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It's More Fun In Bohol This Summer

Bohol is an island province of the Philippines strategically located in the heart of the Visayas islands. Its capital is Tagbilaran City.

The iconic Chocolate Hills
Caramel Hills

Dimiao Peak
Morning Hills
Bohol, home of the world- famous Chocolate Hills, is currently one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations not only for its powdery white sandy beaches and posh resorts but also for its eco- adventure tours , rich cultural heritage and varied attractions

stunning underwater scene in Balicasag Island
a typical beach in Anda for a quiet getaway
white pebbles in Jagna overlooking Mindanao Sea
relaxing retreat  somewhere in Panglao Island
postcard- pretty secluded beach in Panglao Island
whale & dolphin watching in Pamilacan & Balicasag islands
virginal Puntod Island
A devastating 7.2 earthquake struck the province some months back. It took only seconds to topple down centuries- old churches and stone towers that have withstood other forces and ravages of nature
St. Joseph's Cathedral, Tagbilaran City

The resilient and deeply spiritual Boholanos have stood up once again and are rebuilding their houses as well as their lives 
Lola teaches her grandson how to weave coconut frond for "puso"
Photo Credit: Dennis Saco
traditional pottery industry in Bohol
ON TOP OF THE WORLD: Miss Bohol Sandugo 2012 Idy Casenas Cagas of Jagna 
a lazy summer afternoon in rural Bohol
Maydan Duma with daughter Danica brave the zipline in Danao
One of the best reasons why you should visit Bohol are the Boholanos themselves. Very warm, friendly, hospitable and accommodating to visitors and guests 

in the tourist town of Panglao, the "bayanihan" or community spirit thrives
some of the world's best handwoven baskets
& handicrafts can be sourced at Antequera, Bohol
Bohol offers some of the best food there is
Spain’s heavy religious influence in Bohol is evident in some of its historic and magnificent stone churches which survived the quake. Palatial ancestral homes all over the province instantly bring you back to the past.

The Philippine Tarsier, considered by some to be one of the smallest primate, is indigenous to the island.

Bohol’s population of approximately one million who are called as Boholanos or Bol- anons speaks Boholano, the main language spoken in Bohol. 

Like Cebuano, its close neighbor, Boholano is a Visayan speech variety. Tagalog, Chinese, and English are also spoken by many of the residents.

tranquility in Inabanga River
eerily enchanting & beautiful mid- morning in Maribojoc
Sipatan hanging bridge
lush foliage in Loboc River
Inambacan Falls is one of Bohol's best- kept secrets
Sierra Bullones does have its own rice terraces
Bilar Man- Made Forest
Bohol is blessed with sunshine practically all year through with maximum rainfall between the months of June and October. The interior is cooler than the coast. Typhoons rarely visit the island province
turn-of-the-century museum in Loboc, Bohol
Balicasag Island off Panglao, Bohol
seclusion, serenity & solitude in a secret cove somewhere in Panglao
stunning skyline during sunset in Ubay
This summer, make it to Bohol!


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