Sunday, January 13, 2013


My cup has runneth over since this blog came into being
We are the sum total of all our experiences

Everyday, we are faced with a lot of choices and ultimately, have to deal with the consequences. 

I have always told myself that I am one very unlucky person who has been dealt some of life's most devastating blows both personal and professional during the last two years

Other people would have buckled down and give up but not me. Instead of moping down and putting the blame on others, I tried to find ways so I could cope and come to terms with the aftermath

Coming up with this blog four months back was one such coping mechanism and it has helped me a lot to regain my bearings and get a grip on myself. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made because aside from reaching out to others, it has been a catharsis for me. 

Can you imagine letting go of all those personal demons that you have to wrestle with?

Today marks the four month anniversary of my blog and it has been an emotional roller coaster ride then. The euphoric highs and the depressing lows have been worth it.  

Thanks again to those who visited my blog and helped me reach out to a lot of netizens not only in Bohol but also from around the world


Photo Credit:

Dennis Saco of Cio Photography, Bohol

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