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1976 Miss DWCT: Lety Tinampay

1976 Miss DWCT: Lety Tinampay 
To mark the Diamond Jubilee of Holy Name University, Bohol's leading Catholic university, I was tasked to track the whereabouts of the past & present titleholders and trace the history of the pageant particularly during its Golden Age in the 60's and 70's and then present an audio visual presentation during the celebration's culminating activity .

One of the very first to respond to the gargantuan task was the ever gracious and well- bred Lety Tinampay who was kind and considerate enough to lend me her memorabilia and even took time to answer my questions related to the search.

Here are excerpts of my interview with the unforgettable Lety Tinampay, Miss DWCT 1976.

(Note: DWCT is Divine Word College- Tagbilaran City now Holy Name University)

An Interview with Miss DWCT 1976 Ms. Lety Tinampay- Te:

Tell us how you ended up joining the search for Miss DWCT 1976? Can you share the story behind your reluctant participation? 
"1976 was the year I was involved with the selection for MS. DWC-T. I was called by the Dean of the College of Commerce Mrs. Praxedes Lopena and was told that I was chosen to represent our college in the annual search for Miss DWCT.
When I told my parents about it, they did not like the idea especially my father, Atty. Sulpicio A. Tinampay. So, I told our Dean that I cannot join.
Then, when I came home one night from school, I was surprised to see our Dean Ma'am Praxedes Lopena ,together with the rest of the faculty members of the College of Commerce, at our house to see my parents and to try convincing them to allow me to join.
Consequently, Pa and Ma couldn't say no to them, but with some restrictions on my participation to the contest. I was not allowed to wear tube without strap. So, you will notice that I was the only one among the candidates wearing tube with straps.
The school shouldered the cost of of our attire for the final night of the selection of MS. DWC-T Personality. The candidates' gowns, shorts and tube and another set of attire for the night of the final selection of MS. DWC-T Personality."
Do you still remember your final question and how you answered it? 
"The Miss DWCT Pageant was held at the time when Martial Law was at its peak after Marcos' declaration.
My question coming from the Chairman of the Board of Judges:
Q: Are you in favor of lifting up Martial Law NOW. If you are in favor give your reason WHY and if not in favor WHY NOT?
My straight-to-the- point answer with no Ahs and no Ohs:
Letty Tinampay would always be remembered as one of the most elegant Miss DWCT winners who reigned during the golden years of pageantry in Divine Word College of Tagbilaran City

 1976 Miss DWCT with Jimmy Tinampay

The Royal Dance was a very important highlight of campus beauty pageants during those years. It was an opportunity for the beauty queen not only to showcase her grace and style but also to introduce an important man in her life and in this case, among her siblings, it was Jimmy who was her consort AND dance partner as well

I am pretty sure that with almost everyone in Tagbilaran focused on them that very moment, it would be the night that both brother and sister would never ever forget

During those innocent years, one of the most awaited segments especially for the male students was the Parade in Shorts

Crowning the queen is the very first Miss HNC, the now deceased Mrs. Pastora Mendoza Visarra 
Atty. Sulpicio A. Tinampay, one of Bohol's most well- known and admired lawyers was a very proud father that night and ,together with Lety's sister Miriam, went onstage to turn over the queen's cape after she was declared MS. DWC-T, 1976

Resplendent in her majestic float during the 1976 DWCT College Days Floral Parade, Lety was the undisputed star and headturner of the parade

During her farewell walk as MS.DWCT 1976-1977 and to relinquish her crown and trophy to the 1977 MS. DWCT Joji Almiranez from the High School Department 

crowning Marisel Bumaat as
DWCT Summer Queen with
 then Mayor Jose Ma. Rocha

Lety Tinampay and beloved former mayor of Tagbilaran City, Jose Maria " Ondoy " Rocha crown the lovely Marisel Bumaat as the winner of the 1980 DWCT Summer Queen Search, a campus beauty pageant that selected the fairest of the coeds who were taking summer classes that year

Lety,who comes from one of the most socially- prominent clans of Tagbilaran City,surely epitomized beauty, brains AND breeding.

She would always be remembered as one of the classiest Miss DWCT winners ever

                                    History of Miss HNU/ DWCT Beauty Queens 
This is the AVP that I created for the HNU Diamond Jubilee back in 2007 Script & Narration : Raul Phillip Gatal Editing : Eddie Alfarero 

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