran. Marivic is considered by many as one of the most beautiful to be crowned Miss Tagbilaran. She eventually finished as Miss Bohol 1st Runner Up later that year and won the 1990 Miss Cebu Doctors College crown.

The following year, she was selected as a Penshoppe Model and graced the covers of many national and regional magazines. Marivic is now a Cebu- based medical doctor. 

1991 Mutya sa Tagbilaran
Joanna Cheryl Evardone won the Mutya 1991 crown  
Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1991 is Joanna Cheryl Matuod Evardone , the classic beauty & brains who graduated Class Salutatorian and emerged as 17th placer in the Licensure Exams for Nurses. 

Your Blogger w/  Miss Tagbilaran 1991, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1997 & 1997 1st RU
1992 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

Suzy Agoncillo Tabuno was Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1992 and was 1st RU to Celevel Ranoco of Jagna in the 1992 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant.

1993 Miss Tagbilaran

Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1993 was Sophia Lorraine Maniwang Alvarez  but she didn’t compete in the Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant

 1993 Miss Tagbilaran Sophia Lorraine Alvarez & Her Court
 Mutya 92 RU Scarlett Pizarras crowns 1993 Mutya
1994 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

Vanessa Joyce Matuod Evardone was crowned Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1994, the second Mutya title for the Evardone Family after older sister Chewee (Joanna Cheryl). She went on to win the 1994 Miss Bohol Sandugo crown.
 The form, figure & finesse that won for Evardone
the 1994 Miss Bohol Sandugo crown
There was no Miss Tagbilaran Search in 1995

1996 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1996 was Mary Fragelle Felisilda Tejano who went on to become 1st RU in the 1996 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant

1996 Miss Tagbilaran Fragelle Tejano
1997 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

Socorro D' Marie Tallo Inting was crowned Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1997 and Miss Bohol Sandugo 1997. She is a lawyer.

Mutya 97 Socorro d Marie Tallo Inting & Miss Bohol 1997 
1st RU Josely Yap Ferniz and 2nd RU Michelle Janice Matuod Evardone

Evardone is now a Licensed Physician, Inting is now a Lawyer and Ferniz is now a US- based Registered Nurse

1998 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

Jesyl Bongosia del Rosario was Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1998 but didn’t compete in Miss Bohol Sandugo that year 

1999 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

Mutya 1999 was Marime Caballo Marapao who went on to become a Miss Bohol Sandugo runner up. The beauty queen was named after 1973 Bb Pilipinas- Young Int'l Maria Milagros "Marime" dela Fuente. Marime is happily married and  is an international flight attendant at present
 Maimai makes the Final Five in Miss Bohol 1999
2000 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

Mutya Amor Telmo Zamora, Mutya 2000 was also Miss Bohol Sandugo 2000 1st RU

 Mutya 2000 Mutya Zamora was 1st RU 
to Mellanie Wallace Miss Bohol 2000

2001 Mutya saTagbilaran

Jacklyn Joy Pilayre Yam, was crowned Mutya 2001

L-R: Mayor Torralba & Gov. Aumentado flank the Top Three
1st RU Gina Palen, Mutya 2001 Joy Yam, 2nd RU Leslie Edera
2002 Mutya sa Tagbilaran 

Mutya 2002 was Costie Jephilin Bojo Besas.

Mutya 2002 Twinkle Besas is flanked by 
1st RU Jean Joan Ibba & 2nd RU Rosanna Montesco
2003 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

Rhoda Lee LogroƱo Ligan was crowned Mutya 2003.

                  Mutya 2003 Rhoda Lee Ligan of Tiptip with 
            1st RU Jacqueline Tutor & 2nd RU Abegail Gozum 
2004 Mutya sa Tagbilaran

Mutya 2004 was Lorraine Marie Mapute Evasco  

 Mutya 2004 Lorraine Evasco, 1st RU Joan Sur, 2nd RU Rodelyn Buena
2005 Tagbilaran's Five Prettiest

In 2005, Miss Young Tagbilaran beauties were Richell "Rich Asuncion" Pacaldo Angalot (who is now a popular actress), Anna Karenina Fuentes Cimagala, April Lynn C. Recio, Katherine Margaret M. Tejano and Barbie Ann B. Vanta.

2006 Miss Tagbilaran

Margo Adelaiz Clarin Manigque followed her mom Suzette Clarin's pageant footsteps when she was crowned Miss Tagbilaran exactly 20 years after her mom won her crown.
 Miss Tagbilaran 2006 Margo Adelaiz Manigque
1st RU Florida Boyore, 2nd RU Desiree Deligero
2007 Miss Tagbilaran

Mary Lovely Ligones was crowned Miss Tagbilaran 2007.

 Miss Tagbilaran 2007 Lovely Ligones
 Miss Tagbilaran 2007 Mary Lovely Ligones 
1st RU Joanna Carla del Corro, 2nd RU Phoebe Kristine Gallego
2008 Miss Tagbilaran

Ruby Crisannie Mijos was Miss Tagbilaran 2008.  

2009 Miss Tagbilaran

Although she was not a Tagbilaranon,  Daisy Jean Quilicot became Miss Tagbilaran 2009 because of a technicality. The City Government invited the then CVSCAFT now BISU to field a representative in the 2009 Miss Tagbilaran Pageant.  Daisy Jean, at the time, was the reigning Miss CVSCAFT and thus became the state university's pageant. 

Looking back, just when a CVSCAFT/ BISU student was crowned Miss Bohol, the girl was carrying the MIss Tagbilaran sash. Perhaps, this is the reason why CVSCAFT/ BISU did not send a candidate to Miss Tagbilaran the following year.

 Miss Tagbilaran 2009 Daisy Jean Quilicot 
1st RU Meshellane Cajels 2nd RU Paulaine Magallanes

2010 Miss Tagbilaran

In 2010,   Fer Mary Baliquig was the last to be crowned Miss Tagbilaran before the pageant went into a three- year hiatus . She later emerged 1st RU in Miss Bohol Sandugo. 

Miss Tagbilaran 2010 Fer Mary Baliquig with
1st RU Mylene Pedroso & 2nd RU Amy Fiel Booc 

According to Fiel Angeli Araoarao Gabin, Miss Tagbilaran 1987 and presently the City Information Officer of Tagbilaran, Miss Tagbilaran has been revived and will have its grand coronation night this April as highlight for the Saulog and City Fiesta celebration of Tagbilaran

The pageant is following the 2010 format of Miss Panglao where all the barangays had their own preliminary searches and culminated with a grand pageant on the eve of the town's pageant

So who will emerge as Miss Tagbilaran this year? Will this be a discovery of another beauty who will do us proud in Bb Pilipinas, Mutya ng Pilipinas or Miss Philippines Earth?

Who knows?  

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