Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Surpassing the twenty year mark in emceeing hasn't actually given me the monopoly in terms of expertise and charisma. 

Far from it...

On the contrary, it has added pressure to be constantly on my toes and to always be in control

We constantly try to improvise, to improve and to impress

Running out of words, grammatical lapses, occasional boos and even slipping onstage are just some of the hazards of the trade that emcees, me included, have encountered

Being constantly in the limelight has also brought with it the usual intrigues and speculations that people sometimes unfairly attach to your persona

Being unfairly pitted against other emcees, one has to be gracious and tactful to ensure civility and harmony. 

In the process of trying to hone my craft, I tend to watch and observe the more established and successful emcees in action. 

Some of the select few that I look up to for being blessed with the gift of gab include the two very talented Araneta ladies; the iconic Ardie Batoy and the effervescent Glo Araneta

I was at my most nervous while co- hosting the Golden Anniversary of DYRD 1161 AM, a media institution in Bohol, with THE Ardie Araneta Batoy, emcee nonpareil

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