Monday, March 3, 2014

Alona’s Abuzz with The Buzz: Part One

Upon my cousin Dominic Butalid’s  prodding and invite, Your Blogger, together with my brother Roger, his wife Faye and their niece Jacqueline finally decided to go to the newest and latest outlet of Bohol Bee Farm; The Buzz Café at Alona Beach.

We were so giddy also to check out the place and to celebrate albeit belatedly my birthday and that of Roger

It was a bright and sunny day that promised good vibes for our small group. After walking a few meters from the parking area, we arrived at our destination

It’s located at a brand- new two- storey building and stands where the old Oops! Bar used to be situated. 

The air- conditioned ground floor serves as the souvenir cum grocery area that offers the bottled organic bounty of Bohol Bee Farm.

We then proceeded to the second floor for it was almost noon. We were not disappointed.  

Upon entering the main dining area of The Buzz Café at Alona Beach, an instant feeling of inviting warmth and friendliness assails one’s senses 

The bright orange color which by the way is one of my favorite hues dominates the entire place.  Splashes of orange and bursts of green are everywhere. 

The orangey couches and divans tempered by the weather beaten wooden corner tables add to the trendy and happy ambience.

Private nooks at every corner provide quiet and solitude to bookworms and a semblance of privacy for couples 

Here’s the Link to:  Alona's Abuzz with The Buzz: Part Two

Photo Credits: Roger Gatal’s Images

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