Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Genica- Leah Aceron Jabines @ 18

"And so what do you have in mind?" 

That was the very casual query that I threw at Genica- Leah Jabines, a former pupil of mine who also happened to be under my advisory class, Grade Six Section Charity at Holy Spirit School, Tagbilaran City one breezy summer afternoon back in 2010

The what referred to the theme for her upcoming debut that I was planning and organizing with her mom Algerica. Without batting an eyelash, Leah looked straight at me and said "Snow White". Perhaps, it was that hint of finality in the tone of her voice when she uttered those words that I caught myself saying "Yes, of course! why not?"

Well, one look at Genica and you have to agree with me that she was the inspiration of the Grimm Brothers when they wrote the fairy tale and illustrated how the heroine would look like. Genica has jet- black hair, the most beautiful, clear porcelain skin and of course, a beautiful face that radiated so much warmth 

Next stop was deciding who would be the lensman for the fairy- tale themed photo shoot and who would do the layout for the invitation

Photo Credit : Mark Ramasola of Artline Studio

Hair & Make Up : Joan Torrefranca & Ryan Sines

Gowns : EJ Relampagos

Layout Artist : Emerson Pinos

Shoot Director : Raul Gatal

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER: Mark Ramasola, proprietor of Artline Studio, J.A. Clarin St, Tagb City is noted not only for his great shots but also for his excellent public relations

This was the result of a tiring yet fun- filled whole day photo shoot that turned out to be a family picnic with the deb's mom lugging basket loads of food that could feed an army of starving men.

Did I mention that our real- life princess is also an only girl among five siblings? Lucky girl indeed with protective brothers who dote on her as well

Here are some of the best photos

Photo Locale: Mag-aso Falls, Antequera, Bohol "Forest Nymph"
For the series of Snow White photos inside the Maribojoc Punta Cruz Watch Tower
Photo Locale: Maribojoc, Bohol "Playful Genica as she takes directions for the shot"
This breathtaking photo would be seared in my memory bank forever
This is a very special photo for Mommy Algerica for her unica hija is wearing the very same outfit that she wore at an important event of her college life nearly 22 years ago


This is the young woman at the cusp of womanhood who as a little girl used to cry a lot when teased by her classmates back in Grade School

I was her knight in shining armor for I happened to be her Class Adviser!

I can't help but remember, recall & then reminisce on the debut celebration of Genica- Leah when news came out recently that she was 1st RU in the 2012 Miss MedTech Cebu Search.

Indeed, she has finally blossomed and made the transition with self- assuredness and level- headedness

Part 2 of Genica- Leah's Debut: 

Here are some of the highlights of her evening gown presentation during the 2012 Mr. & Ms. MedTech Cebu Quest where she, together with two other ladies, represented Cebu Doctors University. 

She finished as 1st Runner Up


Photo Credits: Mark Ramasola of Artline Studio                                                        

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