Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why the Red Cross Youth- BISU Bilar Is Doing Great

While in Bohol Island State University (BISU- Bilar Campus) for a two- day speaking engagement, I was billeted at a quaint air- conditioned bungalow that pampered me with the best amenities. The organizing committee did a splendid job in welcoming me and making me sample the best in Boholano hospitality

I would also like to commend the Red Cross Youth of BISU- Bilar Campus headed and founded by school nurse John R. Gudmalin, RN, for doing a great job not only in First Aid & Disaster Preparedness but also for instilling the spirit of volunteerism among its youth members.

Maam Sharine Signe & Sir John Gudmalin
with some of the Red Cross Youth Volunteers

According to Sir John, when he first joined BISU- Bilar, the area where the RCY Center stands now used to be a vacant lot that doubled as dumping/ storage ground for dilapidated materials.

After consulting with the school administration and with assistance from alumni and friends from outside, he proceeded with a beautification project and landscaping for the area which is just a stone’s throw away from the school clinic.

Today, the area is now an oasis for relaxation and for studying. The well-manicured lawn and the well- arranged ornamental plants and shrubs make for a conducive area to relax the mind and the senses

The  RCY of BISU- Bilar Campus is also self- sustaining with their fundraisers that enhance and develop the student members’ entrepreneurial spirit and sense of independence and being responsible.

Your Blogger enjoys a hearty breakfast at the RCY Center in BISU- Bilar
No wonder, their RCY is consistently adjudged Bohol’s Best Red Cross Youth Council.

Presently, under the presidency of student Jose Jala & with the guidance of Sir John Gudmalin and with the support of school director Dr. Arnulfo C. Olandria, the RCY of BISU- Bilar is thriving and is on its way to another fulfilling and enriching schoolyear


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