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My Sentimental Favorite for Bb Pilipinas 2014


At the conclusion of the 2013 Bb Pilipinas Gold Edition, I was elated that I was able to get four of the Top Five winners even if I didn’t include in my prediction their final placements. In fact, last year’s batch was a bumper harvest that I ended up with eight girls for my final prediction list

Ara's piercing eyes that got me hooked
Last year, my ultimate favorite to take it all was MutyaDatul who as we all know made history as the first Filipina and Asian to be crowned Miss Supranational.

Ariella Ara Arida was my sentimental favorite though to be crowned Bb. Pilipinas- Universe.  

Ara was under the radar for most of the pageant experts & was just a bubble in most pageant websites’ lists but I found something special in her which I can’t really explain.

But I guess she won the top tiara because of her smoldering & piercing eyes, her type of beauty that is favored by most middle- aged men (majority of them were in last year’s judging panel) and of course, she had one of the best responses during the Q & A

This year, my focus has been consistently on Yvethe Santiago, Parul Shah, Bianca Guidotti, Hannah Rose Singson, PiaWurztbach, Diana Arevalo, MJ Lastimosa, Kym Suiza and Nichole Marie Manalo especially that I have been following & monitoring the Bb Pilipinas Pageant right after the names of the 40 Official Candidates had been disclosed to the public

Binibini # 11 Laura Victoria Lehmann
My sentimental favorite this year however is Binibini # 11 Laura Victoria Lehmann. Laura was not among my early bets nor did she catch my attention during the initial stages of the competition but all that changed when I watched the Bb Pilipinas Primer last Sunday

So strong was her impact on me that I still remember her even if she was the third or fourth girl among the 40 to be featured in their brief video sketches


So why do I love her?

First, she has impressive scholastic & extra- curricular credentialsthat means she is a disciplined achiever. Laura is a product of the International School Manila (ISM) before she flew to the United States to avail of an academic scholarship grant at Occidental College, Obama's alma mater. 

She was pursuing three majors--Psychology, Neuro Science and Spanish Studies before she was lured in joining the pageant. She was the president of her student council.

Laura is also highly skilled in sports. She is a Philippine Softball Team Member and has competed during the Little League World Series of Softball in the US and in Europe during her younger years.
that's Laura Lehmann (2nd from left) 
during her Philippine Softball Team days
Secondly, Laura’s beautyreminds me of Cindy Nell, Miss South Africa who placed as 2003 Miss Universe 2nd RU. 

Exactly the kind of beauty that is not polarizing and if she wins, will not result in an avalanche of protests. She simply exudes this freshness, youthful vitality and ingĂ©nue appeal. 

2003 Miss Universe 2nd RU: 
Captivating Cindy Nell of South Africa
Third, she was one of the very few girls who spoke in straight English during the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Primer: The Road to the Crown. She wowed me and most of those who watched because she effortlessly spoke with conviction and confidence. 

Now that third quality has to draw me in being a university professor who teaches spoken & written English. 

Of course, she faces stiff competition from many deserving girls. Her fluency in English might be a double- edged sword for her. Judges might mistakenly think that she is arrogant, too opinionated and close- minded. Another possible stumbling block would be her nubile and skinny frame.

Would her being mestiza work against her? Possibly if she is eyeing the top plum


Whether or not Laura Victoria Lehmann would snatch a crown from the perceived frontrunners this Sunday would no longer be a big deal for this blogger for she truly has me under her spell right now but I would be utterly disappointed if she would not survive the first cut

Aside from the criteria set by the organizing committee, there are certain unseen factors, conspiracy theories & behind the scenes scenarios in the pageant world that have to be consideredwhen we make our predictions and forecasts for the 2014 Bb Pilipinas Pageant

Finally, let’s remember that the girls who will be crowned as this year’s Bb Pilipinas queens will not necessarily be the prettiest not the smartest.

Luck, Timing and Destiny will always play definitive roles for those whose stars will shine the brightest

Good luck Laura Victoria and to the rest of the girls who will be slugging it out this Sunday!

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