Thursday, October 11, 2012

Neil Orven P. Yu@ 21

It all started in March 31 this year when I opened my FB private messages cache. 

I got a message from Engr. Necie Pepito- Yu whom I affectionately call Ate Oua coz she’s the older sister of my grade school and high school classmate Cecilia “Celai”. Ate Oua was asking about the possibility of throwing a surprise birthday bash to mark the 21st birthday of her eldest, the only son of two children with Engr. Nelson Yu, the hardworking and great- looking Vice Mayor of Calape. 

That's Ate Oua to my right. With us are Weng Albaran
and Zeny Balatero. Incidentally, I was the Languages
teacher of  their kids when I was teaching Grade Six
pupils back in 2004
I said “why not?” But I reminded Ate Oua not to pattern it after a female debutante’s party and not to make it too structured. I knew her son Neil Orven for he was in one of my English classes and he is definitely not the type who would like to draw attention to himself. 

The first time, we brought up the idea to him, he almost freaked out. We only got his imprimatur when we gave him our assurance that he won’t be required to make a grand entrance in fancy clothes. We also told him that there won’t be any of the frilly and fancy segments like dance with the celebrant nor a glitzy photo shoot where he would be glammed up. 

Fast forward to June 18 and that was when Ate Oua, and I met to formally iron out all the details for the party scheduled for September this year. To ensure that we get a youthful vibe for the event, I requested that Neil’s sister Kneesa would be there so she can give us the point-of-view from the new generation. 

The meeting turned into an amusing yet frustrating guessing game ”would he approve of this band?”, “what type of music does he dig?”, who do we invite? And so on and so forth… Nevertheless, it was a fruitful brainstorming for we were able to draw up our list of suppliers and come up with a checklist for the details that needed to be attended to… 

the creative tandem behind Blu Grass Project Mike Yu
& Boy Dumadag did the event styling
On July 30, we met Mike Yu & Boy Dumadag, the creative tandem behind Blue Grass Project for the styling needs of the event. 

It was really a fun meeting because the idea of marking a young man’s 21st birthday has not yet caught on in Bohol. We were treading on unfamiliar territory so to speak. 

We just acted on our instincts and relied on common sense to half- guess what the celebrant would like to happen and what should NOT happen 

I then collaborated with a former MassComm student of mine, the very talented Daryl Jay Calape, to brainstorm for ideas and to conceptualize our surprise video for Neil. 

We even conspired with Ryan Macalandag of Side Room Studio for a supposed family portrait so we could come up with a surprise greeting video 

Ice carving as centerpiece
Finally, everything was set. 

The invites, the last- minute changes in the program, additions to the guest list, the giveaways, the food tasting schedule, who will be performing,  and the cloak and dagger game just so we could film our unsuspecting target was finally done and dealt with

Cake and mouth- watering pastries from Maret Bernadas. 

Contact her at Yucon Dorm near the entrance of Holy Name University Janssen Heights Campus

Marietta "Marette" Pepito- Bernadas & her brood
Wacky would- be engineers!
Lovely Engineers strike a pose!
A photo booth awaited guests at the venue's entrance. 

Since the celebrant was a Civil Engineering student, we had a "civil engineer's theme for the props!

A scene straight from Superman the Movie
I just love the giant video wall of MetroCenter Hotel. Attention- grabbing!
Former Miss DWCT High School Dr. Stella Ingles- Lim & charming Nathan Lim
Uncle Perling & Auntie Lilil Patindol with good- looking sons
Ate Lourdes is Fit , Fabulous & Fashionable

Baptismal & Confirmation ninongs and ninangs: 

From L- R: Ramir Yu, CPA, Dondon Enerio, Papa Nelson, Neil Orven Yu, Mama Oua Yu, Angie Pepito- Yap & Dr. Joy Bullecer

The stunning backdrop says it all: strength, masculinity and power! 


The birthday bash at the MetroCentre Hotel last Sept 29 exceeded our expectations. Everything that we hoped for were met. The MetroCentre Hotel staff made sure that everything was taken care of

The program was swift and fast- paced, the guests had fun particularly with the surprise videos most notably the blooper video.

The event has come and gone but the memories will linger and I will always cherish the fun moments I had with Ate Oua, Kneesa and Sir Nelson. I just realized that all the hard work, hectic preparations and the pressure wouldn’t matter anymore if clients are easy to deal with. The Pepito girls particularly Ate Lourdes, Maret and Ate Angie were all so helpful during the preparations too.

Neil Orven, you are one lucky young man for you are so loved by your family and as you finally made the transition from boyhood to young adulthood, always remember to look back with gratitude and with love for your family and friends who love you more

Cheers young man!

GUEST LIST Among the guests who came were the Yu couple's high school classmates and family friends like Lilia & Boboy Labunog, Dondon Enerio and wife Madelyn Morilla- Enerio, Dr. Joy Bullecer, Amie & Rolly Cortidor, Jenette Villapaz, Nathan & Dr. Stella Lim, Tagb. City Councilor Hon. Beben Inting & wife Gemma Manding- Inting, Lyndon Boiser, Tessie Mapute and Cong. Rene Relampagos

The Yu family & allies came in full force; Calape Mayor Junie Yu and wife Grace with lovely Suzette Gayle, Dr Melvin and Judith Lopez, Jun and Eyen Teves, Robert and Brenda Olaer; Dr. Oliver Yu and wife Dr. Jessica Yu, Mr. Perling Patindol & Dr. Liliosa Yu-Patindol, Ramir Yu & Menchu Gallego- Yu

Ate Oua Yu and Lyndon Boiser belt it out

On cue, System Tools lead the singing of the Happy Birthday song and from nowhere, Kneesa Yu, together with her cousins, come in with the cake while his gitlfriend Jade looks on excitedly

Pretty ladies all in a row

The Beauties. The Brains and The Brawn from the HNU College of Engineering
the dynamic Calape, Bohol LGU led by Mayor Junie Yu & Vice Mayor Nelson Yu
together with 1st District Congressman Rene Lopez Relampagos
The illustrious Yu Clan from Calape whoops in glee!

One of my fave pupils from way back, Winona Dohig- Baquial, tries to give the answer to a fun trivia question about Neil! She won with my assistance LOL
Calape Vice Mayor Nelson "Sonel" Yu who we call Papa Chen looks lovingly at his wife Oua who is obviously unaware that she has caught her husband's 100% attention

Tita and Ninang Angie sings for her nephew & kinugos, Neil Orven

One of the most loving families I have ever met...
newest additions are 1st District Congressman Rene Relampagos & Nathan Lim
INSTANT REUNION: With my Grade Six pupils now all grown up

What do Kneesa Yu & Suzette Gayle Yu have in common? 

For starters, both are lovely,smart & well- bred ladies. Kneesa's dad, an engineer,  is the Vice Mayor of Calape while Suzette Gayle's dad, a doctor, is the Mayor of Calape
Front Row: Dr. Stella Ingles - Lim with Amy Cortidor and Dondon Enerio. 2nd Row: Tessie Mapute, Jenette Villapaz, . The triumvirate at the left side :  Engr. Madelyn Enerio, Dr. Joy Bullecer & Lyndon Bullecer. At the right side: Gemma & Beben Inting with Rolly Cortidor

Former Miss Bohol & PAL Intl F.A. Gemma Manding- Inting keeps her poise while singing Please Be Careful With My Heart with Lyndon Boiser

Proud husband Tagb City Councilor Beben Inting beams in approval while watching Gemma perform

From L- R: Dondon Enerio, Jenette Villapaz, Madelyn Morila- Enerio, Oua Yu, Lyndon Boiser and Gemma Manding. Seated is Dr. Joy Bullecer

Here are some short & sweet videos that we prepared as a surprise for the celebrant!!

Neil Orven: The First 21 Years


                                                      U.S.- based Pepito- Bernadas Family Greetings 

College of Engineering Greetings


Sideroom Studio Video & Photo Shoot

Greeting Bloopers

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